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Sarah Stanton (i.e. PrayerMan) in Dan Owens film
Researcher Denis Morissette has recently posted an image from KRLD's Dan Owens taken in front of the Book Depository at approximately 2:00 PM on November 22nd.  shows definitely that it was Sarah Stanton standing on the Depository steps in the Owens film. Because she was standing on the 3rd step down from the landing, her height can be reasonably estimated

In an Education Forum topic meekly titled Help needed with a photo. Andrej? Davidson? Morissette appeals for help with a height analysis, and Chris Davidson obliges with an estimate of 5' 2 1/4"

basing this at 3 steps at 7.25" per step [21.75"] plus the top of her head reaching the midway point of the 81" glass door [40.5"];  21.75 + 40.5 = 62.25"

This is in very good agreement with Sarah Stanton's known height of 5'4", as she seems to be slouching a bit in the Owens photo.

This Owens clip is further confirmation that Sarah Stanton is PrayerMan-  Wesley Frazier's Sixth Floor Museum interview and film forensics (wide hips, possible purse) have indicated that she is the correct identity of that blurry PrayerMan figure.

And Brian Doyle's height argument-  first presented in 2016 in the PrayerMan giga-thread on Duncan MacRae's jfkassassinationforum-  has never been refuted. PrayerMan is a full head shorter than Wesley Frazier and cannot possibly be Lee Harvey Oswald.

Yet the damage done by Sean Murphy's barroom scholarship still cuts deep nearly a decade later. Because the mob-  the 90% of researchers who signed onto Murphy's fantasy-  are too egocentric, too narcissistic, to admit that they were mistaken, and that Doyle was correct. And so the malaise of Murphyism continues to plague the research community, since it is easier than growing up and being an adult at solving this seminal crime.

The initial paragraph in my CONCLUSION to 2018's Death of the Lunchroom Hoax seems appropriate here, since the mob henchmen have perpetuated their Murphyite propaganda in spite of in-your-face evidence to the contrary. Because, to them, the JFK case is not about arriving at criminological solutions; it is rather a case of "How is this going to reflect on  me?"

"Sean Murphy's defective scholarship appealed to the gullible, who formed their judgments based only on a partial presentation of the available information. It grew into mob rule because opinions are shaped by tribal allegiances. And those judgments become a matter of personal identity and are not held rationally. But when discernment of objective truth hinges upon what others think, and not upon independent science, we abandon the basic critical thinking skills needed for sound evaluation of the evidence."
Thanks Richard...I appreciate the cite...

The research community should know that it took me years to get Chris Davidson to come forth on his own discovery of Sarah Stanton's face on Prayer Man in Wiegman...Davidson finally consented to give an opinion and when he did he admitted that he was a friend of Sean Murphy's and had accidentally found Stanton's face on Prayer Man when attempting to determine Lovelady's height...So, in other words, Davidson found Stanton's face on Prayer Man by accident - which makes it even better evidence because he found something that went against his own confirmation bias...Although Davidson's enhancement is a little blurry it still possesses enough legitimate data to confirm Stanton's chubby-cheeked female face...I called a computer facial recognition service in Los Angeles in an attempt to get them to use their software to compare Davidson with Stanton's family photo that I got from her grand daughter but the guy hung up on me when I mentioned "Kennedy Assassination"...

