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NARA 2017 bombshell - Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell was a CIA asset
From WhoWhatWhy -


Here is the first major revelation from the historic release of previously withheld government records on the JFK Assassination: the mayor of Dallas when President John F. Kennedy was killed in that city was a CIA asset.

We were alerted to this salient fact by retired military intelligence officer and author John Newman, who is conducting a thorough analysis of the long-secret documents.

At the time of the assassination, Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, brother of one-time Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Charles P. Cabell, had been a CIA asset since 1956.

It is worth noting that Kennedy dismissed CIA Director Allen Dulles in November 1961, and that Earle Cabell's brother Charles left the CIA on January 31, 1962, after Kennedy forced him to resign. Thus, both Dulles and Charles Cabell were no longer working for the CIA on November 22, 1963, when Kennedy was killed.

Earle Cabell, who had been elected mayor of Dallas in May 1961, oversaw arrangements for Kennedy's trip and motorcade, which took him through Dealey Plaza, a route that violated almost all standard rules for presidential safety and where normal safeguards, such as sealing windows and placing sharpshooters, were ignored. This is of interest to researchers into the assassination, who have been collecting evidence of CIA ties to a host of individuals who figure in the events of 11/22/63 (see also WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker's Family of Secrets for more on this topic.) ...

From David Talbot on Facebook -

Quote:What a cozy setup the CIA had in Dallas in 1963. Mayor Earle Cabell was not only the brother of Charles Cabell, the former CIA deputy chief who, along with his boss Allen Dulles, was fired by JFK. Now we learn that the Dallas mayor was also a CIA asset! This is part of a pattern: the Texas School Book Depository where Oswald supposedly fired from his sniper's nest was owned by right-wing oilman D. H. Byrd, who also had deep national security connections; the press corps covering the Kennedy motorcade was riddled with CIA just goes on and on. Thanks to author and former Army intelligence officer John Newman for helping to decipher the latest JFK document dump by the National Archives. We need to ensure that this document release continues, as mandated by law.

From John Newman on Facebook -

Quote:Earle Cabell, brother of Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Charles P. Cabell and Mayor of Dallas Texas at the time JFK was assassinated there, was a CIA asset beginning in 1956. Attached are his 10/17/56 CIA Secrecy Agreement, his CIA 201 file cover sheet, his 5/13/57 CIA Personality 201 File Request, and a cover sheet indicating that the HSCA reviewed his 201 file. The NARA master listing of files scheduled for release indicates that the ARRB classified these records as "Not Believed Relevant" (NBR). ARRB Director Judge John Tunheim, at the recent CAPA event at the National Press Club said that he now believes that many of the NBR-designated documents are indeed relevant.

Commentary from Phil Dragoo, on Facebook -

Quote:Tunheim et al (Horne to the contrary notwithstanding) rubberstamped the pro forma effort as NSG (No Smoking Gun)--when the mayor of Dallas on the day the President was slain in a military crossfire is yet another spook stooge, it's Gomer Pyle's "surprise, surprise"--not the bodacious lockstep denial of the obscenely obvious seen in "ARRB Director Judge John Tunheim, at the recent CAPA event at the National Press Club said that he now believes that many of the NBR-designated documents are indeed relevant"--in that vein, Blakely laments that CIA misled him--What? He thought they would respect him in the morning? A state crime goes unpunished into the sixth decade.

Interview today with John Newman (not covering this latest revelation) on the NARA releases here -

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9169&stc=1]

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Yes, that is a major new fact, and to me comes as no surprise....but good to have the proof. I always thought that Cabell and Cabell were the reason for the assassination taking place where it did - it was not randomly chosen. It also adds yet another nail in the CIA's coffin on this matter - although they were FAR from the only agency and entity involved.
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
It would be nice to give credit where it is due.

I sent that document to John.

David Mantik sent it to me.

David I think got it from Fetzer's web site.
It's good to know the proper sourcing of it, but Fetzer's name is the last one I expected to see at the top of the tree. Anyway, it's eye-opening news.

John Newman speculates we'll see another NARA document dump this month. If they're unloading 25% each time, we'll see stuff in Aug, Sept and October, barring any idiots trying to argue that stuff should be withheld on grounds of national security.
My letter of complaint to NARA about the first week:
In light of this revelation about Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, it is interesting to ponder
his wife's testimony before the Warren Commission. Elizabeth (Dearie) Cabell
was riding in the car with him in the motorcade. She was the one who
gave Jacqueline Kennedy the red roses at Love Field, which Mrs. Kennedy
thought was strange. There is a later picture of Mrs. Cabell sitting
alone in the car outside Parkland Hospital. Some of what she said does
not follow the official story. As I write in INTO THE NIGHTMARE,


Why was there such contrasting haste to pin the Tippit killing on Oswald? "The Tippit charge, you had eyewitnesses," former Dallas County District Attorney HenryWade told me in our 1993 interview.

