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"Hiding in Plain Sight:" Doug Valentine's Insights & The Franklin Scandal
**Surviveandheal15 Lives On!!**

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." - Marie Curie

(*Author's note: this is NOT a QAnon Article. This author does not believe in QAnon AT ALL)

According to Nick Bryant, author of the "Franklin Scandal", Lawrence E. King, alleged high-powered child trafficker and abuser from “Franklin Scandal” infamy, was allegedly (or may still be?) employed as some kind of executive assistant at the BMW Dealership in Sterling, VA, owned by entrepreneur Thomas Moorehead. For those who want to investigate into the "Franklin Scandal" child trafficking scandal of the 80s, I cannot recommend enough the following two books specifically: Nick Bryant's "Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal," and also Nick Bryant & Henry Vinson's co-written 2015 book "Confessions of a DC Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies and Blackmail." In both these books, adults interviewed by Bryant allege that as children in the 80s, Lawrence E King and his cronies subjected them to abuse so horrific that it is truly beyond the mind to comprehend. Henry Vinson alleges that on one occasion in the 80s in the Kalorama suburb of DC, Lawrence E. King, along with another unspeakably shady character named Craig Spence, both told him directly to his face that they (King & Spence) trafficked children to powerful pedophiles who "took pleasure" in murdering these children.

So how the hell can the mind react to this information? Beyond the inevitable shock and rage, what always remains, in my mind, is the absolute pressing need to shine as bright a light as possible on the disgustingly corrupt mechanisms of society that could ever enable this kind of abuse to happen in the first place. I do this in the hope, as ever small as it might be, that by shining a light on this corruption, we can at least hope that justice will someday be brought for the victims, and this abuse can someday stop forever.

In the spirit of all of this, I decided to personally dig into the question of why well over 20 years after the Franklin Scandal of the 80s, Lawrence E King had no problem at all finding himself a job selling cars at an extremely high-end Washington, DC. car dealership, without anyone apparently batting an eye. If you dig into the background of Larry King’s boss at this dealership, Thomas Moorehead, you will quickly find that back in the 80s he went through General Motor’s extremely selective dealership training program, which trains new dealership owners. In 1987, Moorehead opened his first car dealership, selling Buicks, in of all places (you guessed it)…. Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha is of course the epicenter of the Franklin Scandal child abuse allegations. By all accounts, Moorehead was an extremely successful car dealer, rapidly opening more dealerships after his initial one in Omaha. In 2002, he moved to Virginia to open a new BMW dealership in Sterling VA and went on to open a Rolls Royce Dealership right across the street. (Link to Moorehead’s profile in “Washington Life” Magazine)

According to the Washington Life article, Moorehead is very very concerned about providing the utmost customer service to his wealthy clients at his Rolls Royce dealership in Sterling. Apparently, he will even send “…homemade coffee cakes to clients whenever the dealership makes even a minor error.”
Using basic common sense, if a guy like Thomas Moorehead is so obsessed with “customer service” that he is baking coffee cakes in response to minor customer errors, does anyone really think he would ever hire someone at his dealership without performing the most thorough background check possible? Seeing all the horrible info about Lawrence E King that is out there on the internet without even needing to pay for a background check, obviously there is much more at play then meets the eye. In a radio interview, Franklin Scandal author Nick Bryant said that Larry King had gotten a “no-show job” at a car dealership in Virginia, and that clearly King was keeping his mouth shut and being rewarded for it.

Doug Valentine and The Phoenix Program
As bizarre as it is to see Larry King working at some random auto dealership in the DC suburbs, it made a lot more sense to me when I read author Doug Valentine’s 2017 book, “The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World.” Doug Valentine is a long-time researcher of the CIA, he is best known for his book “The Phoenix Program,” where he really exposed the Phoenix Program, a CIA-run assassination program during the Vietnam War that specifically targeted and sowed terror amongst the civilian population.
As Valentine documents, through the Phoenix Program the CIA operated torture centers all over South Vietnam, and assassination teams of Vietnamese mercenaries (many of them hardcore criminals) led by CIA paramilitary officers, were unleashed on the civilian population to wreak havok. Mass slaughter of civilians was commonplace, and apparently, some of these CIA kill teams were so depraved, members would actually “devour their enemies’ vital organs” after killing them.

Very much worth pointing out that a 1973 article in the Omaha Sun says that Larry King served as an Air Force “Information Specialist” in Thailand during the Vietnam war, and that he handled “top secret” military communications (from Nick Bryant’s “Franklin Scandal”). Doug Valentine also said in his "CIA as Organized Crime" book that during the Vietnam War era, Thailand was "awash with drug money." To better understand this history, I think it is very good to look at authors like Valentine, and at authors like researcher Alfred McCoy, with his book "The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia." McCoy and Valentine both point out that during the Vietnam war, huge amount of opium was grown in the "Golden Triangle" region of Thailand, Burma and Laos as part of a massive heroin trafficking operation that operated under the protection and auspices of the CIA. Thailand in particular was known to be an important transit center for the huge amounts of drug money that flowed from the heroin trade. Book publisher Kris Millegan is the publisher of Nick Bryant's very important investigation of the Franklin Scandal; he runs TrineDay Publishing in Eugene OR, and himself is the son of a very high-ranking OSS and CIA intelligence analyst. Millegan has stated in interviews that Chiang Mai, a major city in northern Thailand, was known in the Vietnam War era to be a very important "heroin city," a place that hosted "all the major banks, and had a four-lane highway going to the Golden Triangle."

