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TSA (Transportation Security Admin.), division of Homeland Security
I recently returned to the USA from Europe (and back) and note that while (according to the internet) less than 10% of bags are opened and searched by TSA, 100% of mine are and have been over the last years....coincidence or....?! I used to have my baggage openly searched in front of me. Twice I was told in those early years that they 'randomly choose one person from each flight for a complete baggage foray and inspection', but I know enough about statistics to
know these were not chance events. Now, while all bags are supposedly checked by x-ray etc. all of my bags have been opened and a 'friendly' little note inserted by TSA inside the bag...again statistically impossible, unless I'm being targeted. Oh, let me guess why....!!! More upsetting, on my return flight my dog's carrier was hand searched [usually it is only x-rayed - a long tedious, but benign event] and the TSA agent tore up the floor of the carrier, then refused to allow me to put it 'right' again...leaving the carrier in total disaray and my dog to have a miserable 20 hour flight and someone [I suspect TSA here] cut the water container built of VERY strong plastic and held with unbelievably strong plastic straps - leaving her without water for the flights, which could have been life-threatening. While the real 'terrorists' get a 'get-outta-jail-free-card those of us who simply have political opposition to the current junta get on lists and are subjected to things like the above. There was also one item removed from one of my bags, but from the internet and the Patriot Act and other legislation underlying the HS and TSA, I can't even file a damage claim - they are immune to all such. On the internet are MANY reports of TSA taking what they personally desire out of suitcases, etc. They can now legally seize or copy any electronic files, paper files, photos etc. Some democracy we are 'defending'....!

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