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Jim DiEugenio Zings Chris Mattthews' Bio of RFK
I must admit, I have read only one book on the RFK case. I think it was the Dan Moldea book.

Mr. DiEugenio would know WAY more than I would about this. As far as I can see, if Sirhan was part of a plot, then it must have been pretty far "off balance sheet". What I mean by that is that his family would have had to have been paid through Swiss bank accounts, or something very remote. We know Sirhan was involved with horse racing and JE Hoover liked to go to California for horse races.

As far as forensics, I don't know what crime scene evidence points to anyone besides Sirhan. Also, it's pretty "iffy" to point to records that exist that no one knows about. With all due respect, we can speculate about life in other solar systems that no one knows about. We DO know about the multitude of JFK files that are being withheld.

Maybe Robert Kennedy, Jr. reads this website. Because last night on Tucker Carlson on Fox, RFK Jr. appeared and talked about the missing JFK classified files. In case you didn't see it, RFK, Jr. mentioned the CIA in a way that suggests he faults the CIA. He also mentioned that after the JFK assassination, his father was forbidden to interact with the FBI and that J E Hoover began reporting directly to LBJ, cutting RFK out of the loop.

I hope RFK, Jr. makes more appearances like this.

James Lateer
James Lateer Wrote:But with the RFK case, where in my opinion there is no evidence of conspiracy, or only minimal, they come out and demand investigation.

Medical examination revealed RFK was done in by a point blank shot behind his right ear. But Sirhan was always in front of RFK by several feet, according to consensus witness testimony.

Ergo, Sirhan Sirhan didn't fire the fatal shot.

Proving conspiracy in the murder of JFK is even easier given the location of the bullet holes in his clothes -- too low to account for the wound in his throat.

For some reason folks avidly cite the prima facie evidence of conspiracy in the RFK case, but are loathe to cite the prima facie evidence of conspiracy in the JFK case.

So we have all these folks claiming that conspiracy is more obvious with RFK than JFK -- which is pure nonsense.
I think the book I read on the RFK assassination was The Killing of Robert Kennedy by Dan Moldea. In that book, it is made clear that there was only one person (besides Sirhan) who was in the vicinity of RFK with a gun when he was killed. And that was a security guard who was completely investigated and exonerated.

Apparently, there was so much panic and frenzy at the time of the RFK shooting, that people's adrenaline was pumping and there was total chaos. This was true as witnessed by police who had seen many chaotic situations. Even by their standards, this panic at the RFK scene was over the top.

When relying on these eyewitnesses, it seems like there was no way to exactly know which bullet was fired first, which one second, etc. The entire shooting was probably over in five or six seconds, in other words, as fast as Sirhan could pull the trigger and empty his gun.

If one thinks that RFK was killed by a close-up shot to the head, then you have to have someone holding the gun over RFK or next to RFK in addition to Sirhan. The place was packed and nobody claims to have seen anybody else shooting besides Sirhan. The exact timing of the shots and angles of the shots was prone to the inaccuracy in reporting by the eyewitnesses. It was impossible to accurately reconstruct.

The reason why people question the JFK case and not the JFK case is pretty simple. In the JFK case, it was impossible for Oswald to have done the shooting. In the RFK case, there is no KNOWN evidence of a plot involving Sirhan. And Sirhan was immediately jumped on and taken to the police station, red-handed (so to speak). He or his family may have been paid off somehow. But nobody has ever produced and evidence, even circumstantial, to support that possibility.

We know that almost everybody who thought about it, felt that RFK would never be allowed to become President, because, as President, he would be able to bust the murderers of his brother. So the shooters of his brother would likely shoot him, too.

But at the ambassador hotel, where RFK was shot, there were multiple people carrying signs that said "Kill Kennedy" or similar items. So it looks like RFK's murder was a copycat event, despite the known fact that RFK really had a dark, dark cloud over his head when he was shot.

James Lateer
I suppose if you had read only Posner, you would be saying Oswald was the lone gunman. I suggest you watch "The Second Gun" video by Ten Charach or read "Shadow Play" by Klaber and Melanson. You may get a different perspective on the RFK Assassination.

Tom Bowden
Ahimsa….may you live in a world of non-forcefulness.
The Tate/Johnson book that is just out is pretty good, just read my review of it.

The Moldea book is a cover up book all the way.

I dismembered it in the last chapter of The Assassinations. Moldea got really mad at me about that. But hey, it was a bunch of baloney all the way.

There was a Second Gun in the pantry, period. And Sirhan did not kill RFK.
Plenty of links around for further investigation.

Larry Hancock discussing the RFK conspiracy.

Dozens of long essays on the RFK case, including pieces by Jim, by Lisa Pease, by Larry Hancock and others.

Jim's review of the Tate / Johnson book.

Melanson's book on the RFK assassination - look for it on inter-library loan as the Amazon edition is OOP.

William Turner's good book on the RFK assassination.

Shane O'Sullivan's WHO KILLED BOBBY?

Lisa Pease's new book on the case, out in November

Decent documentary on the case -

An ABC News story from last week, reporting that RFK Jr. wants a reinvestigation into the case. Off the bat they mention 'conspiracy theorists' and are surprised that RFK Jr. has shown an interest, but they cover some key stuff, including the final comments, which I'm surprised made it to air. Some of the younger reporters and newsreaders aren't getting the same memos that their predecessors did.

Paul Schrade - there at the time - urging a reinvestigation.

And Schrade on TV doing the same

And so on. Others can post more details but RFK's murder is as fraught with evidence of conspiracy as JFK's was, and was followed by a similar range of books shrugging off the event and telling everyone to move on. RFK deserved better.
Anthony, thanks for that ABC video report.

That was really something. They even had Pepper on it.
RFK Jr was also just on Tucker Carlson's show. Carlson let him speak uninterrupted for almost the entire segment, which was nice.
That was good. Bobby has to go to Fox to get unfiltered?

Wow. That shows you that Mort Sahl was right about our so called liberal media.

Thanks again Anthony.

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