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Martin Hay on Bugliosi Jr.
Up at Kennedys and King, Martin Hay's critique of Robert Wagner's The Assassination of JFK.

This guy is an acolyte of the late Vince Bugliosi, and was the advisor for the prosecution in the November Mock trial in Houston. A real piece of work, who does not buy the Single Bullet Theory but still thinks Oswald did it. Go figure.
Yet another interesting and insightful read folks. I won't spoil it for anyone else caring to venture over to the link provided, but there are several aha moments--amid many--that stand out on the side of Truth. Essentially a good read.

This forum's very own Mr. DiEugenio (an acclaimed author) is mentioned at one point in the reading (what a masterful summation of an apparent self-inflicted demise of a former Agency man). The reading also reveals the clever, well-actually--devious manner-- "officialdom" employs by erasing and/or moving key evidence altogether to fit their "truthful" narrative.

It would be so encouraging IF Americans stood together in a united front, and called the national security state out. Admittedly, they can easily harm a few of us, but what a turning point, essentially a game changer if a mass of people flooded the nation's Capitol, demanding the truth. No more magic-bullets. No more Oswald acted alone. No more lies.
The interesting thing about Wagner is that although he is a fan of Bugliosi, unlike the late prosecutor, he does not stand by the SBT.

Which leaves him with a big problem: namely the same one Hoover had, the Tague hit.

Hoover did not buy the SBT, so he literally tried to erase the Tague hit. He had it carved out and then cemented over. But too many people had seen it prior to that. And so the WC got letters from the local US attorney about it. So they had to include it.

This is one reason why the WC did not include the FBI report in the volumes. It would have been a really jarring difference that could not have escaped notice.

What Wagner tries to do, as Martin Hay outlines, is he tries to say that the Tague hit was caused by a ricochet. As Martin writes, ricochet of what? Cannot be CE 399, since that is almost intact. If its the bullet inside the car then the center of that bullet is supposed to be embedded in JFK's skull. Therefore, how could a fragment that tiny eject all the way out of the car, across the street, and strike the curb with enough force to eject a chuck of concrete out and project it five feet upward and cut Tague's face with it? Ludicrous I think.

If its a missed shot, then where is the copper? The FBI said there was none found on the curb. Which may be one reason Hoover wanted it gone. No one who has seen the WCC bullets for that rifle can say that if it was a miss there would be no copper found.

So this is the problem Wagner now has.
Well said. A succinct summation of a challenging dilemma facing anyone clinging desperately to one rifle, and only three rounds amid an obvious triangular ambush.

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