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OJ Simpson - CNN To Air Bill Dear Case
It appears the Investigation Discovery Channel is going to air the Bill Dear evidence incriminating OJ's son Jason according to detective Bill Dear's case.

It will be shown January 15th.
New evidence in the OJ Simpson murder case is being shown tonight on the Investigation Discovery Channel (Comcast channel 111). It discusses detective Bill Dear's evidence that OJ's son Jason committed the murders. Shows every hour starting at 6pm through 10pm:
This program was powerful. If you missed it you missed something that was pretty impactful.

You could see the original detectives were lying or covering up.

There was new evidence. The woman who loaned Ron Goldman her car said the LA Police gave the keys back to her caked in blood. There was no record of any tests done on those keys. One of OJ's lawyers said on the program that blood-caked keys would never go untested by the LA Police in a murder case so they evidently did test them and didn't like the results. He then said he was worried about Jason and got him lawyered up. OJ's lawyer said "I'll be honest with you I always thought there was a second person at the scene".

The program was typical television dramatization and used LAPD forensic psychologist Dr. Kris Mohandie and Rhode Island police sergeant Derrick Levasseur as they join forces with Dallas-based private investigator William C. Dear. All three walk through the evidence in order to make it entertaining. They were part of Dear's team and Dear was with them. The original detectives from the case were brought back to the evidence and made to discuss how it lined up with Bill Dear's claim so this show was pretty damned interesting and involved original parts and evidence including the white Bronco. The original detectives couldn't explain how there was blood on the passenger seat and outside the passenger door.

Jason' black wool cap was found at the scene next to Goldman's body and the blood-caked keys were in his hand.

Catch this program if you can. It is on tomorrow and the next day.

If you missed this program you missed a serious stirring up of the evidence behind Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman's murders.

However because the Investigation Discovery Channel is related to Discovery it is the same corporate filter through which programs like those on the Kennedy assassination go. They did a half-way good job on Bill Dear's evidence but then had two cops pretending to be part of Dear's investigation team omit certain evidence at the very end and accuse OJ of doing it. Like almost all such programs on American mainstream media it ended up defending the authorities even though it gave strong evidence that they had committed corruption in the investigation. What these programs do is show you the corruption, give a half-explanation so intelligent people can read between the lines, and then defend the cops saying they would never do such things.

In any case I learned a lot from this program and it gave me enough information to conclude a scenario close to this occurred in the murders:

Jason Simpson was angry at Nicole for not showing up at the dinner he took pride in cooking for her for family acceptance. He took pride in being a chef because it didn't depend on his father's fame so he saw Nicole and family coming to eat a meal he cooked as a matter of personal achievement.

After work he drove over to Nicole's to look in her windows to see why she cancelled. When he got there he saw Ron Goldman talking to Nicole at the front door. It turns out Ron and Nicole were friends from the Mazzaluna Restaurant that Nicole frequented, so the conversation could have lasted a while.

Jason drives 5 minutes to OJ's house and tells him Nicole stiffed him in order to have a rendezvous. OJ was packed and waiting for a limousine to the airport but the news angered him as part of the difficulties he had been experiencing with his ex wife so he accompanied Jason back to Nicole's in Jason's Jeep.

This program revealed for the first time that there was a Private Detective working another case on Bundy Drive who was doing surveillance. He had a clear view of the back side of Nicole's condo on Bundy Drive. Because this detective was on Bundy he missed the action by the front door.

When OJ and Jason walked up and saw Ron and Nicole some kind of incident happened. The evidence at the scene leads me to believe OJ restrained Nicole. During this restraint Nicole gouged OJ's fingers with her fingernails causing bleeding wounds. Jason then slit her throat.

OJ then restrained Ron Goldman. The investigators found what they called a "grasping" blood stain on the back of Ron Goldman's shirt. They said it was evidence that someone grabbed Goldman's shirt from behind. Jason then dispatched Ron Goldman by knifing his jugular. Goldman was trained in martial arts so the scuffle described here knocked OJ's bloody left glove off. Jason's black watch cap was also knocked off his head and lay next to Goldman's body.

