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1967 reinterment photographs
I recently had the Kennedy Library make computer scans for me of a photograph taken by an Army photographer at
the reinterment of President Kennedy in 1967. This particular photo settles a dispute. Gus Russo had shown
a Stoughton photo from the reinterment in his book which
he said shows the wooden box which held JFK's brain to
be buried with his body during the reburial.
But Russo was just making it up. The box was empty.
There was no brain in it. It's ONLY function was to cover
a small plant so that no one would step on it.
Russo did not figure out that there were more pictures that he had not seen. In the Army set of photos one shows the box being lifted up to show the flowering plant.
Because this forum software does not allow large images to be uploaded, I'll have to link to my Web site.
NB: the TIF is 28.1 Mb long, a direct scan from the original Army negative. The JPG is a resize from that to
only 3.09 Mb. Your browser may require Quicktime 7.6.6
to display TIFFs.

I realize that is may be difficult to identify what that
flower/plant is from only a black and white photo, but
I would appreciate someone trying to identify it, maybe
from the shape and size of the leaves.

I can post the image to your collection in my image gallery.

But in order to do it, i need to reduce the image to 1MB for " UPLOADING"

I'm not sure if you would want me to do that. ?

The TIF is what the call an Archival scan and MUST be untouched and always that big. The JPG is a resize they did to make the file smaller for use on a Web site. I would not authorize changing either file. If you need to make it smaller, the way to do it is to make it a GIF with a program that resizes it to fit under a 1 MB limit. And then the filename will end in GIF.
No Problem, i understand.

I just downloaded the TIF file ( viewed it with Irfanview )

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