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Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake 'suicides' solved
Duncan & Blake “Suicides” Solved

23rd January 2010[Image: lg-share-en.gif]
[Image: SHOAH-painting-DavidOlere.png]By Alex Constantine
How to read this report: I’m aware that there is a wealth, even a surfeit, of detail here, for which I offer only a mild apology – this approach to a murder investigation is usually complex because that is the way CIA assassinations are structured. So is any investigation that follows. And much of this report is given to necessary introductory biographical data, which slows me down and makes the research appear complicated. If your purpose is a thorough knowledge of the intelligence and organized crime connections – necessary to establish beyond a doubt CIA-Mafia “suicide” sponsorship and the identity of the man who arranged these deaths – read every word. Jeremy and Theresa are worth the effort. If the purpose is to narrow in on the “suicides,” scan Section A and read all of Section B. Every section cross-references, however, and I consider the details necessary to understanding this case, though in some instances I dwell on them merely to establish CIA ties beyond a reasonable doubt, as in the Gotham Partners section. I also dwell on corporate looting, a sub-theme of the outline, to underscore the unconscionable criminality of the CIA-corporate culture behind The long Paris Review section is included not only for the tie to Daniel Kunitz, but to provide a CIA-media case history – the profile of a pre-digital predecessor of the “Bistro.” Read until satisfied that the Review was and is an active state propaganda vehicle, then proceed with the outline, or read the entire text, which is pretty interesting as a sidebar.
This project is not as complete as it may seem – I haven’t charted all connections, by any means. The curious researcher is strongly encouraged to investigate further, because there is much more to know, especially concerning intelligence connections to Other Internet data mining/disinfo/psyop operations similar to it remain to expose.
- AC
A) CIA Connections to MediaBistro.Com
PART ONE: MediaBistro, KeyBanc’s Ken Carr III, Sol Trujillo, CIA & In-Q-Tel
• PART TWO: IN THE BEGINNING: How MediaBistro.Com Founder Laurel Touby Learned to Love Neo-Con Martin Peretz
• PART THREE: Mediabistro’s Laurel Touby Joins the CIA-Mafia-Bush Family “Old-Boys Club”
• PART FOUR: Who Funded Author Adrian LeBlanc’s Yale Law School Education?
• PART FIVE: MB’s Daniel Kunitz and the Secret History of the Paris Review
• PART SIX: National Review Online’s Cathy Seipp, the Internet Mentor of Duncan/Blake’s Loudest Detractor, KATE COE

B) Who Arranged the “Suicide” of Theresa Duncan?
• PART SEVEN: Picking Up Theresa Duncan’s Investigation of the Omaha/Des Moines Child Prostitution Network – This Time, with MediaBistro.Com as the Starting Point
• PART EIGHT: Allen & Co. LLC, the CIA-Mafia-Omaha-MediaBistro.Com Nexus
• PART NINE: The Composting of Hannah Wit
• PART TEN: 666 Grand Ave., Des Moines, Iowa
A) CIA Connections to MediaBistro.Com
We’ll be solving a large slice of the Duncan/Blake “suicide” mystery now … it will take ten chapters to explain, but each step leads inevitably to the man who arranged the “suicides” of Theresa Duncan, Jeremy Blake – and a third party on the west coast who these two would have taken a profound interest in, had they lived. … I can only prove this by drawing a complex system of connections historical and personal – to the deaths of Duncan and Blake, but also to the obscure death in Oakland, California a week before Theresa died – the third death is inextricably connected.
(Note: The symbol used here, “—->,” means “continue to the next documented step.”)
Theresa Duncan died on JULY 10, 2007. The tone of her last blog entry wasn’t signally depressed (in fact, she wasn’t actually the depressed person found in some press reports, eg. MediaBistro’s Kate Coe’s in the LA Weekly, according to close friends):
” …. Her last entry … includes a blurry photograph of a woman putting on a mask and quotes the novelist Reynolds Price: ‘A need to tell and hear stories is essential to the species Homo sapiens — second in necessity apparently after nourishment and before love and shelter. … ”
[Image: finanza.gif]—-> EIGHT DAYS AFTER THERESA’S BODY WAS FOUND, MediaBistro was sold to JupiterMedia.
(Note: JupiterMedia is a completely ethical publishing concern, to my knowledge. I have no particular bone to pick with JupiterMedia. It is the owners of MediaBistro AT THE TIME OF the Duncan/Blake “suicides” that interest me. The handoff to JupiterMedia was intended, I believe, to distance MediaBistro from readily traceable CIA ties – and certain intelligence operators in Omaha and Des Moines who are the subjects of this research – also to reward Laurel Touby for running a smooth data mining operation in Hollywood, as described by Omer Algar, MB’s chief computer technician, himself in parts nine and ten.)
