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Advancing Armstrong - Putting The Puzzle Pieces Together In The Lobby
Whatever the time is in Couch/Darnell the fact does not change that Calvery & Reed are already 3 steps up the front stairs after having spoken to Lovelady & Shelley at the base of the steps...Whatever the time is in Couch/Darnell Calvery & Reed have covered the distance from their positions in the spectators, spoken to Lovelady & Shelley at the base of the steps, and are 3 steps up the front steps...If you go to the overhead view of the Depository it is actually a shorter distance from the 4th Floor windows to the NW steps for Adams & Styles than it was for Calvery & Reed...I assume you can estimate a similar running speed for both panicked sets of ladies so if you extrapolate Calvery & Reed's speed and distance over to Adams & Styles the latter are going down the steps by the time you see Baker running across the Elm St extension...

Lovelady said he looked back and saw Truly & Baker at the base of the steps figuring out how they were going to go in...It could be that there was a portion of Baker's run that was covered-up because it took too long...In any case, if you compare Calvery & Reed's run with Adams & Styles the latter are well on their way to the 1st Floor by the time of Couch/Darnell no matter what time you put on it if you use Calvery & Reed's run as the measure...And Adams & Styles had the assistance of gravity on the steps...

Couch shows Camera Car 1 (Car 8) going from a stopped position down Elm St...Cars 2,3,4, 5, 6, and 7 are all gone and past the overpass by the time Couch films Elm... 

I assume Mrs Garner looked towards the girls immediately after the limousine went out of sight under the overpass...That was 9 seconds after the last shot (313 to 470)...Mrs Reid said "They were already gone"...It would be remiss to not consider that at the rate established by Calvery & Reed, when extrapolated over to Adams & Styles, would put the girls on their way down the stairs before Baker even got to the front steps...It takes just a very few delays of Truly & Baker from that point to get the girls out the rear Loading Dock exit just ahead of Truly & Baker:
The original post in this thread is a cracking of the Conspiracy...It got no responses on a board that presents itself as the best of Conspiracy research...That's unacceptable and it says more about the board, its membership, and its oversight more than anything else...

When I first joined this board 13 years ago it was a pro-active board with much activity...Since then the members have drifted to the Education Forum - the board that DPF was formed in opposition to...The reason for that is clear...The EF allows more garbage research without the scrutiny this board used to impose...The EF protects favorites and they like that...

This board used to have a firm set of rules that protected the members and made it clear that the corrupted moderation that was occurring on the Education Forum would not occur here...I see now that someone has gone in and erased many of the member-protecting rules on this board...(Rules that forbid giving a member 1 star on all their posts)...

Jim DiEugenio is not a god who runs the entire research world...When he stays unaccountably silent he needs to be challenged like anyone else and moderation does not mean staying silent where Jim D stays silent...It means responding to good evidence and demanding the same standard from everyone, like the rules that were erased demanded...

It is incredible that I would discover something this important and put the puzzle pieces together and it would be ignored by people who are just trying to please Jim DiEugenio and James Gordon who call themselves credible Conspiracy researchers...

Just today Mark O'Blazney is over on MacRae's forum saying Oswald shot JFK from the 6th Floor...Mark has no problem posting here on the DPF...Myself, I have probably cracked the case and did it as a DPF member the board should be proud of...My posts all get 1 star and I am being deliberately ignored...

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