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White angles of satin ?
Are we the white angles of satin, just because we learned that all old Mormon
religious teachings will be restored in these so-called latter times, like for
example 'the Mormon church will reach out and save the United States
Constitution when it hangs by a thread', or that we are to build 'at any cost'
the Mormon kingdom of God over the the entire earth even making subverted deals with
other religions in order to cunningly subvert such enemies to our devious cause?
Should our anti-biblical subversion and take-over of the total political system by decades
of infiltration into 'every' facet of U.S. society for our purpose remain a shadow/hidden
from the entire unsuspecting and suffering world be named the will of God!

Have we not by the action of 22 November 1963 and all following actions of all of our
political images and especially to the present 2016 New Americanist enlightenment not
become aware of the soon following sorrow?.

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