• PART ONE: MediaBistro.Com, KeyBanc, Sol Trujillo and the CIA
—-> The transaction was handled by KeyBanc Capital Markets, which in turn is owned by KeyCorp:
—-> “JUPITERMEDIA ANNOUNCES ACQUISITION OF MEDIABISTRO.COM ONLINE COMMUNITY AND JOB BOARD SERVING MEDIA & CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS“; (New York, NY – July 18, 2007) – Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM) today announced that it has acquired all of the shares of inc. (, the career and community site for media and creative professionals, for $20.0 million in cash and a two year earn-out that could result in an additional $3.0 million in cash consideration. Based in New York City, was founded in 1999 by Laurel Touby. Funding for this acquisition was secured through the recently announced closing of a $115 million senior credit facility arranged by KeyBanc Capital Markets.”
—-> KeyBank handled the MediaBistro transaction at the time of Theresa’s death; KBCM, as I say, is a division of KEYCORP, a firm that could be counted on to keep the secrets …
—-> The CEO of KeyCorp is Ken Carr III: “Dr. Ken Carr, CEO: Ken Carr has held senior executive roles and completed significant MERGERS and acquisitions with organisations such as
IBM Global Services Australia
Lucent Technologies
Computer Sciences of Australia
Unisys Australia Limited.

(Note: Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is only one of the most corrupt intelligence fronts in the world. The other corporations aren’t coy virgins, either.)
“He has a depth of experience in the telecommunications industry, having worked for telecommunications carriers such as British Telecom and AT&T, and was involved in the second licence bid and creation of Optus. …
—-> A Significant KeyCorp. Advisor: Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
(Note: Students of domestic fascist history know Sullivan & Cromwell as a significant cog in CIA-Nazi relations and the intelligence underground – example: “If you ever need a reminder that the CIA was founded and run by lawyers, you won’t need to look any further than the overthrow of Guatemalan democracy. The Dulles brothers were partners in the Wall Street law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell; time permitting, they also worked for the US government. With John Foster Dulles heading the State Department and Allen Dulles heading the CIA, they were the czars of Eisenhower’s foreign policy, and they made sure that the interests of Sullivan & Cromwell clients weren’t ignored.” From: The CIA’s Greatest Hits.
—-> Former KeyCorp Senior VP and Chief Economist Jeff Thredgold is listed with the speaker’s bureau of the American Enterprise Institute, a front for the CIA and military intelligence.
[Image: r110062_343355.jpg]Sol Trujillo
—-> The current KeyCorp. is intertwined with TELSTRA, the Australian telephone system, by merger: “Telstra CEO to answer questions over business PAST, The World Today, Friday, 10 June , 2005 – … when Telstra’s new CEO, Sol Trujillo, fronts up to the Australian media tomorrow, there’s little doubt he’ll face some tough questions about his colourful past. Mr Trujillo’s extensive management experience includes a stint running a company linked to the CIA, as well as a very brief career with a Telco implicated in one of the biggest corporate swindles in history. But the new Telstra boss has also run a hi-tech company that built spyware and had links to the CIA, and when US West company was taken over by Qwest Communications in late 2000, he narrowly escaped being number two at a company involved in a major corporate fraud.
“Here’s how US TV reported the merger at the time: US TV: US West’s chief executive becomes co-chairman of the new combined company, and president of its internet, local and wireless businesses. That’s better than the first offer of vice-chairman, but clearly number two to Joseph Nacchio. …. Apart from running a company with CIA connections, he stuck by the Salt Lake Winter Olympics when its organising committee was accused of bribing Olympic officials. ….He’s taking over a company with a diminishing revenues from its fixed copper wire phone network, and growing competitive threats in broadband, and mobile telephony.
—-> Dick Cheney was a director of US West at the time of the Omaha allegations that Theresa was writing about when she died (the company will surface again, most interestingly in part ten).
[Image: in-q-tel_logo_180.thumbnail.jpg]—-> More of the same: “Former US West CEO to head CIA-funded start-up, CNET, November 15, 2000: The PHONE SYSTEM and the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY are both known for their strong interest in managing information. So it should come as no surprise that longtime Bell veteran Sol Trujillo is joining a CIA-funded wireless networks company, La Jolla, Calif.-based Graviton, as its chief executive. The small start-up was among the first to receive funding from the CIA’s new venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel, which has a name that the United States’ top spy agency admits is designed to invoke the memory of James Bond’s favorite tinkerer, Q. Trujillo, who left US West this summer after a contentious merger with Qwest Communications International that left the latter’s Joe Nacchio in charge, spent almost his entire career in the Bell system, starting with Mountain Bell and retiring as the chief executive of US West. He will replace Graviton founder Michael Nova, who will stay on as chief technical officer. Trujillo, 48, was recruited by Graviton director Brook Byers of the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, another Graviton partner. Other investors include QUALCOMM, SIEMENS and SUN MICROSYSTEMS.”