That revealing statement thirty years after the fact, dubious as it was, suggests that the Dallas authorities actually hadn't been sure if they had any eyewitnesses to the
shooting of Kennedy. But Wade hastened to claim to me that they had "five at one time" (sic) who saw Oswald shoot the president. He couldn't recall who they might have been, other than the mayor's wife, Elizabeth (Dearie) Cabell. She was riding in the motorcade with her husband, Earle Cabell, five cars behind the presidential limousine. (Earle Cabell's brother was the former deputy director of the CIA, U.S. Air Force General Charles P. Cabell, who had been fired by President Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, along with director Allen Dulles and the invasion planner, Richard M. Bissell, Jr.) Dearie Cabell was the person who presented JacquelineKennedy with a bouquet of red roses at Love Field that morning. In Life magazine journalist Theodore H. White's notes for the "Camelot" interview on November 29, 1963, the president's widow recalled,

"Every time we got off the plane that day, three times they gave me the yellow roses of Texas. But in Dallas they gave me red roses. I thoughthow funny, red roses -- so all the seat was full of blood and red roses."

Dearie Cabell was never produced as an eyewitness to Oswald shooting the president. Wade admitted, "I never talked with her about it." When she testified to the Warren Commission in July 1964, Mrs. Cabell said she had been facing the School Book Depository at the time the first shot rang out, as their car was making the turn from Houston onto Elm. "Because I heard the direction from which the shot came," she "jerked" her head up and "saw a projection out of one of those windows" on the sixth floor. She was not sure which window and said she "did not know" what the "rather long looking" projection was, "because I did not see a hand or a head or a human form behind it." In addition to not identifying Oswaldas a shooter, Mrs. Cabell testified to some points that contradicted the official story: "I was acutely aware of the odor of gunpowder. I was aware that the motorcade stopped dead still. There was no question about that." Her testimony about the motorcade coming to a complete stop jibes with that of numerous other witnesses but is not consistent with what is seen in the Zapruder film, so her testimony helps provide evidence that part of the film has been removed, most likely to cover up Secret Service activity after the shots and a fatal lack of sufficient protection at thetime of the fatal head shot(s). Mrs. Cabell's testimony about gunpowder suggested a shot or shots fired from ground level rather than a high window, and she also said that when she turned her head forward after the first shot, "I am completely aware ofthe people running up that hill [the Grassy Knoll]. I saw the man throw the child on the ground and throw himself. I saw a woman in a bright green dress throw herself on the ground. I saw the policeman running up the grassy slope."

In his televised news conference shortly after midnight on the night of the assassination, Henry Wade was asked by a reporter, "Can you say whether you have a witness who says he saw the man pull the trigger [i.e., against Kennedy]?" Wade replied, "No, I cannot." When I asked Wade about that in our interview, he acknowledged, "I didn't know of any" at the time, but he added, "Before it was over, by Sunday afternoon, I was told they had five witnesses, and they showed me statements some of 'em had made, and they said that they knew it was Oswald up there." On the night of November 24, in his other televised press conference that weekend, Wade said, "[W]e have a number of witnesses that saw the person with the gun on the sixth floor of the Book Store Building." But he added, "You put a man in the window with a gun. People cannot positively identify him from the ground. He fits their general description."

Despite Wade's claim to me that he had been told of five eyewitnesses to Oswald shooting from the window, the only witness the commission eventually claimed had identified Oswald as that shooter was Howard Brennan, who was watching the motorcade while sitting on a wall at the corner of Elm and Houston streets but refused to positively identify Oswald at a lineup on November 22. Brennan's admittedly flawed eyesight and dubious physical description of the man he claimed to have seen firing a rifle in the window -- he told the commission that the man, in his early thirties, about five feet ten inches, was standing in the window as he fired, although a shooter in that position probably would have had to be kneeling or crouching -- make his belated identification of Oswald to the FBI on December 17 highly dubious. Speaking of Brennan's original failure to identify Oswald, "which would weaken his testimony some," Wade recalled that Brennan "felt he was afraid of the Russians." To the commission, Brennan explained he had already seen Oswald on television by the time of the lineup, that Oswald looked younger than the man he claimed to have seen in the window, "And then I felt that my family could be in danger, and I, myself,in danger," and that "since they already had the man for murder" (of Officer Tippit), there was no need at the time for his further identification. So the authorities had no actual, credible witnesses who could identify Oswald in the window.
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:My letter of complaint to NARA about the first week:

Well written, Jim. Bravo. And Mr. McBride's 'Dearie' recollections.

Have you heard if The National Press Club is hosting any events by these archivists for Q&A ? Do "they" not think this is important ? It's a slap in the face to those

who have been waiting for so long, and many didn't make it, right? I hear Jim Marrs passed, may he rest in peace. Another set of eyes that didn't see these 'miles

of files'.
Thanks Mark, I hope others join me in writing to NARA about this.

I mean, as far as I know, this is going to be it. And we need to make sure we do not get jerked around with illegible documents, redacted documents, and withheld documents etc.

I would also like to call the ARRB on the carpet and ask the surviving members why so many docs, like the Cabell document, was withheld for 20 years? Earle Cabell died in 1975! There was no excuse for withholding that document since the ARRB did not start up until almost 20 years after his death. IMO, it may be time to reevaluate the performance of the ARRB.
Had Earl Cabell on the JFK Organizational chart. Just makes sense. James Lateer

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