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Britain Raids a leading Hedge Fund

The London Office of one of the worlds largest Hedge Funds, Moore Capital Management, was raided by British regulators and the police on Tuesday in the latest episode of a crack down on insider trading......

The sweep also involved an employee in Deutsche Bank office here .........

Moore Capital was founded by billionaire Louis M. Bacon......

Looks like only juniors involved:hmpf:
I think Moore Capital's Louise Moore Bacon deserves a deeper and penetrating insight.

Quote:Personal life

Bacon was once married to Cynthia Pigott[3], a former staffer at Newsweek magazine, but they later divorced. His second wife is Gabrielle Sacconaghi. Bacon's stepmother is Blanche Robertson Bacon, sister of Julian Robertson, founder of Tiger Management and one of the pioneers of the hedge fund industry.

I recall receiving correspondence between two people, one of who was from a certain gentleman, held under house arrest in the USA, for market fixing - a quite spectacular case at the time - that discussed various "sensitive" matters. This included money-laundering and market fixing activities of Safra's Republic National Bank of NY, plus a backhander paid to a central banker in one of the Pacific Rim nations that was designed to kick-start the crash of the Tiger Economy nations.

The name, er, Julian, was mentioned several times as was, er, the name Tiger Management as being responsible for this. It was further stated that complaints had been made at national level about this in an appropriate forum (never intended to reach the sensitive ears of the public obviously). Shortly thereafter Tiger Management appeared to shut up shop circa 2000.
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