“Graviton is developing a wireless data networking system that will incorporate sensors notifying users of useful information. The company says the technology, which incorporates Qualcomm’s Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), has multiple commercial purposes. For example, Coca-Cola has partnered with Graviton to equip soft drink machines that measure flow levels and adjust the syrup mix. Siemens hopes Graviton can improve security systems for commercial and residential buildings. Other partners hope to better monitor manufacturing and construction machinery, utilities equipment and even consumer appliances such as gas ovens.
In-Q-Tel is a bit more coy regarding how it might use a wireless data network. The company doesn’t discuss the specific nature of the projects it funds, but insists that the research not only works to solve the agency’s most vexing problems but also leads to commercial advancements.”
—-> HOW HIGH DOES SOL TRUJILLO GO IN THE DOMESTIC POLITICAL SCENE? “A little bit of Sol in US presidential race,” The Age, February 22, 2008: ” … Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo faced the music over perceived plans to depart the country early and take up a job as a political adviser in the US. Trujillo once worked as chief fund-raiser for US presidential hopeful John McCain. While in Australia, Trujillo has chipped a nominal $US2300 ($A2507) into Senator McCain’s campaign fund … ”
—-> What did the blogheads say?: “Trujillo – Do you know what is un – Australian?
“To try to mingle in the affairs of Australia:
1) By not being an Ausralian citizen
2) By being openly a member of the Bush’s CIA in Australia.
“How dare you say to stop the Australian Broad Band?…1206-1fgg.html
Who are you anyway? Bush’s puppet in Australia?”
Lets deport this $##^&&* to Texas and let him jojn his Republicain
friends. Sol Trujillo $%^&* you and suck George Bush.
Publication: AsiaPulse News
Publication Date: 29-JUN-01
—-> “Laurel Touby, 44, an entrepreneur based in New York City, made her money last summer by selling …
PART TWO – IN THE BEGINNING: How MediaBistro.Com Founder Laurel Touby Learned to Love Neo-Con Martin Peretz
[Image: romano1.jpg]American-way, CIA-sponsored entrepreneurship: Multi-millionaire MediaBistro founder Laurel Touby
MediaBistro’s Kate Coe really has her daggers out for her late “friend” Theresa Duncan. The perennially-amused “FishBowl LA” commentator has been ridiculing the former since the “Golden Suicides” in July. She can’t get enough of trashing “paranoid” Theresa Duncan (and gross inaccuracies, slanted reporting aren’t too good for the deceased), because Kate Coe KNOWS with occult certainty that “conspiracy theory” is for the certifiable … like Theresa … totally without substance …
Duncan, of course, chose to commit “suicide” at the moment she was working on a story that tied Jim Cownie, founder of Heritage Communications, then TCI under Rupert Murdoch, now AT&T Cable, to heinous CIA/Republican Party crimes in Omaha, Nebraska. Some ranking Democrats were also tied in.
... BCCI's commodities affiliate, Capcom, based in Chicago, London and Cairo, was principally staffed by former BCCI bankers, capitalized by BCCI and BCCI customers, and owned by BCCI, BCCI shareholders, and front-men. Capcom employed many of the same practices as BCCI, especially the use of nominees and front companies to disguise ownership and the movement of money. Four U.S. citizens ... While investigation information concerning Capcom is incomplete, its activities appear to have included misappropriation of BCCI assets; the laundering of billions of dollars from the Middle East to the US and other parts of the world; and the siphoning of assets from BCCI to create a safe haven for them outside of the official BCCI empire. Capcom's majority shareholders, Kamal Adham and A.R. Khalil, were both former senior Saudi government officials and successively acted as Saudi Arabia's principal liaisons to the Central Intelligence Agency during the 1970's and 1980's.
Its U.S. front men included Robert Magness, the CEO of the largest U.S. cable telecommunications company, TCI; a vice-President of TCI, Larry Romrell; and two other Americans, Kerry Fox and Robert Powell, with long-standing business interests in the Middle East. Magness, Romrell and Fox received loans from BCCI for real estate ventures in the U.S., and Magness and Romrell discussed numerous business ventures between BCCI and TCI, some of which involved the possible purchase of U.S. telecommunications stock and substantial lending by BCCI. ... "]
The Omaha allegations are so side-splitting … Who hasn’t had a good laugh over those unlikely tales of credit union thievery, child prostitution networks, ties to Warren Buffett and the Omaha “elite,” the CIA, upper-tiers of the Republcan Party, media lies about the case … the many unexplained “suicides” of witnesses and investigators, the fatal “accidents,” the disappeared and murdered children … Crazy stuff.
