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7/7 - Challenge to official narrative goes MSM
New 7/7 Bombing Photo Contradicts Official Story

Image appears to duplicate witness statement that bomb was planted under train

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A new photo released on the fourth anniversary of the 7/7 attacks in London appears to contradict the government’s official story that Muslims with backpack bombs were responsible for the Tube and bus bombings which killed 52 people.

The image seemingly dovetails with a survivor’s eyewitness statement that the bombs on the Tube trains were placed underneath the carriage and that suicide bombers were nowhere to be seen.

Debunkers have attempted to dismiss this vital hole in the official story by claiming that questions about eyewitnesses stating bombs were placed under the train have been explained. London Guardian journalist Mark Honigsbaum interviewed witnesses who stated that “tiles, the covers on the floor of the train, suddenly flew up, raised up,” when the bombs were detonated. Honigsbaum later said that the quotes were taken out of context when they were cited as evidence that the bombs were planted under the trains – and debunkers duly seized on this in an attempt to dismiss the entire issue.

However, one very reliable eyewitness statement is very clear in making it plain that no suicide bombers were involved, and the bomb could only have been planted underneath the train, contradicting the official story completely.

The words of 7/7 survivor Bruce Lait, who was just yards from the explosion when it happened, cannot be taken out of context.


Lait, a victim of the Aldgate Station bombing, described to the Cambridge Evening News how he and his partner were sitting nearest to the bomb when it detonated.

“We’d been on there for a minute at most and then something happened. It was like a huge electricity surge which knocked us out and burst our eardrums. I can still hear that sound now,” he said.

He and Crystal were helped out of the carriage. As they made their way out, a policeman pointed out where the bomb had been.

“The policeman said ‘mind that hole, that’s where the bomb was’. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don’t remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag,” he said.

In his statement, Lait makes clear four things – according to what he witnessed, there was no suicide bomber, there was no rucksack or backpack that could have contained a bomb, there was nobody around the location where the bomb exploded, and the bomb appeared to have been placed underneath the train.

The fact that the policeman had to warn them of a “hole” as they were being led out to safety obviously suggests that the hole was in the floor and therefore a potential hazard to them exiting the train.

The photo displayed below is currently being carried on the Daily Mail website with the caption; “Warped and blackened by the blast, this is the Piccadilly Line carriage where Jermaine Lindsay’s bomb detonated at Russell Square station. A forensics officer in white rubber gloves inches his way along the floor – itself sheared away in the blast, exposing metal beams – searching for the smallest of clues.” Note that Bruce Lait’s comments refer to the Aldgate tube bombing. This photo is from the Russell Square bombing, but it appears to dovetail his testimony that the bombs were planted under the train.


Despite the fact that the image is cut off at the point where the hole begins, one can clearly see it at the very bottom of the picture. The cabling underneath the floor cover is exposed and the area to the right of the hole is raised up, as if pressure has been exerted from underneath.

The contention that there were no suicide bombers actually on the train at all, as Bruce Lait contends, is consistent with other evidence surrounding the attacks.

The fact that the ID’s of all the so-called suicide bombers were found in pristine condition right next to where the bombs went off strongly suggests the planting of evidence to frame patsies. The ID’s would have had a reasonable chance of surviving relatively unscathed if the bomb was not in the backpack with them, but underneath the train.

On the other hand the backpack bombs could have just been the diversionary blasts to enable patsies to be framed, just like the planes flying into the towers acted as the diversionary cover for the explosives planted inside the World Trade Center.

Remember that the London Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Branch themselves reported that from studying the behavior of the alleged suicide bombers before the attacks via CCTV footage, the bombers “did not fit the preconceived terrorist profile.”

The suspects were seen to be arguing with cashiers, walking in and out of shops, including McDonalds, and “bumping into people” in the minutes before the blasts – hardly the behavior of people who are in the final crucial moments of planning a terror attack in which they will be killed, and who wish to go unnoticed.

“I’ve seen the CCTV footage of these people. They do not appear to be on their way to commit any crime at all,” a London Metropolitan Police representative said.

