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Review of Allende autopsy questions official cause of death
Please find attached a PDF file in Spanish of a full review of the 1973 autopsy of Salvadore Allende by Dr. Luis Orlando Ravanal Zepeda. He was petitioned by lawyers Roberto Celedón Fernández and Matías Coll del Río to conduct this review. It has no judicial value as the current regime in Chile is really just more of the same old in new clothes and are not looking for truth but it does set the historical record straight which is its purpose.

Of particular interest it is noted that the wounds are not consistent with suicide by gun shot as there are at least two gun shot wounds caused by two different firearms, one of which was explosive, another of which caused a rounded hole in the rear of the cranial vault and one of which was post-mortem.

Here is a link to gogle translate for the non Spanish readers

Attached Files
.pdf   INFORME PERICIAL ANALITICO AUTOPSIA ALLENDE - definitivo-1.pdf (Size: 2.26 MB / Downloads: 3)
Magda, somewhere [can't now find] in this computer I have the information about his mode of murder. It was a mixed Chilean (CIA Trained)/US Special Forces (Spanish Speaking and in Chilean uniforms) team involved and they just killed him. By the way, interesting 'comics' here telling the true story of Chilean Coup - thanks to ITT, CIA, Annaconda, Kissinger et al.
Yes, Peter. I believe you are correct. The US had a much more hands on role than they have admitted. Obviously the military were trained by them and there is the role of the School of the Americas. Also on the economic front the Chicago school and there was lots of money thrown the way of groups and individuals who opposed Allende and the UP. But also the US were doing 'exercises' just off the coast. It was probably from there that the planes came that bombed the Moneda Palace. They had Chilean AF markings but were flown by US pilots. Also US personnel were extensively used in interrogation and torture sessions. So it was in theory and in practice. And to paraphrase Kissinger "This is too important to leave it to the Chileans".
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
While I don't know and believe it has not been 'put out' publicly in any research who fired the fatal shot at Allende [likely point-blank range] I'd bet it was an American in Chilean Uniform - all of the 'forces' that stormed the Moneda Palace were wearing Chilean Uniforms and we have very strong evidence that some of them were Spanish-Speaking American Special Forces. Just as the locals were not allowed to kill Che - that 'honor' [makes me want to vomit just to mock it] was left for the Americans - who even took trophies [Rodriguez his watch] and kicked his head like a football after severing it [Morales] while others watched. These kinds of American fascist 'SS-type' elite forces have been doing this all over the world from WW2 to Present [they silenced Rove/Bush's Computer Guru just a few weeks ago - and no doubt have their sights on Obama]. Sickening. Back to Chile. You're correct, all the Chilean leaders and many of the troops involved in the coup and torture later were trained at the School Of The Americas, and under the watchful eyes of their Military Trainers and Economic Masters - all Gringos. Not until America publicly and officially admits its complicity in this and other similar, apologizes to its victims, and promises to never repeat these kinds of illegal, immoral, and evil things will we begin to be worthy of the mythology most hold so dear about our country. Our true history is so far from the one they put in the textbooks - it isn't even close. We have so much hidden history and that 'history' generally accepted is mostly invented out of whole mythological cloth. :burnout:

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