The ultimate proof that Prayer Man is Stanton is the combination of the Altgens-6 and Wiegman Z257 frames...The Prayer Man people are saying Stanton was to Frazier's left and therefore could not be Prayer Man...However they neglected to analyze Altgens-6 which shows everyone to Frazier's left in clear detail and Stanton is not there...The clincher is Wiegman Z257 that was taken at the same time as Altgens-6...Wiegman Z257 was taken at a stereoscopic 90 degree angle to Altgens and shows the top platform occupants from an opposing angle that exposes what is not visible in Altgens...You can see in Wiegman Z257 that Frazier and Prayer Man are the only two people not seen in Altgens...This is proof that Prayer Man is Stanton because if she were to Frazier's left she would easily be seen in the clear Altgens image...Since the only two people not seen in Altgens are Prayer Man and Frazier that makes Prayer Man Stanton...And this is without considering that Davidson showed Stanton's face on Prayer Man...Additionally, Andrej Stancak found Pauline Sanders in Altgens, proving that the top platform occupants were visible in that photo - but also proving that Prayer Man was therefore the only choice for the only remaining woman...There's layers of evidence proving Stanton is Prayer Man that I won't bother to mention because the Altgens/Wiegman comparison proves it alone, but one example of that other evidence is how Prayer Man pivots towards Frazier from Wiegman to Darnell...Buell Frazier said in repeated interviews that when Gloria Calvery ran to the steps shouting "The president has been shot" that he didn't quite hear her so he turned to Sarah Stanton with a puzzled look on his face...Frazier said Stanton then told him "I think she said the president has been shot"...The pivot you see Prayer Man make from Wiegman to Darnell is the turn Stanton made in order to tell Frazier what Calvery had shouted...Also, Billy Lovelady said in his FBI sworn statement that Stanton was "Next to me to the far right of the entranceway when the limousine passed the front steps"...Indeed, just as Lovelady said, the Hughes Film shows Lovelady all the way to the right side of the portal when the limo passed and you can just make out Prayer Man behind him...Davidson should enhance that shot also...Hughes shows that Prayer Man was to the far right and "next to" Lovelady 9 seconds before Altgens and Wiegman, at the exact time that Lovelady described Stanton as being in that spot...

This discovery of Stanton in Owens by Morissette is significant because it shows that Stanton was the same height as Prayer Man...It also shows that her white hair registered as dark on Darnell's film equipment...However there is another very important thing concerning Stanton's image in Owens that no one noticed...Stanton's dress sleeve ends exactly where Prayer Man's sleeve ends at "his" elbow...The sleeves match exactly...Also, Stanton is preferring the west wall of the portal in Owens just like she did in Darnell...Morissette's Education Forum thread on Stanton in Owens was ignored and allowed to slide out of view...

The JFK research community needs to recognize this evidence and dismiss the Greg Parker-originating Prayer Man theory...It needs to finally reconcile itself to the fact that the evidence is pointing to Oswald being in the 2nd Floor Lunch Room during the assassination so this wasting of time pursuing Greg Parker-born contrarian theories needs to be corrected...The Lunch Room Encounter also has serious evidence behind it...The real conspiracy evidence needs to be coordinated back to it and away from Parker's damage...

In my seeking the proof that Stanton was Prayer Man I accidentally came upon a new witness who told me what is probably the most important evidence discovery in the last 45 years...I found a witness who heard Sarah Stanton say that Oswald told her he was not going out to watch the motorcade but intended to go back in to the "Break Room" instead...Carolyn Arnold would see Oswald alone eating lunch in that Break Room shortly after...It deserves a separate thread...
Brian, that is a superlative comparison of the film forensics- Wiegman shows the west corner of the landing, hidden in Altgens... meaning PrayerMan must be Sarah Stanton, independent of other considerations that point to PrayerMan as being Stanton.

It seems when you say "The Hughes film shows Lovelady all the way to the right of the portal", you are meaning "the west side of the portal."


It has been very obvious for many years that PrayerMan is NOT Lee Harvey Oswald. When Sean Murphy presented his argument in a 2013 EdForum thread, he didn't present a height analysis. Instead he relied on TSBD employees' recollections of their whereabouts, and the vague similarity of a photographic blur to Oswald.

This is the height of intellectual arrogance. It assumes that everybody had perfect recall, so Sean could make a deduction (based on those memories) that "proves" that PrayerMan is Oswald. And thereby ram such a radical proposition down everyone's throats.

Nevermind that simple physics proves otherwise- PrayerMan is a full head shorter than Wesley Frazier.

And the way this has played out, almost 10 years now, is anybody who believes Sean Murphy is a nice guy also believes PrayerMan is Oswald. Eventually, if enough of a consensus is built, all it will take is a vote to determine the truth about Oswald's whereabouts.

Anybody who believes Sean Murphy is mistaken is not a nice guy. Naysayers have been subject to gangstalking from the apemen who make up the consensus.