“The roundtrip tickets, the fact that one of them spent a lot recently repairing his car and one of them had a family and was the teacher of the disabled and underprivileged children, it doesn’t ring right,” said Paul Beaver, a security and defense expert in London with close police contacts. “If you had that much commitment, how are you going to take your life? It’s happened in Palestine, but these people were brought up in the UK.”

Turning back to the question of devices planted under the train, the get out clause of the “exercise” or “drill” scenario would have also provided culpability cover if investigators started asking questions about objects underneath the carriage.

As we have exhaustively documented, such a drill did take place on the morning of 7/7.

A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for a company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th.

For individuals to plant bombs underneath trains and secure them in place without being caught, they would need to secure access to the trains. In this scenario, London Underground could have been told that a dummy device was to be placed underneath the train as part of an exercise to test security and alertness. When the real attacks happened some LU officials would have been alarmed but their suspicions would have dampened when it was revealed that the bombs were carried in backpacks, meaning that the drill was just a strange ‘coincidence’.

It is important to stress that this is just one piece of evidence amidst a myriad of smoking guns that all directly contradict the government’s official story. A summary of that evidence can be found here. An archive containing further stories can be found here.

Questions surrounding the 7/7 bombings have been met with a stonewall response from the British government, leading victims’ relatives to call for an independent inquiry.

Scotland Yard’s former head of counter-terrorism Andy Hayman, who was Assistant Commissioner for Special Operations at the time of the bombings in 2005, has also publicly called for an independent investigation into the bombings.

“Incidents of less gravity have attracted the status of a public inquiry — train crashes, a death in custody, and even other terrorist attacks. How can there not be a full, independent public inquiry into the deaths of 52 commuters on London’s transport system?,” said Hayman.

However, individuals who produced Internet documentaries about these questions, such as the author of 7/7: Ripple Effect, 60-year-old Anthony John Hill, have been targeted for character assassination by the media, and in particular the BBC. Hill was arrested merely for sending a copy of his DVD to a jury member after authorities accused him of perverting the course of justice.
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
SOTT Focus

London Bombings - The Facts Speak For Themselves
[Image: print_article.png?1224850421]
[Image: bomb.png?1230658166] Joe Quinn
Wed, 07 Jul 2010 12:00 EDT

[Image: mifive.jpg]©
...with a little help from the Mossad

Five years ago today, on the morning of July 7th, 2005, someone detonated four carefully placed bombs in London. Three exploded on London underground trains within 50 seconds of each other at 8.50 am, the first on the sub-surface eastbound Circle Line, the second on the sub-surface westbound Circle Line, a third on the deep-level underground southbound Piccadilly Line. A fourth bomb exploded almost an hour later at 9.47 am on the upper deck of a double decker bus in Tavistock Square.

Fifty two innocent British civilians were killed, many of whom had already become seriously disenchanted with the Blair government as evidenced by the massive voter turnaway from the Labour party in the British general elections of March 2005.

Having initially believed that power surges in the underground power grid had caused explosions in power circuits, the British government quickly announced that this was a terrorist attack, and identified four 'home-grown Islamic suicide bombers' from CC camera footage of them allegedly entering Luton train station on the morning of July 7th.

Who Dunnit?

Later on the same day, a claim of responsibility was made by a 'previously unknown group' calling itself 'The Secret Cell of al-Qaida of Jihad in Europe' and posted on an Islamic website. On the same day, a letter dated June 20th allegedly from Osama bin Laden, was released wherein the al-Qaida leader said that the London bombings were part of a wider al-Qaida summer offensive: A translation of the letter stated:
"Rejoice for it is time to take revenge against the British Zionist Crusader government in retaliation for the massacres Britain is committing in Iraq and Afghanistan. The heroic mujahideen have carried out a blessed raid in London. Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic in its northern, southern, eastern, and western quarters. We have repeatedly warned the British Government and people. We have fulfilled our promise and carried out our blessed military raid in Britain after our mujahideen exerted strenuous efforts over a long period of time to ensure the success of the raid." etc. etc.

