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J Norwood: "Lee Harvey Oswald: The Legend and the Truth"
It is not a tendency or behavior Marguerite showed later on as Oswald got older. It appears to have its origin in the need to create safehouses for the young Oswald in order to carry out the documented Oswald Project. Honestly Larry, you can't separate the Oswald Project and its influences on Marguerite's behavior and the purchase of those houses. The Project was showing a need to house different Oswald's in different locations at the time - as exampled by Stripling...
LR Trotter Wrote:
Jim Hargrove Wrote:[FONT=&amp]Dr. Norwood has just added the following paragraph to his Legend article, emphasizing how Marguerite's financial situation improved dramatically and inexplicably in the late 1940s....

[FONT=&amp]Between 1947-51, Marguerite purchased three different homes in the Fort Worth area. By early 1951, she was apparently making payments on and maintaining the three properties concurrently. During this period, she also experienced a financial setback from a divorce in which, according to John Pic's Warren Commission testimony, Marguerite came out on the losing end of the court's decree, despite the alleged philandering and physical abuse of Edwin Eckdahl. Pic recalled that "I was told by her that she was contesting the divorce so that he would still support her. She lost, he won." (WCH, XI, 29) With no monthly payments from Eckdahl, Marguerite was completely on her own in financing the three homes during this four-year stretch. This raises the concern about how she could have made the down payments, met monthly financial obligations, and sustained the upkeep of the three properties, while continuing to pay rent at other residences. The timing of the earliest evidence of the two Oswald boys and the two Marguerites during the pre-New York years begs the question of how Marguerite came into the funds to enable her to play Monopoly on this scale.


Assuming that the Marguerite mentioned is Marguerite Frances Claverie/Pic?/Oswald/Eckdahl, I tend to wonder, as I wander, if in fact she retained ownership of 3 homes, how the additional homes were financed without selling the previously purchased homes? But, if so, I would also tend to assume that the homes not occupied by her family, just maybe were rented to other occupants, which would not be unusual, but would certainly enhance economic viability. And, I am curious as to when the homes were sold, assuming she did not retain ownership after the mentioned 4 year period. However, if she retained ownership, was she still maintaining all 3 properties the rest of her life?

Has any one done property title searches on these properties? Will have all the dates they were sold and the owners listed.
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I asked Dr. Norwood if Marguerite owned three properties simultaneously. He answered with this info:

(1) San Saba: purchased in 1947; sold in 1951
(2) Ewing: purchased in 1948; sold in 1952
(3) Birchman: purchased in 1951; sold in 1953

He added that at one point in 1951, it appeared that she owned all three properties.

John Armstrong went through all the Tarrant County land records for the H&L book, and there are scattered references to these properties throughout the early pages. It would take some time to track down all the citations.

Chief Justice Earl Warren: "Full disclosure was not possible for reasons of national security." – 1964
CIA accountant James B. Wilcott: Oswald received "a full-time salary for agent work for doing CIA operational work." – 1978
HSCA counsel Robert Tanenbaum: “Lee Harvey Oswald was a contract employee of the CIA and the FBI.” – 1996

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