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The Omissions and Miscalculations of Nicholas Nalli
David Mantik did a very nice job on the latest junk science production by the dark side to try and reinforce the Warren Report at the anniversary.

IMO, he did not eave Nalli with a leg to stand on. I especially liked near the end where he shows that Nalli did not even explain the differing angles that the WC left unanswered with the alleged bullet trajectory vs the fragment trajectory. Or the fact that unlike what Sturdivan experiment the WC did, the front of JFK's face was left intact.

Newsweek, which was brought back from the dead by Daily Beast, actually heralded this guy.
Let me add, in my view the MSM timed three broadsides to go with the anniversary of MLK, RFK and later the 55th of JFK.

The Time Life magazine special, titled Assassins, the CNN horrendous series American Dynasties: The Kennedys, and Nic Nalli's junk science. neutered them all.

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