[Image: zawahri.jpg] Puppet on a String - 'al-Zawahiri'
Later in September 2005, alleged 'al-Qaeda' deputy leader 'Ayman al-Zawahri', in a videotaped message aired on Arab television station al-Jazeera, stated for the first time that 'al-Qaeda' carried out the 7 July suicide bombings. Interestingly, in the tape, the Mr Magoo of Islamic terrorism stated that the plans to toughen the UK's anti-terror laws in the aftermath of the bombings showed "the dreadful colonial face of Britain". As we have noted in the past, it seems that 'al-qaeda' seems quite content to provide the British government with the justification to institute draconian anti-terror laws while at the same time criticising the British government for introducing those laws.

As mentioned, the claim of responsibility made by the previously unknown 'Secret Cell of al-Qaida of Jihad in Europe' was posted on an Islamic website. A little research turns up the following report from the UK Guardian which states:
"The claim of responsibility for the London attacks was first posted on one of the dozens of Islamic websites that are routinely monitored by western intelligence services. The statement, under the name of "the Secret Organisation of the al-Qaida Jihad in Europe", said: "The heroic mujahideen have carried out a blessed raid in London. Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic in its northern, southern, eastern and western quarters." It was posted on an Arabic website,, which is registered by Qalaah Qalaah in Abu Dhabi and hosted by a server in Houston The Houston company that owns the server has intriguing connections. Everyone's Internet was founded by brothers Robert and Roy Marsh in 1998 and by 2002 had an income of more than $30m (now about 17m). Renowned for his charitable work, Roy Marsh counts among his friends President George Bush's former sister-in-law, Sharon Bush, and the president's navy secretary"
Despite these admissions of guilt by Islamic groups and 'al-Qaeda', in April 2006, the Observer newspaper published leaked details of the first draft of a forthcoming Home Office report on the bombings, compiled for the then Home Secretary Charles Clarke by a senior civil servant. On May 11th 2005, the Blair government ruled out a full public inquiry into the attacks and instead released a final "narrative" report. The report stated that the attack was planned with a budget of just a few hundred pounds by four men using information from the Internet. While they had visited Pakistan, it was declared that, despite the claims of Osama and al-Zawahiri, there was no direct support or planning by al-Qaeda and that meetings in Pakistan were "ideological, rather than practical."

Sadly, the Blair government's final report failed to address many pertinent details that pose serious questions about the accuracy of the official conclusions about the perpetrators and the nature of the bombings:

High Street Chemist Or High Explosive?

The Blair government claimed that the bombs were crude home-made acetone peroxide-based devices cobbled together on a 'shoestring' budget. However, on July 12th 2005, the Times of London ran a report stating that "a lone bomb-maker using high-grade military explosives is believed to be responsible for building the four devices." The paper also reported that similar components from the explosive devices have been found at all four bombing sites, leading detectives to believe that each of the bombs was the work of one man using materials that "were not home made but sophisticated military explosives, possibly smuggled into Britain from the Balkans." The paper quotes Superintendent Christophe Chaboud, the chief of the French anti-terrorist police, who is in London to help Scotland Yard as saying "The nature of the explosives appears to be military, which is very worrying."

Further confirming that the explosives used were not "home made" by four teenagers, a report in July 2005 from German newspaper Bild am Sonntag as quoted by Israeli daily 'Ynet News' stated:
The terror attack in London last week may be tied to a suicide bombing on Tel Aviv's beachfront in April 2003, German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported Monday. According to the paper, Mossad officials informed British security authorities that the explosive material used in the Tel Aviv attack on Mike's Place pub was apparently also utilized to stage the series of bombings in London on Thursday. After analyzing the explosive material used in the Mike's Place attack, the Mossad concluded it was produced in China and later smuggled into Britain, the paper reports. The explosives were apparently stashed by terrorists connected to al-Qaeda who were able to evade raids by British security forces. According to the newspaper, Mossad Chief Meir Dagan said the explosive in question is very powerful, and much more lethal than plastic explosives and can be smuggled undetected due to its composition. The Mossad was also able to determine the substance was developed and produced at the Chinese ZDF arms factory, located about 65 kilometers (about 40 miles) from Beijing, the paper reports.
As a general rule, two-bit terrorist organisations and British teenagers would find it difficult to procure high-grade military explosives from Chinese arms factories that generally confine their business to the world of international arms deals between governments. It is certainly interesting that explosives used in alleged "islamic terror attacks" in London and Israel are being traced to arms factories in China, especially since the UK and Israel both have long-standing arms deals with China, which include such high-grade military explosives.

