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Wesley Frazier refutes lunchroom hoax
In this recent radio interview for his new book Steering Truth,

QUORUM RADIO- Buell Wesley Frazier on the TSBD Roll Call, Arrest and Decades of Fear-  Part 3

Wesley Frazier recounts at 1:09 that

"... they get up on the 2nd floor, and, uh, there's a lunchroom there, and, um, Marrion Baker and Mr. Truly they encounter Lee Oswald-  he was standing there in front of the Coke machine drinking a soda and, um, over on one of the tables was a partly-eaten cheese sandwich and an apple..."

Frazier evidently heard the last detail from someone (my guess right now is Truly) and this detail was omitted from the testimonies because it precludes Oswald coming down from the sniper's nest. And this item completely refutes the popular-yet-knuckleheaded hypothesis that the lunchroom encounter was make-believe.

The Sophists who have propagandized the research community (Sean Murphy, Greg Parker, Bart Kamp, Jim DiEugenio) are once again exposed as dead wrong. They are badly mistaken on this critical issue and they will be ridiculed by history. And do not wait for them to own up to it.

Naive researchers who have been held in their sway would do themselves a favor by abandoning these snake-oil salesmen and brush up on Depository facts at It looks to me that Oswald was assigned to the lunchroom to intentionally draw the attention of the first police responder, to give the west freight elevator a headstart in getting down to the 1st floor unnoticed. Truly & Oswald were essentially play-acting a scene they'd gone over beforehand.

Frazier's description of the lunch items on the table was corroborated by Carolyn Arnold, who told Earl Golz she saw Oswald eating lunch alone at 12:25.
I'm bumping this because it's pertinent to my new post about Frazier's recent interview with Don Jeffries.

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