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Dulles and the Alien Presence - A Rant and a Theory
As a child in the 1960's I cannot think of a single Federal Government entity under any suspicion of untruthfulness. We Americans were so confident our government was truthful in all maters, after all, we were democratic, what did we have to hide. We were the good guys to the rest of the world. That childlike belief in our government first began to deteriorate with the JFK assassination in my opinion. For the first time in history we had visual and audio evidence of what was alleged to have happened and none of it ever quite made sense, along with all of the medical forensics that never did mesh with the official story. Beyond that, we had the instant lone nut villain explanation, complete with the " It had to be him" otherwise we would be in WWWIII and nuclear annihilation excuse for not having a real investigation.

With the recent relavations concerning Allan Dulles' WWII activities with operation paper clip and the German rocket scientists, and the recent discoveries that Martin Borman and many other Nazis may have gained their freedom with assistance, or a blind eye, from Dulles in exchange for the Nazi rocket scientists to be captured by the Allies, it has made me wonder about Douglas Caddy's story of Howard Hunt stating the reason JFK was killed was to prevent him from revealing the Alien Presence to the Soviets. My theory is that Howard Hunt was telling Caddy the truth as best a lifelong CIA man could do without betraying his CIA core. But, I think he was trying to tell Caddy that the military, Dulles, and others, were afraid that with JFK's offering to partner with the Soviet Union in the exploration of space, that he would give the Soviets knowledge gained from Dulles coveted Operation Paperclip scientists. Dulles, and most likely others at the time, would have seen this as treason, considering how much time and effort they put into getting the German rocket scientists to the USA, and how critical rocket technology would factor into nuclear arms delivery systems at that time. Part of my theory also includes that the Dulles Boreman deal included large sums of money paid by Boreman to unknown politicians of the time to ignore any tangible evidence for thousands of German war criminals to escape to South America. As we now know, Boreman had been planning with major German industrialist firms since 1943 for them to set up branches and subsidiaries in South America and other countries in order to preserve the German industry capital after the war, which, he could see could not be won.

It it seems logical to me that Dulles, milliatary, et al, would be frantic if they thought that JFK was going to give the Soviets rocket technology they did not already possess, and, consider this action treasoness in their eyes.

This is only my theory and rant about how our government has justified lying to us since the JFK assassination. No doubt it was done before this, but, the US people were always taught we were the good guys and that's what set our government apart from dictators and communist governments. We now know, we are not very far apart at all. Of course, to be Patriotic, you must believe our political leaders. After all, it's in the people's best interest. Right?
I doubt that there was any rocket technology the US possessed that the Soviets didn't circa 1963. They were, after all, the first ones to put a man into orbit. Many of America's early rocket launches were exploding or crashing. The Soviets had captured lots of German scientists and engineers as well at the end of WWII. Soviet industry just wasn't as productive and innovative as the US, which is the main reason the Americans eventually pulled ahead of them.

You may have heard of the Ghost Rocket sightings in Scandinavia in 1947, which were thought at the time to be Soviet rocket tests using German technology (though they may have been something else instead):
JFK took on the power establishment and CIA and that is what they considered treasonous.

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