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The Newly Declassified JFK Files
Here is my new survey article on what has actually been declassified vs what the MSM has said was declassified. Its night and day.

Trump did about the worst thing he could have done on October 26, 2017. I am beginning to think that that day my go down in infamy almost as dark as 11/22/63. And the people who know the case files the best like Jim Lesar and Rex Bradford and Gary Majewski do not get on the MSM. I got on Coast to Coast last night and did my best to alert the public to this scandal.

And then the few documents that are declassified in whole, or close to it, they don't get discussed. Anyway, here is the survey, and this combined with Hardway's article gives you the current lowdown
Good article. Very sad situation. MSM is still doing the intelligence communities bidding and disinforming the public. Nothing new in that. Along with all the files that were destroyed on purpose because they were too 'hot', those that remain withheld the intelligence community is intent on never seeing the light of day - and the few of us who know and care are few. However, if there were a way to inform the public of how they were [again] duped, perhaps those that have not yet been destroyed can be found and released. Of those on the list to be released Oct. 26 MANY important [I'd add the most important] are not even included.....see below the list made by Bill Kelly - and even that is not complete and we don't know a lot of the possible files we want to know about or that have been burned or shredded or otherwise destroyed - and let us not forget the letter from Oswald to the FBI's Agent Hosty that was flushed down a toilet on Nov. 24, disposing of important paperwork is nothing new. Nagell's letters to CIA and FBI have never surfaced either, no his trunk of information he kept which went 'missing' when he was killed.....

    If Peter Dale Scott's "Negative Template" theory is correct,what is missing from the extant history is more significant than what is in the documentary record.

    As researcher Malcolm Blunt has said, "It's amazing we have anything left. It's sickening,just sickening, and a disgrace, an absolute disgrace. The ARRB should have pressured these people into doing a proper search."

    At the CAPA Press Conference at the National Press Club in March former ARRB chairman Judge John Tunheim asked me to send him a list of missing JFK assassination records that should be in the JFK Collection at Archives II and open to the public. This is my list, so far.

    Send me along any serious additions that I may have missed. -

    1. Oswald CIA Office of Security File Volume 5, last seen by the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), which recently garnered some publicity.

    2.Files of the first chief council to HSCA Richard Sprague, who took his files home with him when he was fired for conducting a real investigation. The Assassinations Records Review Board (ARRB),responsible for identifing and obtaining records, missed them because they confused the attorney Richard Sprague with the computer programer of the same name whose extensive files on the assassination are part of the JFK Collection. Sprague's HSCA files, paid for by taxpayers that rightfully belong at the Archives, are currently in Sprague's Philadelphia law office.

    3. Soviet KGB records of Oswald's time in Moscow and Minsk that were obtained by Norman Mailer are now in the possession of Mailer's former associate Lawrence Schiller, who refused to turn them over to the ARRB.

    4.Unedited AF1 Radio Transmission tapes from November 22, 1963. Two different edited versions of these tapes are available, one on cassette tapes released by the LBJ Library and a reel to reel version discovered among the personal effects of General Clifton. The White House Communications Agency (WHCA) is responsible for these tapes.

    5. Church Committee interviews with Gerry Patrick Hemming, Orest Pena, Immigration and Naturalization Service and Customs officials, and other Church Committee testimony are missing.

    6. U.S. Customs records on Cubans requested by the HSCA were so voluminous they couldn't be given to the HSCA, but now consist of only a few records at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

    7. The audio tape recording of Gaeton Fonzi's interview with Mitch Werbell was erased and the transcript is missing, only Fonzi's notes remain.

    8. John Newman says that Eisenhower era reports on assassinations of foreign leaders that he copied years ago are now missing from the NARA, andhe believes such records are being deliberately stolen.

    9.Bill Simpich notes that CIA Mexico City Station (MCS) cable to Headquarters from September 26-30, 1963 are missing as well as cables from CIA HQ to MCS, JMWAVE to HQ and HQ to JMWAVE cable traffic on the same dates, and all cable traffic between MCS and JMWAVE between September 26 and October 20 and November 22 to December 30, 1963 are missing.

    10. The CIA's study of the July 20, 1944 attempt to kill Hitler to be adapted for use against Castro, as mentioned by Desmond FitzGerald in his September 23, 1963 briefing of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the subject of a FOIA lawsuit by the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC).

    11.Office of Naval Intelligence - ONI Defector File, as identified as an assassination record by Navy Lt. Com. T. Pike, but never turned over to the Archives.

    12. ONI 119 investigation reports on Oswald's defection and the assassination, as referred to by the Navy investigators who wrote them and the officers who read them.

    13.The assassination files of the Director of the ONI Rufus Taylor,whose office had undercover agents working in Jack Ruby's Carousel Club, installing and maintaing the sound system, who reported, in theonly surviving document, that Oswald was seen in the club.

    14.James Mastrovito - the Secret Service Agent responsible for the SS records on the assassination acknowledged to the ARRB that he"culled" - destroyed many records and flushed into a food processor a vile of material labeled "JFK brain - Armed Forces Institute of Pathology," with no repercussions.

