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New website about Colonel Sabow
I cannot comprehend what it would be to have to endure what Dr Sabow and the family of Colonel Sabow have gone through all these years. Dr Sabow has tirelessly worked to expose the murder of his brother and the cover up of that fact. The people who do these crimes and their cover ups take us for fools. Dr. Sabow has shown great love for his brother and great integrity and a human being. One of the very best.

The medical examiner at Orange County ruled the death a suicide, in spite of overwhelming autopsy evidence to the contrary.The decedent’s brother, Dr. David Sabow, a prominent neurologist from Rapid City, SD became suspicious of foul play due to a number of inconsistencies. He shared his concerns with the NCIS, as well as a number of senior Marine Corps officers. He became ever more suspicious when relevant documents, including the autopsy report were denied him by the Marine Corps. Having become aware of Dr. Sabow’s concerns, El Toro base commander, Brig. General Tom Adams summoned him to El Toro for a meeting. Dr. Sabow accompanied by Sally Sabow, the Colonel’s widow, sat through a 5-hour vicious and grueling session. Dr. Sabow was assured that Colonel William Lucas who was the chief legal officer at El Toro at the time his brother’s death, would be present to answer pertinent questions that bothered the Sabow family. However, in his place, Colonel Wayne Rich, a Reserve Marine Corps officer, took his place. Wayne Rich turned out to be a special Assistant Attorney General from Washington and he dominated the meeting. Both General Adams and Colonel Rich accused Colonel Sabow of being a “crook and felon” while two other Marine Corps generals in attendance, David Shuter and J.K. Davis remained silent. This, in spite of their glowing “Fitness Reports” of Colonel Sabow during his almost three decade career. Furthermore, the representatives of the NCIS, as well as General Adams and
Colonel Rich, repeatedly stated: “There was not one shred of evidence, other than that proving, that Colonel Sabow committed suicide.” Three months after that meeting, Dr. Sabow received a package in the mail that included the following:
  • Handwritten notes of a “script” of the meeting in which the plan was to convince Dr. Sabow and Sally Sabow that: “Colonel Sabow was a ‘crook’…Dr. Sabow may talk to the LA TIMES…” Later, Colonel Wayne Rich had admitted under oath that he made these notes while talking to officials in Marine Headquarters, Washington, DC while preparing for the meeting with Dr. Sabow.
  • A memorandum from the JAG Department of El Toro investigating ways to have Dr. Sabow’s medical license revoked, per orders of General Adams.
  • A letter from General Adams to the South Dakota Medical Governing Board asking them to revoke Dr. Sabow’s medical license.
Dr. Sabow became increasingly involved in the investigation of his brother’s death. Even in the early stages of that investigation, the evidence he had gathered pointed to murder rather than to suicide. Then, almost one year after Colonel Sabow’s death, Dr. Sabow received a copy of the autopsy report. That document proved beyond any doubt that Colonel Sabow was murdered. One of the most startling findings was that Colonel Sabow had inhaled a large quantity of blood and predominantly into his right lung. Yet, the autopsy stated that there was no remaining brainstem for it was demolished by the shotgun blast. This meant that Colonel Sabow had inhaled a substantial amount of blood into his lungs before he was shot, for breathing is impossible without a brainstem. Furthermore, since most of the inhaled blood was in the right lung, then the decedent must have been lying on the ground on his right side while he breathed. The evidence continued to mount and finally Dr. Sabow acquired skull x-rays that were taken during the autopsy by the Orange County Medical Examiner. The x-rays demonstrated a large depressed occipital skull fracture behind the right ear, which had to have resulted from an external blunt force trauma. That proved that Colonel Sabow had been bludgeoned at the back of his head behind his right ear. These xrays were sent to several universities and were reviewed by specialists who were professors of neurosurgery and neuro-radiology, all of whom confirmed that Colonel Sabow had, in fact, received a severe blow to his skull before the shotgun blast was triggered. It was seen as a “typical external blunt force trauma”. In the meantime, more evidence was being acquired which included:
  • Statements from an NIS eyewitness that immediately after the death, an unidentified person removed a club from the crime scene. He reported this to his superiors but he was instructed to ignore it and never to repeat it.
  • The most senior MP on the base, who was one of the first at the scene of the crime, swears that there was no chair on top of Colonel Sabow when he arrived. However, sometime later a chair was placed over the victim’s buttocks in an attempt to give the appearance that the decedent had been sitting in the chair when he shot himself.
  • A Master Sergeant in charge of the records department at El Toro, informed me that a computer hard drive that contained sensitive refueling records of non-military aircraft and other nonmilitary activities, had been purposely purged.
Dr. Sabow, at enormous personal expense to his family, his profession, his health and his finances, has devoted his life to pursue not only the killers of his brother but also to expose the military and civilian officials who were involved. Through major efforts and the help of a very influential friend, Dr. Sabow was able to convince California
Congressman Duncan Hunter, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, to evaluate the evidence he had assembled over the many years of his investigation. Chairman Hunter concluded that indeed the evidence that he reviewed pointed to the fact that Colonel Sabow was murdered. Through the Congressman’s efforts, the Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2004 included a section ordering Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld to conduct an independent investigation into Colonel Sabow’s death and to follow very specific directives......

Well, we know what happens when we see that name don't we boys and girls? A sure sign of corruption all the way up to the top. Read the full story at the web site.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

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