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Martin Hay on A Coup in Camelot
For the record my issues are limited to the Pitzer evidence which Mr Scully has avoided here.
That picture of those three in New Mexico in October of 1964 is precious.

And the identity of the man is utterly fascinating.

As are the probable facts that PJM forgot 1.) How her father died, and 2.) That she did not live in the south anymore.

Did Mosby do this kind of stuff?
Tom Scully Wrote:Happy new year, David Lifton. Unfortunately, you are here to practice the Trump tendency of projecting your shortcomings onto your opponent.

Two points and a question......

David Lifton lacks discernment. The feud between Mr. Lifton and Martin Hay is an old one and the feud between Mr. Lifton and Jim DiEugenio is even older.

[quote=Jim DiEugenio]That is really funny about Lifton not seeing any difference between PJM and Aline Mosby.

Question.... David Lifton, can you explain why Priscilla and Marina are pictured below,in 1964, seated with the spouse of Clark Clifford's aunt, a man who was a close friend of Priscilla Johnson McMillan's first cousin, CIA agent David Davenport?


Hello Scully,

Long time no hear.

I hope you donate your body to science, and your brain is examined by appropriate experts, because I would like to understand the cerebral circuitry that permits you to pose such an absurd question, and then expect a normal person to understand (a) what the heck your question is, and (b) what you are driving at.

Unfortunately, I lack the appropriate Enigma machine to decode your question.

Are you engaged in some sort of day to day cryptography? Or is your question indicative of the non-linear way your mind actually thinks, when it tackles the task of posing a question?

2/7/2017 - 10:40 p.m. PST
Los Angeles, California

For the record, Tom has made some very pointed observations about PJM's family connections, and her associations with Marina Oswald in the fall of 1964.

He has also gone through her HSCA testimony and exposed some rather large lacunae in her testimony.

From what I can see, its original work and most people who understand the circumstances can see that its pretty interesting.
I think he is trying to say there is photographic evidence that PJM was in bed with CIA and openly associated with know CIA figures and relatives - aside from any issues with anybody's research methods or politics...

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