Of course, the stalking allegations have been heard before in connection with the Omaha scandal: ” … For years the Franklin matter had haunted Troy Boner [one of Larry King's child prostitutes]. Following his interviews with the Yorkshire TV crew, Boner fell off the radar until 2003. After running into a New Mexico hospital in 2003, waving the Franklin Cover-Up book, and screaming that they were out to get him because of the book, Boner was sedated. The next day when hospital workers went to check on Boner he was found dead. The death was never publicly investigated, and remains a mystery. … ”
[Image: blogsoutlaff.jpg]Kate Coe
—-> The Gothamist blog’s observation on Kate Coe’s “reporting” on the deaths of Duncan and Blake:
MediaBistro’s Kate Coe
” … Spiteful with a vengence, Coe posts all over the internet about the paranoia SHE claims they suffered from, with only an unsubstantiated claim of a connection to Theresa Duncan. Why? To push her article of hate and envy. I would not be surprised if it was supported by one of the enemies Theresa posted about on her blog! … ”
—-> “CONSPIRACY THEORIES”: In the LA Weekly, Coe wrote of Theresa’s irrational fears, her “increasingly troubled state of mind.” Duncan’s “paranoia began to hurt her professionally.” She and Blake moved to New York and settled at St. Marks, linked up with Frank Morales of the local 9/11 Truth Movement. “By uncanny coincidence, activist Father Frank Morales, a controversial figure who probes conspiracy theories, was the pastor.” Morales does not probe conspiracy theories, at least in his written canon – he writes sober, detailed, well-documented articles about martial law (eg. Operation Garden Plot, which no one has ever called theory) and illicit intelligence operations (he wrote for my site a few years back and I saw no fringe conspiracism in his work. He has published in Covert Action Information Quarterly and writes scholarly articles, fully sourced from declassified documents. Now Coe was trashing Morales … ) – told the Weekly that “Theresa . . . manifested a penchant for looking at things in a dark way.” But she was a “bright light” herself, Morales noted. Coe quoted a friend of Theresa’s, who opined: “She had always said kind of crazy, paranoid things,” but “it just got worse and worse. She accused me of being an undercover CIA officer, of eavesdropping on her … ”
Kate Coe never took any of this seriously for a moment, especially the stalking. Should Theresa’s hyper-vigilance be attributed to paranoia or justifiable fear of her government? Coe has maintained that she was herself stalked by the Children of God sect … but this isn’t “paranloia” … She offers less evidence of stalking than Duncan did in her blog – but we are to believe Coe at her word, but not Duncan, whose allegations were dismissed out of hand in the brutal LA Weekly story. Duncan was a highly successful, well, “failure,” lived in a state of dread, obviously insane, if we are to believe MediaBistro – and Coe wanted the world to know about it so badly, she trashed Theresa for months.
(Another peculiar death to tickle Kate Coe: Peg Carter: “There are two people I saw at those Church meetings who ended up dying unnatural deaths. Beside Jeremy Blake, with whom I had a conversation there, was Dan Wallace…. Dan just didn’t wake up one morning. 23 years old. The autopsy report was never made public…. Dan was one of the original ‘We Are Change’ members. He was less likely to follow the bogus leadership and was open to the No Planes research. He also stood up to the police in various street actions. There are more videos in regard to Wallace, but this one came out today: Who Killed Dan Wallace, by ‘Scottish Cream 1st.’”
It was all so amusing. Bloggers joined in, wild rumors were posted far and wide on the Net claiming that Theresa Duncan was a cat killer, whore, liar, plagiarist, hysteric, even a latent murderer.
(see, eg.,
Coe continually chimed in, quoting sources who were always assumed to be faultless critics of a funny lunatic.
—-> This is how cover-ups are done in the state press. Innuendo and ridicule serve to discredit Hugo Chavez, Michael Moore and Theresa Duncan. The distortions and ridicule heaped on Theresa Duncan, unable to respond from the grave, and her “conspiracy theories” for months after her body was found – unwarranted, highly-biased, relentless – prompted a hunch that led me to take a look-see at the money behind MediaBistro …
MediaBistro is a CIA data mining operating, and itself a path to understanding the Blake-Duncan suicides. Begin with it and start researching … Next stop: CIA, and the Bistro is up to its lucrative little chin in it.