The reason I bring all this up, is because we can see from this accumulated evidence that Lawrence E. King was serving as some kind of very covert "intelligence messenger" of sorts for the Air Force in Thailand, in a country that at the very same time that King was there, was awash in heroin trafficking and huge amounts of money laundering, all of which just so happened to be operating under the protection of the... American intelligence agencies, in particular the CIA. If we then fast-foward to the 1980s, we then see Lawrence King directing a bank in Omaha NE, the Franklin Credit Union. Once the "Franklin" child abuse scandal started unfolding in the late '80s, one of the additional allegations that came out was the possibility that King was using his Credit Union to launder money for Ronald Reagan's illegal "Iran-Contra" operation. Iran-Contra was a scheme where financial proceeds from illegal operations, in particular drug trafficking and weapons sales, were used to pay to arm the Contras, a right-wing military group that fought the Sandinistas in El Salvador in the 80s.

As Nick Bryant writes in his "Franklin Scandal" book: "Rumors that Franklin Credit Union funds ended up in the Reagan administration illegal Contra war chest even made into the Lincoln Journal [Nebraska newspaper]..." Anyone who has studied the Iran-Contra scandal, knows the Contras were heavily implicated in trafficking huge amounts of cocaine from South America as a major means of funding their military operations. So clearly, laundering all the money this huge cocaine trafficking operation produced, had to be a very significant piece of the overall "Iran-Contra" scandal. So with Larry King, we see someone who is documented as being an actual intelligence agent in the Vietnam era. There is then the possibility that King may have played a very direct role in an "Iran-Contra" connected drug money laundering scheme in the 80s, through the operation of his Franklin credit union in Omaha. And then going back to the 60s, in King's role as a top secret intelligence messenger in Thailand in the 60s, at the very same time that country was awash in a US intelligence-protected heroin trafficking and money laundering operation... one can only wonder what King was up to in that era. As can be clearly seen, Doug Valentine, Alfred McCoy and Nick Bryant's information helps to give a bigger scope of the sinisterness of all this.

Getting back to Doug Valentine: In the 1980s, Valentine was in the process of writing “The Phoenix Program,” and he had managed to establish contacts with a number of “former” CIA officers who were leaking him bits of info about the Phoenix Program. As Doug describes it, the reason he was able to get a “foot in the door” to talk to some of these CIA people was because of a book he had written about his own father’s experiences in World War 2, called “The Hotel Tacloban” (I highly recommend the book).
Valentine’s father was a US military veteran who was captured by the Japanese and held in a POW camp in the Philippines during the war, that held mostly Australian enlisted men and British officers. He was part of a full-on mutiny by enlisted men in the POW camp, after the Australian enlisted men found out a British officer in the camp ratted out two attempted escapees who were then executed by the Japanese prison guards in the camp (beheaded on Christmas day). In response, there was a riot in the camp and the British officer was murdered by the enlisted men. After the POW camp was freed at the end of the war, Valentine’s father’s military records were altered, and he was ordered never to speak of the mutiny, under threat of being court-marshalled. Doug's father did eventually make it safely back to the US (eventually after his ordeals), where he married and had a family. The tribulations Valentine's father went through during WWII are a truly incredible story.

In the 1980s, Valentine sent a copy of “The Hotel Tacloban” to William Colby, then-Director of the CIA. Apparently, Colby was impressed by the book and what his father went through during the war and granted Doug Valentine an interview. Colby himself was a WW2 veteran, he served as an OSS Paratrooper (OSS was the predecessor to the CIA). He himself was also a major architect of the Phoenix Program during the Vietnam War. For whatever reason, Colby was willing to divulge some info about the Phoenix Program to Valentine, and other CIA agents followed suit, divulging info about some other aspects of CIA operations.

Exposing the CIA “Deep Cover Agent” Network in the US

In the 1980s, one of the CIA officers who came out of the woodwork to speak to Valentine was “Larry.” Larry was a former Marine who was recruited into the CIA during the Vietnam War. After Vietnam, Larry was set up by the CIA’s Central Cover Staff to be a “deep cover agent”. He was set up with a fake life and job history, and was assigned to the Philippines, where for 10 years he worked at management-level positions at American corporations all over the Philippines, all the while secretly reporting back to the CIA. These corporations include General Motors, Visa Card, and Westinghouse, and they all knowingly provided cover to this CIA agent.

