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Project - Locating the bullets/bullet holes in Dealey Plaza
Does anyone know which FBI office Barrett worked out of in 1963? Presumably Dallas. I know that Hosty called him a "fellow agent."

Anyone know if Barrett was left handed?

Wonder if he's wearing contact lenses in DP. He has glasses in the other pix.

Regardless, it seems well established that it's him. Thanks again Bernice.

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Myra above is craig roberts hits map and the tsbd hertz taken not too long after showing the windows....b
myra the dallas office denied knowing him....

FBI agents asked Dallas FBI Field Office Supervisor Robert Gemberling to identify the man photographed picking up evidence from the grass on Elm Street some minutes after the assassination. Some researchers claim that the man retrieved a

myra the dallas office denied knowing him....

bullet. Dallas Detective James Leavelle wrote to me that he met with this mysterious man, but refused to divulge his name. FBI 124-10052-10212

The above referral to a book ,in the previous post is "The Red Roses of Texas"...

Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XXV
Current Section: CE 2580 - FBI analysis of allegations contained in book entitled "The Red Roses of Dallas" (CD 1218, pp. 2-4).

Where's the slug, Robert?"

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