[Image: exclamation.jpg]—-> THE MOMENT OF DISCOVERY: I found a management bio page at the MB web site and some financial data – and knew in a moment what had happened to Theresa, why Coe was determined to destroy her credibility. Not the whole story, but enough of it. I didn’t know then about a related “suicide” in Oakland a week before Theresa Duncan was found dead, or some of the names lurking in the background – these would have clarified some of the connections – but I’ve been researching fascist conspiracies for a long time. There was nothing cryptic about that page. Explaining what I saw, though, was a different matter – unless you knew what the names and connections meant, the page related very little.
We arrive at that moment when I first opened the books on MediaBistro.Com to chart the connections …
—-> Laurel Touby founded MediaBistro. In her own words:
” … I wrote a business plan with the help of business advisors.” Laurel may want to have a good talk with those advisors …
“… My goal was to raise $1 million, even though I didn’t need half of that.”
Where did she go for the half-million? To the liberal Hollywood community that MB serves with entertainment news commentary and lucrative job listings? …
—-> ” … The funding came from a venture private equity hedge fund called GOTHAM PARTNERS. A small portion of it came from MARTIN PERETZ, who owned the New Republic back then, and some of THESTREET.COM. At that time, I kept ownership of more than 70% of the company. … ”
Visit the site, revel in celebrity worship, absorb the skewed political “opinions,” note that MediaBistro gathers intelligence on people living in Hollywood and pays its “reporters” (or “useful idiots” to MB’s CIA investors) poorly … We’ll see that MediaBistro also “data mines” its members in Hollywood. … … And don’t even try to do the math … She didn’t have half the funding needed … sold a minority stake to raise it … and wound up with 70% ownership … But Touby isn’t terribly business- and tech-savvy, if the truth be known: “Laurel Touby’s Inability To Use The Internet Creates Mayhem”
Peretz & Co.: They bought into that 30% of Bistro, supposedly, but these figures turn out to be false (see part three). “Marty,” as Ms. Touby refers to him, Peretz fits the Mockingbird profile – he is an obvious facilitator of CIA (and fascist) propaganda. He also belongs to front operations with CIA financing, eg. the GPSG (see below), is tight with now-defunct Gotham Partners (see below) – which was in bed with the CIA and Mafia (part three) – and has employed CIA Mockingbirds, eg. the avuncular Fred Barnes, etal.
—-> Peretz in The Middle: MediaBistro’s funding sources are not, in fact, distinct, as they seem in Touby’s account – they each come back to Martin Peretz, who has strong ties to the Gotham Fund AND, which he co-founded with financial consultant JIM CRAMER a regular on cable TV state propaganda channels:
” … Peretz is co-founder and was co-chairman of the Board of, a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ, and he remains a Director. The NASDAQ has a 20% interest in The Marker, a financial e-mail publication of Ha’aretz. … He has served for several decades as a director of 11 mutual funds in the Dreyfus-Mellon Group. Previously, he served on the Board of Directors of the Bank Leumi of New York and the Carmel Container Corporation. He was a co-founder of Leukosite, a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, which, after it became a public company, was merged into Millennium Pharmaceuticals.”"
—-> JIM CRAMER STARTED AS A REPORTER for the Tallahassee Democrat in Tallahassee, Florida. Cramer was ” one of the first on the scene after serial killer Ted Bundy attacked four women, killing two of them in 1978.”
” … He is also an occasional contributor to Time magazine. … Cramer co-hosted CNBC shows America Now and Kudlow & Cramer with Lawrence Kudlow in the early 2000s. Cramer now has his own television show on CNBC, Mad Money with Jim Cramer. Cramer is also a major hedge fund swindler.
Peretz and Gotham Partners: “… Bill Ackman. Mr. Ackman is a 36-year-old Harvard M.B.A., the son of real-estate mogul Larry Ackman and a rising force in Democratic Party politics. His investors now include New Republic publisher Marty Peretz. … ”
—-> How Peretz came to be wealthy and invest in MediaBistro: ”[T]he key thing to know about Peretz is that his entire position in the world of politics is due to the fact that he purchased TNR with money his wife inherited from her SINGER SEWING [M]ACHINE FORTUNE. Peretz is always viciously attacking people who have earned their intellectual or journalistic credentials, rather than purchased them, and I wonder if his own precarious position is this world is the key to the frequent slander to which he subjects those with more genuine literary accomplishments. (Peretz has never written a book, or any other significant work of scholarship or reportage).”
MediaBistro.Com investor “Marty” Peretz
—-> AT New Republic, MARTIN PERETZ OPENED THE DOORS TO CIA PROPAGANDISTS. Touby could turn to no one else in the world for MediaBistro financing but this notorious neo-conservative: ” … In reality … the New Republic had been taken over by neocon Martin Peretz in the 1970s, and he had turned it into a home for neocon and right-wing pundits, such as Charles Krauthammer and Fred Barnes.”