On top of this, “Larry” actually managed to get himself elected as a politician and actually served in the Philippines legislature, all the while still being a CIA deep cover agent. Apparently, this was a bridge too far for the US State Department, so Larry was “whisked” out of the Philippines, his CIA assignment there ended.
In reward for his years of service in the Philippines, the CIA rewarded Larry, as a kind of cushy “retirement job” by making him the manager of the “Four Ways” Restaurant, a super-exclusive restaurant at DuPont Circle in DC. Larry invited Doug Valentine to meet at the restaurant, where he described what happened:

“This restaurant was the fanciest place I had ever been in my life. It was a place where striped pants State Department officials, foreign dignitaries and business tycoons met to make deals…each lavishly appointed room had its own dining table and waiter.
I was directed to a leather booth in the wood-paneled basement barroom, where Larry casually explained that each room was bugged by the CIA.
As we were talking, a group of well-dressed young men and women, chaperoned by an older man, took the booth next to us. The rest of the barroom was empty. They ordered drinks but remained silent and alert as Larry explained the ins and outs of his CIA experience to me.
At one point, Larry nodded to the older man at the next booth, then informed me that the young people listening to our conversation were [CIA] junior officer trainees from Langley.
Larry told me that the CIA manages a parallel society where deep-cover agents like him, as well as retired CIA officers and their agents, are provided with comfortable employment in their retirement years, or when they otherwise need sanctuary and recompense for their services.
Many of these agents […] are folded into this parallel universe as managers of the local Ford dealership, or proprietors of a Chinese restaurant, or in hundreds of other jobs held in abeyance by cooperating businesses.” Doug Valentine sums up this CIA-run “deep cover” network as “…the hidden geography of Top-Secret America, a subculture of highly trained operators with a dangerous set of skills that can be called upon at any moment. The one thing they have in common is that they are entirely dependent on the war criminals running the CIA.”

Relevance to Child Trafficking/Pedophile Ring Investigations
According to a number of sources, the CIA appears to have its tentacles extended into the horrifying world of child trafficking and pedophilia blackmail operations. Nick Bryant and Henry Vinson documented in their book “DC Madam,” the story of Craig Spence, who was allegedly running a sexual blackmail operation involving pimping underage children out of a mansion in the upscale DC suburb of Kalorama. Craig Spence apparently told people he worked for the CIA, and based on his sources, author and investigator Nick Bryant specifically describes Spence as some kind of "CIA asset." Furthermore, for people who don’t know about “The Finders” Case, the Finders were a bizarre satanic-type cult that was publicly exposed (briefly) in the ‘80s, that had operations in DC, including a warehouse that appeared to operate as a child trafficking hub where photos were found of naked children being ritualistically abused. Worth pointing out that the supposed leader of the “Finders” was a man named Marion Pettie. An article in US News Report stated that Marion Pettie’s wife worked for the CIA, and his son worked for Air America, a well-known CIA front company that was heavily involved in smuggling huge amounts of heroin during the Vietnam War as part of CIA-sanctioned drug trafficking operations.

Considering all these connections, Doug Valentine’s information about the CIA’s network of “deep cover agents” in businesses across the US, raises some big questions in regard to Pedogate-and Franklin Scandal-related research. As crazy as it may be to think, is it possible that Larry King himself has been tucked away into this very network? Clearly, King was given a cushy job in his older “retirement” years at a car dealership run by a man with a curious history that extends right back to Omaha. Honestly, this seems to fit right in with the network of “front” jobs described by Agent “Larry.” Could Thomas Moorehead be somehow beholden to the Agency for his enormous success, or an intelligence operative of sorts himself?

When it comes specifically to Pedogate-centered research, to be clear, Valentine never indicated that the Four Ways Restaurant where he met the agent was involved in anything related to child abuse. However, Valentine’s information certainly gives evidence that the CIA does in fact operate restaurants in DC as fronts, and bugs the rooms. Also, definitely have to point out that the Four Ways restaurant, when it was open in the ‘80s, was located in the Fraser Mansion, which is at 1701 20th St NW, at DuPont Circle in DC. Guess what’s going on there now?  The Church of Scientology owns the Fraser Mansion, and uses it as their “National Affairs” office. Can’t help thinking of Greta Van Susteren, a well-known Scientologist, who as an attorney reportedly played a major role in covering up Craig Spence’s child trafficking operations in DC in the early 90s (please see my other post on Deep Politics Forum about Van Susteren HERE.)

In conclusion, I’d encourage folks to look more into Doug Valentine’s research into the CIA. I have never heard of him researching into Pedogate-related topics, but I think the knowledge he provides about the reality of how the CIA operates, can be very valuable in this community. The very idea that this “deep cover agent” network Valentine exposes, could possibly function as a way of hiding “in plain sight” one of the worst child abusers imaginable, is obviously horrifying. However, knowledge is always power, and the more we can do to expose the specific machinations through which this evil network operates, clearly the better. Good luck with the digging everyone, take care and STAY SAFE!

"If there are computers, societies, and ecosystems that exist, 
this is not merely because new properties emerge (or, as 
reductionists would have it, seem to emerge) from atoms, 
but also because God has placed within each monad all of 
the possibilities of its individual development. In fact, God 
has harmonized all of the possible developmental paths of
all monads through his predeterminations, though He does
not coerce but rather "inclines" each monad towards its

    -from James L. Kelley "Anatomizing Divinity: Studies in Science, Esotericism and Political Theology"

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