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CIA Christmas for Washington Post and Tom Hanks: Double Shot of Propaganda aimed at Achilles
Anthony Thorne Wrote:
Quote:BTW, they are re releasing Reclaiming Parkland as JFK: The Evidence Today.

I just mentioned the upcoming book on Twitter. I'll post more about there it in 2018 when it gets closer to publication date. My JFK posts there get a decent number of retweets, which is nice.

Could you post your username please? I'd like to follow if there's information out there.
BTW, I saw The Post.

In some ways it is even worse than I thought it would be.

But that was the inherent problem is trying to make a movie of the Pentagon Papers case, which lasted over two years, and compressing it into two weeks. And pretty much marginalizing Ellsberg.

Spielberg did a nice job of directing though. Better than he did for Lincoln.

My review will be posted soon.
BTW, I am going to see this again tonight.

There are a couple of things in it that I just had a hard time understanding even with my notes.

So I will have to clarify them.

BTW, the more I learn about the Pentagon Papers case, the worse the movie gets.

Really makes you wonder who does the research for those guys.
Quote:Could you post your username please? I'd like to follow if there's information out there.

Sorry for the late response. It's here. Scroll back down for the earlier Tweets.

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