These facts were ignored by the final British government report on the London bombings, which maintains that the explosives used were manufactured from materials "found in high-street chemists".

Amazing Coincidence?

Amazingly, on the morning of July 7th 2005,a UK-based crisis management firm, Visor Consultants, was running terror drills that simulated bomb attacks at the very same train stations as the actual bombings.

The managing director of Visor Consultants, Peter Power, an ex-Scotland Yard anti-terror branch man, stated on ITN news on July 7th 2005:
POWER: At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now.

HOST: To get this quite straight, you were running an exercise to see how you would cope with this and it happened while you were running the exercise?

POWER: Precisely, and it was about half past nine this morning, we planned this for a company and for obvious reasons I don't want to reveal their name but they're listening and they'll know it. And we had a room full of crisis managers for the first time they'd met and so within five minutes we made a pretty rapid decision that this is the real one and so we went through the correct drills of activating crisis management procedures to jump from slow time to quick time thinking and so on.
Mr. Power refused to name the company that had employed his services to stage the mock terror attack on London underground trains, however, the Visor website states "our clients include one of the top seven companies in the USA and key Departments of the UK Government."

Can it really be a mere coincidence that a crisis management company was running a terror drill that simulated terrorist bombings on the very same London underground trains and stations at the very same time as duplicate real bombings were occurring? Should the fact that the very same coincidence occurred on the morning of September 11th 2001 when FEMA was conducting a simulated bioterrorism attack in New York raise any eyebrows?

What about the fact that on the morning of September 11h 2001, officials at the Chantilly, Va.-based National Reconnaissance Office had planned and was running an exercise in which an errant aircraft crashed into one of its buildings?

The US government called this a "bizarre coincidence". What would you call it? At what point does 'coincidence' become evidence of criminal activity?

On the morning of 9/11, with FEMA, oh so conveniently already on the ground as the attacks occurred, a Mr. Richard Sheirer, in his capacity as Director of the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management, was heavily involved in overseeing the City's rescue and recovery operations. On departing the office of the Mayor of New York, Giuliani established Giuliani and Partners, a company "dedicated to helping leaders solve critical strategic issues, accelerate growth, and enhance the reputation and brand of their organizations in the context of strongly held values", and other nonsensical business-speak. The important point is that, as a close confidant, Giuliani took Mr Sheirer with him, with Sheirer currently enjoying life as Vice President at Giuliani and Partners. The 'bizarre coincidence' that I want to point out here is that Sheirer, and the above mentioned Visor Consulting director Peter Power, are quite well acquainted with each other and, as of January, 2005, both were serving on the advisory board of the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness and both Guiliani and Partners and Visor Consulting specialise in security preparedness and mock terror drills.

Coincidences on top of coincidences! But it gets better.

Giuliani and Netanyahu On The Scene

Guess where Rudolf Giuliani just happened to be on the morning of July 7th 2005? Rudy was lounging at the Great Eastern hotel just a few yards from Liverpool street station where one of the bombs went off. In the same Great Eastern hotel where Giuliani was staying, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange just happened to be hosting its economic conference. Guess who the keynote speaker was? Israel's then Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The same guy who, when asked by a news reporter on the afternoon of September 11th 2001 what he thought of the 9/11 attacks, responded:

"It's very good... well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel"

As it turned out, Netanyahu never arrived at the Great Eastern Hotel because, as news reports in the days after July 7th informed us, Netanyahu had in fact received a warning from the Israeli embassy, (by way of the British Metropolitan police) that bombings were to occur and that he should stay in his hotel in Mayfair. Again, the official British government report makes no attempt to address how British police knew at least 6 minutes (probably longer) in advance that the bombings were to occur when, 'officially', British authorities were not even aware that they were dealing with bombs, believing that the explosions were the result of a power surge, until the bus bombing one hour after the first train explosion.

