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LOOSE CHANGE 2ND EDITION (HD 2017 remaster) - full official Youtube release.
Dylan Avery and the LOOSE CHANGE filmmakers have newly remastered the 2005 film LOOSE CHANGE 2ND EDITION in HD format, and uploaded it to Youtube for free viewing. There are some brief new additions and updates to the film, including the final shot. It's not my favourite of the series - I think LOOSE CHANGE FINAL CUT and AN AMERICAN COUP are more informative, nuanced and powerful - but this is certainly worth a look.
And for additional reference, to anyone that hasn't seen them, the third and fourth entries. AMERICAN COUP has been released on iTunes, updated, but in a shorter version abbreviated for ease of first viewing. These are the original full length editions. Dylan Avery pointed me towards the link to FINAL CUT just today, so he supports people using Youtube to check it out.



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