And so the correct interpretation, as to who was actually on the west portion of the TSBD landing, gets suppressed. This plays right into the hands of the intelligence operatives who control the EdForum. Sean Murphy has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of any CIA disinformation specialist. Because of his arrogant, short-sighted hypothesis, thousands of man-hours have been wasted pursuing a blurry image who, all along, was Sarah Stanton.

Sean Murphy thereby has wasted the most precious resource in dozens of researchers' lives- their time. Maybe he's not such a nice guy after all.

It will take a personal act of courage from former believers to disengage from the Murphyite cult-  to get free of the bonds of their ignorance. And to further realize that, yes, Oswald was in the 2nd-floor lunchroom during the shooting sequence.

PrayerMan as Oswald has just been a deceptive ruse to bolster another ruse, the lunchroom hoax theory. When researchers mature enough, to disavow the Murphy/Parker/Kamp regressive dogma, they might start applying their detective instincts to find answers to: Why was Oswald in the 2nd-floor lunchroom?
Correct...There is no doubt that Altgens-6 clearly shows Lovelady, Sanders, Shelley, and Molina across the top platform from left to right from our perspective...Wiegman Z257 was taken at the same time as Altgens-6, only from a 90 degree angle, so it shows the area hidden by the west wall of the portal as well as the obscured areas in the rest of Altgens...Wiegman Z257 shows without a doubt that the only two people not seen on the top platform in Altgens are Frazier and Prayer Man...Since we know Stanton and Sanders were the only two women on the top platform at the time, and Sanders is seen in between Lovelady & Shelley, that means the only possible candidate for Stanton is therefore Prayer Man (upon whom Davidson found Stanton's face)...Again, this is an easy solution that, it appears, Sean Murphy simply avoided...I doubt Sean Murphy is dead so we can assume he is now hiding in contempt of this conclusive refuting evidence...Stancak said he would admit it if anyone ever showed proof that Prayer Man wasn't Oswald...So far he hasn't...

Yes...When Lovelady said "far right" he meant "west" where Hughes shows him and Prayer Man all the way to the west side of the entrance...Davidson could help us if he applied his enhancement process to Hughes to bring out the features on Prayer Man and further prove Prayer Man to be Stanton...

Yes - there is a desperate need to redirect the vast majority of JFK internet posters away from Greg Parker and Sean Murphy's rotten research and its deleterious effect on credible justice for Kennedy...Good research and those who do it need to assume their rightful place in that community so we can finally put the story together and right the epic wrong that has scarred our nation...

It is indeed criminal that the Education Forum doesn't allow airing of these significant advances on its site...

Another important thing has happened that might cost the research community significantly...Morley, Simpich, and Schnapf have allowed Roger Odisio to combine the documents request with the NBC films with the intent of proving Prayer Man is Oswald...The documents request officers have made the really bad mistake of potentially compromising their request by sabotaging it with the Prayer Man Trojan Horse...Parker has penetrated this generation's most important mainstream assassination evidence effort that has the potential to end the entire cause of Kennedy research...Our enemies will use the fact that Prayer Man is bogus to label the documents request bogus and therefore the entire cause of assassination research as equally bogus...The potential consequences of this are not insignificant - which only shows how dangerous it is to not mind the store on rigor...
Morissette made an equally important discovery back in September when he discovered a woman's "Scoop" neckline on Prayer Man's garment...

If you enlarge Prayer Man in Darnell you can make out a clear horizontal division between Prayer Man's skin on "his" breast and the Scoop style neckline on "his" garment...This visible feature excludes that garment from being Oswald's work shirt and very much conforms to a woman's "Scoop" style neckline...Stanton's obese forearm and hand are also visible...The clearly-seen line on that horizontal border is the hem line of the dress:

.png   Screenshot 2023-03-30 135603.png (Size: 222.98 KB / Downloads: 6)
Peer Review and rigor have been betrayed on this subject and what doesn't appear as noticeably as some other evidence is the deliberate failure to follow-through on evidence like Morissette's discovery of Stanton in the Owens Film...