CCTV - Close Circuit Or Complete Codswollop?

According to the official government report, the bombers were identified by CCTV images of them arriving at Luton railway station at 07:21 a.m. on 7 July (below)

[Image: 280px-Londonbombing2.jpg]

However, a Sunday Mail report from July 2005 recounted the eyewitness testimony of a survivor of the bus bombing who claimed to have seen Hasib Hussain the alleged bomber:
Bus blast survivor Richard Jones yesterday revealed how he came face-to-face with one of the London bombers. The Scots IT expert got off the doomed double-decker just seconds before it was torn apart in an explosion that killed 13 passengers. "This young guy kept diving into this bag or whatever he had in front of his feet," he told The Associated Press. He said the bomber was around 6ft tall, in his mid-twenties, clean-shaven and smartly dressed. The man was wearing hipster-style fawn checked trousers, with exposed designer underwear, and a matching jersey-style top. 'The pants looked very expensive, they were white with a red band on top... He was standing with his back to me downstairs at the driver's side, which is exactly where the explosion was.
Hasib Hussain is seen on the extreme left in the above image as he entered Luton railway station on July 7th, allegedly on his way to carry out the bus bombing.

Below, he is seen inside the train station:

[Image: Hussaincctv.jpg]

Compare his clothing with the claims of the eyewitness who said he saw him on the bus.

To date, these are the only images that the British police have released, and they refuse to release further CCTV footage which they claim shows the four 'bombers' emerging on to the concourse at King's Cross where, according to the home office narrative report, they are seen hugging and appear "euphoric".

Indestructible ID

In an amazing turn of luck, British police claimed that they were able to salvage credit cards and documents from the scenes of the bombings enabling them to quickly identify the bombers. Amid the carnage of twisted metal and bloody body parts, it was claimed that credit cards and other ID were recovered. Two weeks after the bombings, the Pakistani government, for some reason, released a copy of a passport that they claimed belonged to Hasib Hussain and which proved, British authorities claimed, that Hussain (and his fellow bombers) had visited Karachi in Pakistan on 15 July 2004, and that this constituted 'evidence' that they had undergone 'ideological training in Jihad'. However, as reported by the BBC, the passport actually belonged to a very much alive teenage boy living in High Wycombe, north-west of London, also called Hasib Hussain. As the BBC report stated: "evidence showing that all three of the London bombers of Pakistani descent visited Pakistan last year has been thrown into doubt."

These claims of miraculous discoveries of identification of terrorists are strangely similar to the events of 9/11 and the incredible (literally) recovery in the rubble of the WTC towers of a passport belonging to one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers. We are also reminded of the BBC report that, at least four of the alleged 9/11 hijackers were still alive.

Impossible Journeys?

The British government and Metropolitan police claim that the bombers boarded the 7.40am Luton train for Kings Cross (from where it is claimed that they boarded their respective 'bomb trains') The three 'bomb trains' left King's cross station at 08:35, 08:42 and at 08:48.

However, as can be seen from the following official timetable, the 7.40 from Luton was cancelled, as was the 7.46, leaving the bombers with no option but to take the 7.48, which arrived at King's Cross at 8.42, meaning that two of the bombers would not have had enough time to board the trains on which they allegedly detonated their bombs. Of course, the bombers, having arrived at Luton at 7.21am could have taken the 7.24am or the 7.30am trains to King's Cross, but the official Home Office Narrative Report insists that they took the 7.40am. Again, no explanation for this problem has ever been given by British authorities.