Neo-Conservative Propaganda and The New Republic: “Is Peretz taking orders from the Scaife family foundations? If so, that would explain a lot about what’s up with The New Republic. … ”
—-> Peretz and the Fascist Right: Peretz was a member of The Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf (CPSG):
“In February 1998, the CPSG asked Clinton “to go beyond a military strike on Iraq and to help overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and replace his regime with a provisional government. … Signatories included the current ultra-unilateralist undersecretary of state for arms control and international strategy, John R. Bolton, Gary Schmitt and several AEI ’scholars’, including the current chairman of the Defense Policy Board, Richard Perle. PNAC’s two co-founders, William Kristol, editor of Rupert Murdoch’s The Weekly Standard, and neocon commentator Robert Kagan, also signed the letter.”
—-> Martin Peretz and PNAC: Led by Richard Perle, chairman of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, this group still “occupies several dozen key posts in the White House, the Pentagon, and the State Department.”
Dreyfuss also noted a Washington think tank developed: “Project for the New American Century” Members include Richard, Perle, strategist Robert Kagan, William Kristol, NEW REPUBLIC publisher, Martin Peretz, and ex-CIA Director James Woolsey and are “tied to a web of similar neo-conservative, pro-Israel organizations.” Dreyfuss quoted Diplomat Akins: “It’s a team that looks all too familiar, seeking to implement the plan first outlined back in 1975.
[Image: image035.jpg]Martin Peretz to Bush: Bomb Iraq
… Editor-in-Chief and co-owner Martin Peretz’s personal stance on Iraq. ….
—-> The CPSG was funded by the Bradley Foundation, one of the better-known CIA conduits: ” … co-chaired by Bush chickenhawk Richard Perle along with former New York Democratic Rep. Stephen Solarz. CPSG teamed up with the Bush Senior administration to mobilize support for Iraq Attack, version I. According to Jim Lobe of the Project Against the Present Danger, CPSG received a sizable grant from the Wisconsin-based Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation, a major funder of both PNAC and AEI. Obviously, these folks like [to] share the same bed. … ”
—-> Friend of Scooter Libby: “Let me concede: I am a friend of Scooter Libby. … I like Scooter, who is quite brilliant, very honest, and brave. Also funny. I’ve contributed to The Libby Legal Defense Fund and have joined the fund’s advisory committee, which is not large because in Washington old pals dessert when even their college roommate gets into trouble. In a time when self-styled civil libertarians are giving money to defend Muslim terrorists, I am happy to help defend an American patriot, some of whose politics I do not share and some of whose politics I do, from a cynical onslaught of the special prosecutor who put journalists into jail for not telling him what he already knew.”
—-> Friend of Joe Lieberman: “It was then that people like Joe Lieberman emerged, muscular on defense, assertive in foreign policy, genuinely liberal on social and economic matters, but not doctrinaire on regulatory issues. He had marched for civil rights and is committed to an equal opportunity agenda with equal opportunity results. He has qualms about affirmative action.”
Background notes about Martin Peretz: ” … In the mid-1960s Peretz was one of now-Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore’s Harvard political science professors (e.g., see Melinda Henneberger, “A Test of Character,” The New York Times, 21 June 2000) and became one of (if not the most influential of Gore’s “mentors.” (E.g., see Howard Kurtz, “The Publisher’s Winning Ticket,” Washington Post, 17 August 2000).
“Just hours before casting his Senate vote to support sending U.S. troops to fight in the Persian Gulf, then-Tennessee Senator Al Gore consulted Peretz (John Aloysius Farrell,” (Allegation Revived: Simpson Says Gore ‘Shopped’ Gulf Vote, Boston Globe, 5 February 2000).”
* Peretz is a long-time advocate for Israel and Zionism (e.g., see Martin Peretz, “Zionism: the ‘God’ that did not Fail”: ” … if it succeeded, it did so not least because it was not a God. It was a morality, and a politics, of worldliness … ” (The Gazette (Montreal) 25 April 1998, SECTION: THE REVIEW; Pg. B4).
—–> For more on the CIA, Iraq war politics and Peretz-in-context, see: “Harvard in Service to the National Security State.” by John Trumpbour, CAIB site.
—-> TNR Sold: Note the handoff to another right-wing extremist, Canada’s answer to Rupert Murdoch, Leonard Asper: “New Republic Sold, to Drop Weekly Publication Schedule,” by Ben Smith, February 23, 2007: “The Canadian media giant CanWest has taken a majority stake in the 92-year-old New Republic, and plans to relaunch the weekly as a thicker, glossier – and half as frequent – magazine with a more robust Web site. The new ownership and redesign completes a period of change at the magazine, which shifted markedly to the political left under its new editor, Franklin Foer, and has sought to shake off its association with the Bush administration’s pursuit of the Iraq war.”
