Poll: Do you think Watergate was directly related to the cover up of President Kennedy's murder?
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Partly related
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Poll--Was Watergate directly related to JFK cover up?
Charles Drago Wrote:...

The only possible defense of W. -- and I'm stretching to the breaking point -- is that Stone chose to depict banality by recreating it.

Oooooh ... how postmodern!

Of course this ultimately doesn't wash; artistic depiction of chaos must be ordered for it to be artistic....

I totally agree.
This is why I never liked David Lynch as a movie/TV director. He's very stylish but he seems to film random chaos without any insights other than to mirror chaos. Totally vacuous.

Regarding Stone, I sure wonder why he bothered to make "W" if he had no message or perspective to add.

Oh well, I guess that's not so bad. I'm grateful to him for "JFK" and he's done nothing to tarnish that epic achievement.

I really need to see the director's cut of "JFK" though. I've only seen the theater version, and from what I've heard the director's cut is well worth taking the time to find.

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