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Dave Perry revealed- Bob Fox
In Bob Fox's Section VI:

When Hall asked her about the Bledsoe police report, she had a curious response. The woman said it was not in the files, because it was not entered in the original Oswald index list. Therefore it was not a part of the donated collection. She then stopped for a moment, and said, "Wait a minute.. . I recall something else." She then brought out another folder that held the disputed police report inside. Hall discovered from the woman that on one of the previous viewings, someone had tried to slip this report into the Marguerite Oswald collection. However the substitution was detected. Which is why she gave the inserted document to Joe in a different folder.

If Dave Perry says the report is a forgery perhaps it is because he has special knowledge. Has he been subjected to a CCR test (Cookie Crumb Residue)?

Someone's protesting too much, and we may eliminate Mark Lane, Jim Marrs, Jack White and John Armstrong.
So we have Larry Dunkle, Paul Nolan and Dave Perry.....

I wonder what Dave Perry's real name is?
"Pictures dont lie-unless they are made to" Harold Weisberg 1966

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