[Image: 6a00d41424d12e3c7f00d41420b8d2685e-320pi.jpg]PART THREE: Mediabistro’s Laurel Touby Joins the CIA-Mafia-Bush Family “Old-Boys Club”
” … GOTHAM PARTNERS [a key investor in Laurel Touby's] owns Crescent Investments, which oversees GW Bush’s blind trust. Richard Rainwater is at Crescent/Gotham, and is close to Bush: ” … Rainwater founded Columbia Healthcare, which merged with HCA and became the country’s biggest for-profit hospital company (Scott was later forced out as CEO amid a federal fraud investigation). Even [his partner] George W. Bush kept an office, when he and Rainwater were putting together the Texas Rangers stadium deal. … ” (SOURCE:, see below)
After MediaBistro sold to JupiterMedia in July 2007, the quirky founder thanked her investment consultants, among them “Marty Peretz” for “letting me into his old-boys club and funding my wildly ambitious business plan.” (We met neo-con Peretz’s old boys’ bund – intimately involved in the Bush administration, PNAC proponents of the Iraq War – in part two.)
—-> She was especially grateful to attorney Wayne Martino of Brenner, Salzman and Wallman:
” … our corporate lawyer, who has been with me through every crazy spin-cycle of this business, from pre-funding 1998 to today’s sale. Wayne thought of every angle, considered every possible permutation of every deal. I am ever indebted to you, Wayne.”
—-> Who is Wayen Martino? – (Of particular relevance here is his background in nanotechnology, because in the next few steps we will find him in alliance with the CIA and corporations with fascist histories to advance the nascent technology): “Born Danbury, Connecticut, April 18, 1959; admitted to bar, 1984, Connecticut. Education: American University (B.A., cum laude, 1981); University of Connecticut School of Law (J.D., with honors, 1984). Practice Areas: Corporate; Mergers and Acquisitions; Finance; Venture Capital; Business Start-Ups; Strategic Alliances; Internet; NANOTECHNOLOGY; Technology Transfers; Technology Licensing; Executive Employment.”
—-> Some clients of Wayne Matino’s New Haven law firm, Brenner, Salzman and Wallman: GE, IBM, Nortel Networks, Williams Communications, US West, and Pasteur-Merieux-Connaught.
US West gave us director Dick Cheney and former CEO SOL TRUJILLO, who moved on to head Graviton, founded by the CIA’s In-Q-Tel, then to KeyCorp. Trujillo handled the sale of MediaBistro to JupiterMedia (part one).
—-> Wayne Martino and nanotechnology – He is president and co-Founder, Connecticut Nanotech Initiative, in close alliance with the National Nanotechnology Initative. Also, attorney for the initiative.
[Image: 16-million-for-implantable-biochip-resea...efense.jpg]—-> A nanotech symposium hosted by Wayne Martino and the CNI “boasted” a “‘who’s who’ in nanotechnology leadership to include (“neo-cons”) James Murday, Naval Research Laboratory and acting director for the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office; Mark Modzelewski, founder and executive director of the world’s fastest growing technology association – the NanoBusiness Alliance; Robert Hwang, director, Center for Functional Nanomaterials at Brookhaven National Laboratory; and Mark Reed, professor of engineering and applied science at Yale University.”
The Nanotech Capitol of the World: “Connecticut is poised to become the nanotechnology capital of the world, so believe the invitation-only members of a new organization called the Connecticut Nanotechnology Initiative, which met for the first time over the weekend at Yale University. … ”
Industrial interest in nanotech: ” … Lt. Governor M. Jodi Rell adds that nanotechnology is a win-win for Connecticut. … [W]e’re home to industry leaders like General Electric, Pfizer, United Technologies, and more. … ”
—-> Inframat Corp. of Connecticut is a leading sponsor of Martino’s CNI. Inframat is a military contractor:
eg., Army, see:
—-> Regional Alliances of the International Nanotechnology Alliance include Martino’s organization: Franklin Institute, Pennsylvania, Texas Nanotechnology Initiative, Virginia Nanotechnology Initiative, Denver Nano Hub, Silicon Valley, San Diego and Michigan Nano Hubs, Massachusetts Nanotech Initiative, Connecticut Nanotechnology Initiative. (Source: “The Future of NATIONAL NANOTECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE,” National Science Foundation)
—-> CIA and military intelligence interest in nanotechnology drives the industry – Intelligence community interest in the technology is clearly evident in lists of conference attendees, as found in this 2001 symposium report:
List of Attendees
Alan Baily, Central Intelligence Agency
Eric Baker, Central Intelligence Agency
Ramesh Bapat, RAND Science, Technology and Policy Institute
Dave Barlow, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Working Group, National Ground Intelligence Center, Military Technologies Division
Beverly Brown, National Ground Intelligence Center
Jeanne Brown, National Ground Intelligence Center
Gene Cheney, Air Force Technical Applications Center
Ken Crelling, U.S. Department of Defense
Joey Crider, National Ground Intelligence Center
Gary Curral, DuPont
And many more – in fact, intelligence people turned up in hordes:
—-> Some of those funding the nanotechnology initiative movement: NIST, DOD, DOJ, DOS, NASA, NRC (Nat. Research Council, a CIA front),
—-> The CIA had a quieter role in Martino’s Initiative - also THE WHITE HOUSE – and these federal sources were funding Martino:
From Small Wonders, Endless Frontiers: A Review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative – TABLE 2.1 Estimated Funding for Nanotechnology from FY 1999 to FY 2003 (million dollars)
… Funding figures for four additional entities (the Departments of State and Treasury, the CIA, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) that are also joining the NNI are not yet available. … Currently represented on NSET are the Departments of Defense (DOD), Energy (DOE), Justice (DOJ), Transportation (DOT), Agriculture (USDA), State, and Treasury; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) … the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (CIA); and two White House offices (the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and OSTP).