    15.The Secret Service destroyed many records, including the Advance Reports for the Tampa trip after the JFK Act was passed by Congress,although copies of some of these records were found among the personal effects of Agent Gerald Blaine, who wrote the Tampa Advancereport. Do other agents also have copies y of official records among their personal effects? Is anyone looking?

    16. The "Homme Report" from a Congressional subcommittee reportedly contains information on Robert F. Kennedy's knowledge and approval of CIA plans to kill Fidel Castro.

    17. RFK's date book for 1963 is missing from the Kennedy Library.

    18. Four boxes of witness testimony turned over to NARA in April 1965 by US Attorney now missing.

    19. OSI - Office of Special Investigation military intelligence review of Oswald's State Department file is missing.

    20. When former US Marine officer Oliver Revill joined the FBI he reported on an investigation of Oswald and files on him at a US Marine base in North Carolina, records not in the public record.

    21. The Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel had documents excluded from the Warren Commission, according to a memo sent to ARRB and NARA archivist Steve Tilly, "more stuff lost in the shuffle," says Malcolm Blunt.

    22.The ARRB tried to obtain Oswald's New Orleans court records but were told they were accidentally destroyed when sent for microfilming.

    23. Army Intelligence files on Oswald were kept from the Warren Commission and then "routinely" destroyed.

    24.In 1976 when the CIA Counterintelligence (CI) staff were reviewing JFK assassination files the Security Office did not hand over their"secondary files" on Oswald, aka "research files,"that were not seen by HSCA or any other component of the CIA, as Malcolm Blunt says "they are like a whole separate agency."

    25.Larry Haapanen notes, White House Situation Room Incoming-Outgoing Message Log for 11/22/63-11/30/63 (the extant log for November 1963 ends abruptly on the morning of 11/2263).

    26. Records of the Dallas-based 488th Military (Strategic) Intelligence Detachment (Counter-Intelligence) unit histories and rosters 1962-1963.

    27. Records of FBI wiretapping of Oswald whle in police custody as well as post assassination taps of Ruth Paine and Michael Paine and Marina and Robert Oswald phones, as reported by Irving police chief Paul Barger.

    28. White House Communications Agency (WHCA) records for 11/22/63 including tape of Secret Service motorcade security radio channel that included Roy Kellerman talking as the third shot was fired, and radios in LBJ'scar, the AF1 cockpit and the WHCA base station at the Dallas Sheraton hotel.

    29. Missing Mexico City records include LILYRIC (Soviet embassy photo records, Sept. '63); LIFEAT (wiretape records,for all of 1963), daily resume wiretap summaries for 1963, and records withheld by ARRB at request of CIA and FBI that may be released in the October 26, 2017 data dump.

    30. Many relevant FBI 134 Informant records are missing or being withheld.

    31. FBI dispatch tape of Dallas calls for 11/22/63 is missing.

    32. The Harper Fragment bone found at Dealey Plaza on 11/23/63 and believed to be a bone from JFK's head disapeared.

    33. The photographer who took autopsy photos claims to have taken photos not among those at the NARA today.

    34.The National Photo Interpetation Center (NPIC) report on their study of the Zapruder film and Art Lundal's briefing of CIA Director John McCone is missing, though McCcone told RFK that the CIA said there were two gunman.

    35. The JMWAVE NPIC records and other NPIC assassination records were, according to a NPIC secretary, boxed and at the orders of Robert Kennedy sent to the Smithsonian Institute instead of the NARA

    spearman September 28, 2017 at 12:47 PM Missing as mentioned in #13 in your list are the SS trip records from the end of Sept/63 Conservation Tour records. The only doc in those file boxes is a single sheet saying "withdrawn for national security purposes".

  2. The ARRB's definition of an "assassination record" was broad in scope. 36 CFR 1400.1 defined the scope: "(An assassination record) includes, but is not limited to, all records, public and private, regardless of how labeled or identified, that document, describe, report on, analyze or interpret activities, persons, or events reasonably related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and investigations of or inquiries into the assassination." Further guidance can be found online at Appendix D of the ARRB Final Report.

    The Board's Final Report states that the agencies were often far from timely in providing their documents, and that they encountered significant resistance in obtaining the documents.

    A quick look in the files reveals that, at a minimum, the ARRB was unable to obtain the full assassination-related records for 1963 and other relevant dates for Angleton's CI-SIG unit, the CIA Office of Security, the signals/communications intelligence section Staff D, the Miami CIA station, the Mexico City CIA station, and similar documents within NSA, Army Intelligence, ONI, Marine Intelligence, and Customs. As an example, look at the counter-intelligence and security forces at the Miami station, which was composed of Cubans ready to take over Cuba at a moment's notice in the midst of a US invasion. Virtually all of the AMOT records are missing, as well as the related units AMCHEER and AMFAST. This inability was and remains a political problem - a new ARRB is going to be necessary as we go forward.

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
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