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Two Big Problems with the Passenger Elevator
I have a new essay ready, Two Big Problems with the Passenger Elevator, posted at my website at

This is essentially a critique of John Armstrong's recent work Escape from the 6th Floor.

I have a dog in this hunt, so to speak, and found two avenues of attack. This endeavor brought me to further unravel the story of Victoria Adams, and the situation with the Depository elevators. This, to my knowledge, is new information- at the least a new slant- and should pique your curiosity in having a look at this essay.

I'm happy with the result.
A researcher whose opinion I trust recently contacted me and informed me that "Running Woman" in the Couch film is actually Karen Hicks, a brunette co-worker of the blond-haired Calvery. And Hicks is probably the woman at the left part of the entranceway in the Darnell enlargement.

My best guess is that Calvery was 20-30 seconds behind her. She had briefly spoken to Shelley at the peninsula; Lovelady, in his HSCA interview, acknowledged that he was there then.

Hicks' arrival-  and thereby Calvery's even later arrival-  seems to weaken the idea that Lovelady was the figure still lingering halfway up the steps. And strengthen the argument that this was Molina.


I also forgot to mention-  in my list of evidence favoring a west elevator escape-  that the problems Truly had calling for an elevator on the 1st floor weren't even mentioned until testimony time 4 months later. Not to the DPD, FBI or Secret Service, and the only mention at all about elevators in the press came in the December 7 Detroit Free Press:

"Both back elevators were up at the top, which was strange, I guess, since everyone should have been out to lunch. I didn't think about it at the time, though. I pointed to the stairs.

"The policeman ran up the stairs ahead of me..."

The full excerpt is on p. 58 of Death of the Lunchroom Hoax. I pointed out that Truly was telling one thing to the authorities but another thing to the news reporters.

And a further cloud of suspicion regarding the west elevator is added by this latest essay, wherein Leavelle attributes "the freight elevator had not moved" to Adams, but she was telling co-workers  she had heard it move.
My apologies on this further correction- which at least makes the essay version correct (just about).

Calvery was certified as the dark-haired woman at the base of the steps, based on her plaid skirt. That's Carol Reed beside her in a white outfit. Kudos to Sandy Larsen & Tommy Graves at the EdForum for making that hard-won ID.

I can't see why "Running Woman" is not also Calvery, although my source tells me it's Karen Hicks. The ID of Running Woman doesn't affect the Lovelady/Molina determination.

The reason I brought up that determination -  which wasn't in Armstrong's essay-  was that while fishing for Lovelady's Couch-film images, I came across that contemporary EdForum discussion, where they were using the passenger-elevator hypothesis to justify IDing Lovelady halfway up the steps. It struck me right off the bat that the lingering figure was Molina.

That Lovelady/Molina determination is only fuel for the bigger argument that Shelley & Lovelady did not return directly inside after the shots. I made a solid case that they didn't, and did open with the caveat that "this question is still open to interpretation and is not unequivocal."

So the set-up punch puts this question weak on its knees. The knockout is delivered by the non-shutoff of the electrical power. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

I'll sleep better, knowing that the information in this essay is as correct as I could get it.


When are you arrogant egomaniacs with inferiority complexes ever going to endorse my west elevator escape theory? I've been building it piece by piece for 17 years now, ever since my original epiphany when I first read Dougherty's testimony at half-speed at my old college library. And it's gotten stronger and stronger, through trial & error and further realizations. Isn't that how lasting scientific truth emerges?

Is it your emotional and intellectual immaturity that is holding you back? Do you prefer the safety of the Bolshevik Politburo that lords over this research community? How the hell can I present this thesis to the mainstream world without your support? Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?

We've lost America to the socialists, partly because our leaders have been too chickenshit to acknowledge that their same US Government murdered John F. Kennedy. And part of the blame for that falls squarely on the shoulders of this JFK reseacrh community.

Marina Oswald's 1988 prophecy has come true: "The danger of the truth not being known will destroy this nation, actually. Now maybe you don't believe me, but that's the fact."

Do you not understand that every single time socialists seize power, they liquidate large portions of the population? Is JFK research a (glug, glug, glug) fun parlor game for you, or will you drop your sorry-ass ego and somehow help bring this valid solution (west elevator escape) to the mainstream world?

Our time is short.
Apologies on the delay in getting the 2nd half of this essay posted. I didn't even realize that my pdf-maker had malfunctioned until yesterday. You should enjoy the now-completed material very much.

I've been working full-tilt finalizing my 2nd JFK book- which should be out by July- and preparing an in-depth visual presentation for the national market. I don't get adequate time & energy for preparatory stuff during my work season. I've made overtures to a prominent alternative-media figure, and will know whether we have a plan in a couple of months. If not her, then someone else.

These are urgent times. Please wake up.

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