Particularly, there are researchers in the JFK research community who are well capable of analyzing the Owens Film to show that Sarah Stanton's sleeve in Owens is exactly the same length as Prayer Man's...In Darnell Prayer Man's white skin is visible starting at her elbow...If we go to Morissette's new discovery of Stanton in the Owens Film we can see in his second image that Stanton's right arm is visible and we can see her dress sleeve ends at her elbow and her white forearm skin continues from there...This is a dead match with Prayer Man...

In Morissette's Education Forum post Chris Davidson obliged and confirmed that Stanton in Owens was indeed the same height her family members provided me in my contact with them...However Davidson then employed the bail-out option and never followed-through...Because the JFK research community operates more by means of internecine political friendships than objective rigor Davidson never takes the next step and admits that his discoveries have proven Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton...Davidson never admits that Prayer Man is also the same height as Stanton in Owens...On Duncan's troll site Davidson admitted to me that he was a friend of Sean Murphy and accidentally found Stanton's face on Prayer Man when trying to determine Lovelady's height...So, because of the research by omission standard enforced by the Education Forum, the logical next step is never taken in order to protect that self-entitled core who all believed Prayer Man was Oswald at an over 90% rate...

There is a serious cost to this distinct lack of professional standards...Because of this organized research by omission and ignoring Roger Odisio was allowed to penetrate serious research all the way to the top and get Morley and Schnapf to combine the Prayer Man issue with the Documents Request...Odisio was permitted to plant a trojan horse self-destruct device right at the heart of JFK research in his proxying for Greg Parker, Bart Kamp, and Sean Murphy with not a word of warning being issued by the clique practicing the aforementioned censorship-based research and defiance of Peer Review...Because of this corrupted research practice Odisio threatened to possibly destroy the future of the entire JFK conspiracy cause once our enemies shredded that ridiculous Prayer Man claim and then associated the Documents Request with it - forever making us look like nuts pushing bogus theories...Correct analysis that is never done is some of the most invisible but also some of the most damaging...
It can be accurately said that the silence of the credible research community is directly responsible for the dysfunction that currently hampers the JFK research community...

That silence is based on personal affinity to certain main researchers and their irrational attachment to the Prayer Man theory despite the facts...

The failure to publicly recognize the correct evidence on the Prayer Man issue has led directly to the Greg Parker-types gaining momentum and control of the JFK research community and internet...Jim DiEugenio praises that victory by Parker and his wrong claims...

The credible research community is guilty of causing this with their failure to come forth according to their own rules and their preference to run the research community through friendships instead of self-disciplined academic rules...These persons have violated the most basic of rules by making the JFK internet an extension of themselves and their own personal likes rather than the objective research forums described by their rules...Forums that state they are there for the perpetuation of correct evidence that then shun and discourage that very correct evidence are responsible for pushing JFK research in to a state of uncredible-ness...Notoriety or reputation does not precede credible evidence and any community that does so is causing its own failure...Responding to this with silence is only reinforcing that failure...

Time for the community to follow its own rules...
If you examine the current low quality captive audience conversation in the Education Forum Prayer Man thread both ROKC cheerleaders Miles Massicotte and Greg Doudna ignore Prayer Man's 5 foot 4 height in their evidence-avoiding pseudo analyses...They hijack the narrative by demanding better scans... However they dishonestly avoid admitting that we don't need better scans because we have already shown Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton by means of Prayer Man's height...We have also proven it by the Prayer Man cultists failure to show Stanton to Frazier's left in Altgens 6 or Wiegman...Massicotte and Doudna dishonestly ignore Stanton in Owens whose height matches Prayer Man's exactly...In Owens Stanton's dress sleeve matches Prayer Man's exactly...They ignore Chris Davidson's bringing Stanton's face out in Wiegman as well as Davidson bringing out a woman's scoop dress neckline on Prayer Man in Darnell...So while these men ignore most of the evidence they called for, I have to remind people that I was banned for life by the cyber criminal James Gordon for "failing to follow the rules of evidence when told"...While Gordon himself now courts defiant evidence-avoidance himself while banning anyone who tries to show the truth...

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