Thameslink Trains: Luton to Kings Cross on 7 July 2005 Official Timetable Actual 7 July Timetable Depart Luton Arrive Kings Cross Platform Departure Time Arrive Kings Cross 7.04 7.40 1 or 3 7.04 (On Time) 7.40 (on time) 7.08 7.56 1 or 3 7.08 (On Time) 8.26 (30 mins late) 7.16 7.48 1 or 3 7.21 (5 minutes late) 8.19 (31 mins late) 7.20 8.08 1 or 3 7.20 (On Time) 8.15 (7 mins late) 7.24 8.00 1 or 3 7.25 8.23 (23 mins late) 7.30 8.04 4 7.42 (12 minutes late) 8.39 (35 mins late) 7.40 8.16 N/A Cancelled Cancelled 7.46 8.28 N/A Cancelled Cancelled 7.48 8.20 N/A 7.56 (8 mins late) 8.42 (22 mins late) 7.56 8.32 N/A Cancelled Cancelled
Bombs That Suck?

Equally absent from the official British government narrative report on the London bombings is any reference to a very disturbing eyewitness report from the Cambridge Evening News from July 2005. Dancer Bruce Lait had just boarded the train at Liverpool Street station on his way to the South Bank for a rehearsal when an explosion occurred:
"We'd been on there for a minute at most and then something happened. It was like a huge electricity surge which knocked us out and burst our eardrums. [...] We were right in the carriage where the bomb was. I was knocked out. I did not know what was going on." He and Crystal (his dance partner) were helped out of the carriage. As they made their way out, a policeman pointed out where the bomb had been. "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag."
If someone would kindly explain to me how a bomb in a rucksack on the floor of a train can cause the floor of the train to be blasted inwards, I would truly appreciate it.

For The Love Of Terror

I have written in the past about the counter-insurgency strategy currently being employed by US and British military intelligence agencies in Iraq, where covert attacks on the civilian population of Iraq are being carried out in order to confuse and demoralise the Iraqi population, and the real insurgency that they support, in an attempt to consolidate US government control over the future of the Iraqi nation. It is my opinion that in the 9/11 attacks, and the Madrid and London train bombings, we are witness to the very similar counter-insurgency tactics, only this time they are being used against the American, British, Spanish and wider European and world civilian population.

There is a very clear link between the American and Israeli war in Iraq, Palestine and soon the wider Middle East, and the need for the population of Europe and America to believe in the reality of the 'war on Islamic terror'. The invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq by American and British forces is, after all, being pursued under the aegis of the very same 'war on Islamic terror'. It is essential therefore for the populations of America and Western Europe to continue to believe in the 'reality' of ' Islamic terrorism' in order for the US, British and Israeli governments to continue to expand their war of aggression in the Middle East and beyond. Given the absence of any real worldwide Islamic terror threat, it has long been understood by these governments that such a threat must be manufactured. In the 9/11, London, Madrid and other alleged Islamic terror attacks, we have evidence of just such a campaign of manufactured Islamic terrorism, and the glaring holes in the official accounts of how and why those attacks occurred provides more than enough evidence to support this thesis.

Forest Gate - Psychological Terror Op

On June 2nd 2006, 250 heavily armed British police descended on a house in East London where, it was alleged, 'Muslim terrorists' were manufacturing chemical weapons to unleash on innocent Londoners. During the raid, which has become know as the 'Forest Gate Raid', one of two brothers living in the house was shot and both were arrested. At a press conference after their release, the brothers (aged 23 and 20) described their ordeal.
When Kahar heard the front door being smashed down, he assumed it was a burglary and left his bedroom to come down stairs, where, at a distance of 'two or three feet', a policeman opened fire without issuing a warning or identifying himself. "We had eye contact and he shot me straight away," recalled Kahar. The bullet entered his chest and exited through his shoulder, sparing his life by inches. "I was begging him, 'Please, please, I can't breathe,' and he just kicked me in my face. He kept on saying, 'Shut the fuck up'.... one of the officers slapped me on the face ... I thought that they're going to either shoot me again, or they're going to start shooting my brother." Koyair, the brother, was also sworn at and beaten. Their elderly mother was dragged out in handcuffs. Their sister, Humeya Kalam, told the BBC, "I heard doors being smashed, windows being broken. I woke up, opened my door and saw a person dressed all in black, gun pointing towards me." Meanwhile, the police raided the house next door, where the residents received similar rough treatment.
In what has become standard policy, the police attempted to smear the two victims by claiming first that Kahar had been shot after he had struggled with officers, then that he had actually been shot by his brother during a scuffle, and then that a police officer had 'accidentally' discharged his gun as a result of wearing thick gloves. It was also stated that the brothers had attended militant Islamist demonstrations and that Kahar's wound was superficial. Not surprisingly, all of these were outright lies, and the two brothers were entirely innocent, but even more shocking was the subsequent revelation that the police informant who provided the information that led to the raid, was an "utter incompetent" with an IQ of 69.

