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Security Video Shows Police Lied In Michael Brown Shooting
Security video from the store where the police claimed Michael Brown aggressively stole cigars showed a different story. The video showed Brown push a small $20 bag of cannabis across the counter in a barter trade for several packs of cigarillos. Locals said that convenience store was known for bartering cannabis and it was a common practice. The clerk then bagged the cigarillos for Brown.

Since this video was in the possession of the police at the time it shows they knowingly lied about Brown robbing the store in order to incriminate him. This is evidence of criminal obstruction of justice and withholding of evidence.

CNN had director Jason Pollock and Brown's father on to show this new evidence. They were followed by an idiot pro-police author who said "The video doesn't show anything and it wasn't related to the actual shooting". Ya...

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