Jason and OJ must have gone back to OJ's house and gotten his white Bronco and returned to Bundy Drive because the detective on the stake-out told Dear he observed OJ and Jason arrive at the rear gate entrance to Nicole's at around 10:15. He said OJ got out and went up the walkway. Jason jumped over to the driver's seat and never got out. The detective said OJ returned about ten minutes later in his shorts with a laundry bag, got in to the Bronco and took off.

This fits the evidence because all the blood in the Bronco was OJ's, Ron Goldman's, and Nicole's. That would make sense since Jason probably never bled.

Why would OJ take the risk of going back to a murder scene? Well, that's a good question isn't it? What was so valuable that OJ would risk going back? OJ showed a propensity for this kind of risk when he tried to get his stolen property back in Las Vegas. I don't know. Maybe it was jewelry, maybe it was compromising papers, or god knows what else but it had to be of value because OJ and Jason risked going back.

Dear interviewed the co-owner of Jackson's Restaurant where Jason worked that night. He said the owner who told the police Jason was there during the murders cooking for 200 people was with him at a party and wasn't even at the restaurant. A waitress said no more than 25 people were there and they shut down early. Also, Jason's time card was punched-out at 10:20 exonerating him from the 10pm murders, however a coworker said there were issues with that time card and parts that were usually labeled were hand-written. Jason's girlfriend who picked him up that night said they left shortly before 9:45. From the looks of this evidence it is possible OJ paid people for alibis.

Another first time witness on this show was the woman who loaned Goldman her car to go to Nicole's. She said 3 days after the murders LAPD came to her with an evidence bag with her car keys. The officer slit open the bag and handed her what she said were a "blood-caked" set of keys. Dear looked at the case and there was no record of LAPD ever testing those keys. In the program Dear goes to one of OJ's lawyers and he said there was no way LAPD didn't test those keys since they were found in Ron Goldman's dead clenched hand. He said what probably happened is LAPD did test those keys and got results they didn't like.

So as much as Dear's evidence made it look like Jason may have done the murders alone the evidence is pointing to the scenario above.

Albert Doyle Wrote:It appears the Investigation Discovery Channel is going to air the Bill Dear evidence incriminating OJ's son Jason according to detective Bill Dear's case.

It will be shown January 15th.

I saw that online some years back and it was most convincing.
You should have seen this program. It was in 6 episodes, each an hour long over 3 days.

The trouble is most people don't possess the Deep Politics decipher required to sort out the deception main stream media applies to their programs. This was a weird one because it gave people with an understanding of Deep Politics the evidence they needed, but then used two cops as 'investigators' to come in on the side of the prosecution in the final 10 minute summation.

I'm pretty convinced both OJ and Jason did it, which is sort of a twist on Dear.

Since the Private Detective who was staked-out on Bundy Drive saw OJ putting o
n gloves at 10:15 when OJ arrived at the scene with Jason in the Bronco I'm beginning to think Jason killed Nicole alone at 9:59. It makes sense that Jason would not have killed Nicole if another person was there so Goldman probably wasn't there. It also makes sense that the gloves would show up at 10:15 because there was reason to hide fingerprints at that point. It would also make sense that OJ would borrow Jason's watch cap in order to be less visible. So contrary to my previous belief, it is possible OJ went back and unexpectedly encountered Goldman. It is possible OJ could have left both the cap and glove when killing Goldman. The only problem is how does OJ get cut in that situation? (Goldman's car keys?) and is there any of OJ's blood on Nicole? Jason killing Nicole alone makes sense according to the 2nd set of shoe-prints that did not track blood as well as the witness who saw a "dark-skinned hispanic" running from the walkway.

OJ could have splashed Nicole's pooled blood on his socks while fighting Goldman. The LAPD later added some of OJ's to improve the evidence.


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