Mohammed Abu Bakr Mansha (22) is a friend of the two brothers and had been imprisoned in January for possessing an old address of a decorated British soldier. This was an operation that involved 250 heavily-armed and bio-suited officers in a pre-dawn raid on a London home. Such operations are not sanctioned without meticulous planning, including, in theory, rigorous checking to make sure that the 'target' is a genuine, or likely to be genuine 'terrorist'. Are we to assume that the British 'securocrats' that sanctioned this operation were unaware that, given that the informant was a 22 year old incompetent idiot, any information he might offer should have been treated with serious suspicion, especially if he was being offered early release in exchange for any information on 'terrorists' he could provide, meaning that there was a distinct possibility that the information he provided was bogus, as indeed it turned out to be?

The obvious conclusion here is that the Forest Gate raid was given the green light, not because any faith was placed in the 'tip off' from the incompetent idiot, but rather because it would help to create the 'reality', in the minds of the British population, that Islamic terrorism is a real threat to the world and that the Blair government is justified in introducing further draconian anti-terror laws. After all, if 250 heavily-armed police are kicking in doors and shooting people, then there simply must be a good and justifiable reason for it, right? Well, yes, there is a justifiable reason for it, but it's not any justice that you or I would readily ascribe to, unless of course we were deceived into doing so.

Candy From A Baby

[Image: seas%20of%20david.jpg] Incompetent half-wits - the FBI wants You For Islamic Terror Opportunities!
We are also reminded of the 'Miami Seven' affair in the US, where an undercover FBI agent, posing as an 'al-Qaeda' operative, approached a group of apparently incompetent half-wits living in a warehouse in Florida. The group's name is "the Sea of David' and far from having anything to do with 'Islamic terrorism' they all claimed to be Christians who "trained through the bible". In a perfect example of how agents of the US government are actively attempting to manufacture Islamic terrorism, the undercover FBI agent:

approached the group and asked them if they wanted to join 'al-Qaeda'

'swore one of them in' as an 'al-Qaeda' member

offered them $50,000

provided them with army boots and a video camera

suggested that they might want to blow up some government buildings

suggested that they wanted to blow up the Sears tower

suggested to them that they wanted to wage "full ground war against the United States."

identified that one of them knew what the Sears tower was and had actually been to Chicago - once.

All of this was trumpeted in the mainstream press as evidence of an "Islamic terror cell" working out of Florida and planning attacks against the American people. I kid you not, and not once was the most appropriate word used - entrapment

Jihad From Jail

[Image: muhajir.jpg] Manfactured Terrorist - 'al-Muhajir'
Arch ex-bogeyman and 'al-Qaeda in Iraq' leader al-Zarqawi was killed in a June 2006 bombing of his safe-house in Iraq. Despite having two 500lb bombs dropped on his head, a picture of his only slightly-blemished face was spread around the world as proof that, not only is the 'war on terror' real, but the US is actively fighting it. Immediately after al-Zarqawi's demise, a successor was needed, so out popped 'Abu Hamza al-Muhajir' who, courtesy of one of Osama's dubious tapes, was lauded as al-Zarqawi's successor and the man to lead the jihad against the occupiers of Iraq. However, the US government hardly had time to slap a $5 million bounty on his head before this newest bubble of fake Islamic terror was unceremoniously popped by an Egyptian lawyer who declared that he had just recently visited 'al-Muhajir' in the Egyptian prison, where he has been languishing for the past seven years.

