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Paul Bleau: Oswald's Intelligence Connections
Paul Bleau actually, and unlike Bob Baer's phony series, Tracks Oswald. As Richard Schweiker once said, everywhere you turn with this guy, there are the fingerprints of intelligence.
Hear!, hear! What an interesting and definitive read folks! Thanks for sharing, Mr. DiEugenio, and way to go, Mr. Bleau, two thumbs up.

So much for all that aloof loner nonsense @ the wrongfully accused. How ironic that Mr. Oswald was drawn to spy craft, never knowing ultimately his handlers would use that same luring intrigue against him in his own demise (an innocent patsy).

The myth about an aloof loner has been shattered.
Think of it this way: it is all the stuff Bob Baer had to leave out of his phony show to make it superficially tenable.

Censorship is a way of lying.
Yes, it is @ censorship. An apt description, Mr. DiEugenio.

Guilty of the same @ The Warren Commission, who essentially silenced anyone--no matter how pertinent their information was to unraveling the plain simple truth in this case.

Whether it's a multi-paneled commission body or an author with a biased slant, ahem @ Baer, etc. tilting an outcome is not indicative of promoting truth. It's very telling that some people come out of the woodwork to engage in these less than honourable tactics. Why? The answer is obvious.

Thank goodness for the Bleau's, the DiEugenio's, the Newman's, etc. to help set the record straight.

Sadly, as his handlers moved him around the grand chess board of deception, the wrongfully accused was left holding the bag of their most daring caper (the illegal power grab from a democratically elected leader of a once free Republic).
Paul Bleau has become an important contributor to

This is about the third major article he has done for us.

Boy does it blast the heck out of Bob Baer and his crappy series. Baer had to ignore all of this in order to make his patently phony series.
Thanks for sharing Mr. Bleau's multiple contributions, Mr. DiEugenio...upon seeking out those additional articles during a Search on the Kennedy & King site, it lead me to a rich line up of talented authors offering their insights as well ---->
Welcome Alan. Keep on reading, there is a lot there.

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