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biomorphic micro air vehicles to spy/kill (bzz)

well, here's the spec page on the beast:

the manufacturer's web site:

From an article in the LA Times comes this description of what seems like tactics ripped from the pages of prior urban warfare against tanks:

"Just hours after the cellphone camera photo was posted today, Iranian protest movement supporters began discussing what to do about them if they are employed on city streets. "I would suggest luring them into narrow streets or between obstacles that are too narrow for them to turn around in, and then trapping them there from the front and behind with cars or barriers of some sort," wrote one commentator who goes by the pseudonym Coyote. "Then come at them from the areas where the cannons cannot point, preferably after the crews have abandoned them, and set them on fire from the inside. Burn their guts."

The whole piece is here:

The thread in which those tactics discussed [complete with Google ads for university-based counter-terrorism training]:

The home page for that "community" :

It's sub-page on "world-wide protest planning":

It just gets curiouser and curiouser.
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Bruce Clemens Wrote:Y' advanced and as high-tech and as secure as they are...they can be taken out with what?...2 or 3 rounds of .22 calibre to the tyres.

Sorry...that was my Second Amendment American Patriot thing coming through...I forgot...It no longer applies.

Not that I know Bruce, but I think that most of these types of vehicles have solid tyres just to avoid that sort of simple solution?
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