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Why Officer Tippit stopped his Killer
Callaway's a fake. He did not take the gun. See item #15 this thread.

Sole purpose of the Davis women was to pick up planted hulls. This is why the fugitive's flight path had to be redirected across the front yard and out through the shrubbery. Actual path went to the corner of 10th & Patton, then south on Patton.

Jim, you like movies. Rashomon objectifies the quandary. Not all versions can be true, maybe none. Big lies are being told, possibly encompassing a few grains of truth, fiendishly difficult to isolate & extract.
Then Milo, how does one determine what is true and what is not?
Look for facts and build on them, patiently, they are few & far between. Study the evidence carefully, cross reference & compare, always skeptical, no matter the source.

Subject solutions to minute scrutiny. Too often the proposer permits himself the luxury of gross evidence distortion to prop up a pet theory, while condemning the same practice in others.

Beware of the ecumenical approach, a failure of many reconstructions, feebly attempting to force-fit the full gamut of witnesses into an ill-founded scheme.

Instead, ruthlessly banish liars & lies, reserving cautious judgment as to the value of whatever remains.

Give ax grinders short shrift, and this above all: don't kick against the pricks.

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