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Castro's Brilliant 11/23/63 speech
Scott Kaiser - Was there any speech given by Fidel Castro the day after Kennedy's assassination?

Frank - "That was propaganda the United States conjured up."

Scott Kaiser - Was there any speech given by Fidel Castro the day after Kennedy's assassination?

Nino - "I told you, he wrote that speech three days prior to Kennedy's assassination."

Scott Kaiser - Was there any speech given by Fidel Castro the day after Kennedy's assassination?

Jose - "Castro was still holding some of the Bay of Pigs veterans in Cuba's prisons even during Johnson's administration. I was in charge at Moa Bay as [port supervisor] and my commander was Che. I left Cuba in 1961. After Kennedy was assassinated, I've not ever heard him publicly give any speech regarding Kennedy."

Had Fidel Castro made this speech at the United Nations, a speech like this would not be subject to being classified, and it would have received wide publicity and notoriety. Castro's speech would have certainly been exposed had Fidel truly made this speech. According to many researchers, it was this speech that apparently kept Cuba from getting invaded, and WWIII from breaking out.
Just another piece in the "cover-up" to avoid war?
Fidel Castro says to a reporter "no way no how was I involved with killing the president" of course, this information comes by way of a third and fourth party if you include me giving you this information, however, there is nothing on record, no video, nothing to suggest this interview ever took place, but we want to believe it right?

On the other hand, there is only (1) document of the few thousand pages regarding my father, his group and those associated with him that mentions the photographs my father had, and, if this person believes there's always new information coming out every year, I can assure you that no one knew anything about my father, so I don't know how Mr. Best can say he was familiar with a plot my father was in-charge of if Mr. Best has never heard of my father, that is, until I exposed the plot RIGHT?

And, there is a ton of new information, not just on JFK, but Watergate too, and when all my information comes out long with my evidence and facts, then the readers themselves can determine if Oswald really acted alone, or was there a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy, along with Watergate, and if Watergate was an operation just to set up the president?

I can emphatically answer the latter... NO!
This is the earliest information I could find regarding Fidel Castro having to say anything about Kennedy's assassination, this information comes by way of documentation, as for Castro's apparent speech the day after the assassination there is nothing documented. This speech is dated November 28, 1963. That sounds more like Castro as he was known for taking his time in doing things.

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