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Rogue Agents - The Cerle Pinay Complex 1951 -91
Allegedly it was taken by a paparazzo as he/she motored in front of the MB in its final moments.

You may be less than surprised to learn that I detect sinister motivations for its release after being sequestered. Note the flash reflected in Paul's eyeglasses: "evidence" to support the claim that paparazzi cameras created the light that "blinded" the driver and in essence caused the "accident."

Missing Fiat.
Missing traffic video.
Immediate control of crash scene (even the nearest paparazzi reported "emergency personnel" on-site before the MB's wheels had stopped spinning).
"Phantom motorcade" preceding Diana's car.
Absurdly excused delay in transport of Diana to hospital.
Violent death of alleged Fiat driver.
Paul's intel connections.
Intel presence at Ritz that night.
Changing post-crash conditions of MB.
Intel infiltration of el-Fayed legal and investigation teams.

And what for me is the dead give-away: security stripping prior to death ride.

All relatively well-protected targets whose guards for the most part cannot be compromised must have their security stripped prior to an assassination attempt. This happened in Dallas, in Memphis, on September 11, and on the night Diana was murdered.

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