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Need Evidence of Shortwave Transmission/CoG Nexus under Ollie North
Can anyone lead me in the direction of Continuity of Government activities under the Reagan administration through which shortwave transmission facilities in the US were somehow subsidized and/or nominated for government takeover during times of crisis?

I ask this, inter alia, because there is no practical way to explain how small religious SW broadcasters in the US can even pay the electricity bills for their transmitters...
interesting topic, this article may provide a partial answer to how operational costs are being met and informs an interested reader to the extent that it provides detailed background on contemporary short wave radio
to explain why it is not obsolete and its advantages.
Peter Janney's uncle was Frank Pace, chairman of General Dynamics who enlisted law partners Roswell Gilpatric and Luce's brother-in-law, Maurice "Tex" Moore, in a trade of 16 percent of Gen. Dyn. stock in exchange for Henry Crown and his Material Service Corp. of Chicago, headed by Byfield's Sherman Hotel group's Pat Hoy. The Crown family and partner Conrad Hilton next benefitted from TFX, at the time, the most costly military contract award in the history of the world. Obama was sponsored by the Crowns and Pritzkers. So was Albert Jenner Peter Janney has preferred to write of an imaginary CIA assassination of his surrogate mother, Mary Meyer, but not a word about his Uncle Frank.

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