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Witnesses who were never called before the Warren Commission
No surprise Clemmons was not called. Her words demolished both DPD & WR manufactured scenarios. The latter disregarded Frank Cimino's FBI report which confirmed Clemmons' statements to Lane about the Tenth Street flight path. It also erased Benavides' presence near the shooting when it occurred and the immediate aftermath. He arrived later as reported by Guinyard. Cimino lived across the street and stepped outside early to survey the scene, but the WC did not call him to testify. A Lane interview with him might have been illuminating.
The Tippit murder events played out in three acts, and Cimino's FBI report defined a framework based on the external reality of time & place. It follows with divisions indicated in bold square brackets:

FRANK CIMINO, 403 East Tenth Street, Apartment 7, Dallas, Texas, advised that on November 22, 1963, he was residing in an apartment at 405 East Tenth Street. He stated that at around 1 p.m. he was at his apartment listening to the radio. [Act I 1:06 murder & Markham's arrival] He heard four loud noises which sounded like shots and then he heard a women scream. He jumped up. put on his shoes and ran outside the house, and a woman dressed like a waitress was out in front of his residence shouting, "Call the police". She also advised a man had just shot a police officer and stated he had run west on Tenth Street and pointed in the direction of an alley which runs between Tenth Street and Jefferson off Patton Street. He looked in this direction but did not see anyone. He then walked over to the officer and saw he had been shot in the head. The officer was lying on his side with his head in front of the left front head light of his car. His gun was out of the holster and lying by his side. The officer moved slightly and groaned but never said anything that he could understand. [Act II 1:10 Bowley's arrival] About this time people came from all directions, and he walked up to the corner of Patton and East Tenth Street and looked through the alleyway but could not see anyone running up the alley. [Act III 1:19 ambulance's arrival] He then walked back to where the officer was being removed by an ambulance and then turned back to his apartment. He stated he was not acquainted with LEE OSWALD or JACK RUBY.

DL 89-43 12/4/63

Benavides entered the scene either late Act I or early Act II.

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