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Amazon Reviews: New Jesse Ventura Book Selling very very very high
Just by clicking one button you can help boost sales of two great books

Dick Russells TMWKTM
and JFK and the Unspeakable.

Can you take a second and click the "helpful" button next to my review of the new Jesse Ventura book.

IT is the one written by Boyce Hart Not the product link to JFK and the Unspeakable

By taking this action you will move this review to the front page so that way way way more people will learn of these other two great books. Ventura's book is good for beginners and these two books are great follow ups.
Here is a faster path to my review. PLEASE CLICK HELPFUL, BECAUSE THIS WAS ON PAGE 1 AND IT REALLY INCREASED SALES. TWO MORE CLICKS WILL GET IT BACK TO PAGE 1 THANK YOU THIS TAKES FOUR SECONDS!! It was recently bumped off page one by orthodox nihilists. THis means nobody will see the JFK and the Unspeakable link because it goes to page 9 of the reviews.

Again, this Ventura book is a bestseller so its a great way to increase Unspeakable visibility.:captain:

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