Now, answer me a couple of questions: Don't you think that 'Osama', if he is all that the US government says he is, would have known that there was slight problem with the new leader of his Jihadi forces in Iraq in prison in the form of him being locked up in an Egyptian cell? Why then would he have announced to the world, via one of his infamous and very suspicious tapes, that an Egyptian jail bird was to spearhead Islamic terror in Iraq and around the world?

All of it stinks folks, but we are dealing with a very particular odour here - I'm getting Langley, Virginia, Thames House, London, and Herzliya, Israel

Stating The Obvious

The facts are clear: there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism in terms of there being a world wide network of terrorists who want to "hurt civilised people everywhere". Any such suggestions should be seen for the clear Nazi party-style government propaganda that they are.

All of this may sound like a joke, albeit a rather sick one, that the US, British and Israeli governments are perpetrating against the global population, but make no mistake, from their point of view, this is no joke - the 1 million+ Iraqi civilians and the growing number of Palestinian civilians that have been butchered in the name of the 'war on Islamic terror' is a stark testimony to that fact.

It's time (again) to wake up and stop blithely swallowing government lies and manipulations. Unnecessary and brutal war is being waged in your name and, until now, with your support. How long the killing continues is entirely - 100% - up to you.
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

especially second post...but both, for sure!
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
There is an interesting thread at
detailing the circumstances under which John Howard, then PM of Australia, could claim that the number of dead victims would be 52, at a time (morning of 7/8), at which nobody knew the number of victims, some where not even discovered, and some of the later victims allegedly were still alive.

You don't have to follow all the conclusions of this website to find that interesting. The British media began using the number 52 on 7/11, at a time when at least 2 of the victims were still alive and one was not yet discovered, according to the BBC.
The most relevant literature regarding what happened since September 11, 2001 is George Orwell's "1984".
From: NO ONE TO VOTE FOR / Kev Boyle. Monday, 11 October 2010
Quote:The 7/7 Inquest

On BBC Radio 4 this morning John Humphreys was interviewing Reverend Julie Nicholson, who resigned from her church after her daughter was murdered on the morning of 7/7/05.
He asked her, "What do you want from this inquest? We know what the verdict will be, that goes without saying, but what do you want."

Yes it does go without saying. The narrative is fixed.

There has been no Public Inquiry to disturb this narrative. Nor will any jury be allowed to interject with uncomfortable questions, nor deliberate on the anomalous evidence regarding this great crime.

The J7 website covers all these issues in great detail. An excellent book and four strong films, here, here, here and here, have been made undermining the official story.

Anyone who has read the evidence or watched one of these films MUST have the most serious doubts about the story we have been given re 7/7.

As usual, it is the detailed physical/scientific evidence that poses the greatest threat to the government's narrative. The witness evidence of the blasts and the ever-changing story re the explosives used are comically incoherent.

Do not expect the Inquest to ask such obvious questions as:

"If these terrorists were determined to murder people on the Tube by blowing up four trains, why did they decide to kill themselves in the process?"

This was quite unnecessary.

These men would surely have heard of devices called electronic timers so they would have known that they could easily have survived to carry out who-knows-how-many-more murderous attacks against the infidel.

Christer Forslund Wrote:From: NO ONE TO VOTE FOR / Kev Boyle. Monday, 11 October 2010
Quote:The 7/7 Inquest

On BBC Radio 4 this morning...

The world's finest guarantee of...a squalid establishment lie.
"There are three sorts of conspiracy: by the people who complain, by the people who write, by the people who take action. There is nothing to fear from the first group, the two others are more dangerous; but the police have to be part of all three,"

Joseph Fouche
Christer Forslund Wrote:As usual, it is the detailed physical/scientific evidence that poses the greatest threat to the government's narrative. The witness evidence of the blasts and the ever-changing story re the explosives used are comically incoherent.

Ah yes, the inconvenience of scientific evidence.

Thank Goodness we Brits have a media that is willing to underwrite any and all security driven nonsense to ensure that scientific evidence never inconveniently merges with the truth.

What lucky bunnies we are eh.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14

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