The Nanotechnology Initiatives developed MICRO-CHIPS – in large part, with open and hidden channels of CIA/military funding:
Nanotechnology Initiative
Fundamental nanoscale science and engineering
Principal Areas of Investigation (Fiscal year 2002) Biosystems at the Nanoscale 14% – biostructures, mimicry, bio-chips
That is, 14% of the advances made by the Initiative run, in part, by Martino, were in bio-chips.
2.) Mixing with the Mafia & Bush Family
In part two, Ms. Touby “explained” the early funding of MediaBistro: “My goal was to raise $1 million, even though I didn’t need half of that. … The funding came from a venture private equity hedge fund called GOTHAM PARTNERS. A small portion of it came from MARTIN PERETZ, who owned the New Republic back then, and some of THESTREET.COM. At that time, I kept ownership of more than 70% of the company. … ”
[Image: MartinPeretz%5B1%5D.jpg]Martin Peretz
—-> Not quite. The funding from Gotham Partners shakes out like this: “Party Girl Makes It Big,” By Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, October 22, 2007: ” … In 1999, Touby asked her readers to contribute $100, and quickly amassed $4,500. With the dot-com boom in full force, she got $250,000 in backing from MARTY PERETZ [the "small portion"], then the New Republic’s owner, and $750,000 from GOTHAM PARTNERS. … ”
In other words, Touby, in the interview above, obfuscated the sources and percentages of MediaBistro financing with a favored MB strategy – lying.
—-> Gotham, the MediaBistro investor, makes the “Hedge Fund Hall of Shame”: ” … Gotham Partners, which had grown to $300 million by 2003, implode[d] in a spectacular display of business wrangling and SEC investigations. That, of course, was only the beginning. What’s worse than losing $300 million and having Eliot Spitzer breathing down your neck? Being in Pensions & Investments Magazine’s Hedge Fund Hall of Shame. … ”
Key name to know in connection with the now-defunct Gotham Partners. From NameBase:
—-> Mobbed-up, CIA’ed-up WILLIAM FRIEDMAN (N.Y.LAWYER). See:
• Brewton, P. The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush. 1992 (34)
• Pizzo, S. Fricker, M. Muolo, P. Inside Job. 1989 (247)
• Stein, B. A License to Steal. 1992 (78, 81-2)
—-> William Friedman? - William Friedman was an executive for a failed S&L/investment house known as Southmark – a target for looting by the CIA and Mafia (seeInside Job, by Fricker, etal.):
” … William Friedman was Southmark’s Vice Chairman … ”
This places him well within the CIA-Mafia Beebe network that included the likes of Adnan Khashoggi, Peter Munk (business partner of Khashoggi, Rupert Murdoch and GHW Bush); Stefan Halper (co-founder with fellow George Bush supporter Harvey McLean of Palmer National Bank, which was financed by H K Beebe and funneled private donations to the Contras; former son-in-law of past CIA deputy director Ray Cline); Ben Barnes (former Texas Lt. Governor); Gov. John Connally; Clint Murchison Sr.; Charles Keating, and a host of others.
—->How it Happened: The trail leading up through the arches over the Redwood courthouse steps started in the late 1960s in Gaffney, South Carolina. By 1973, at age 36, Gene Phillips filed a $30 million bankruptcy — the largest real estate Chapter 11 in recorded South Carolina history. By 1980, Phillips had recovered, taken over the company of a former creditor, and met a talented and resourceful deal-lawyer/wheeler-dealer named WILLIAM FRIEDMAN. The two found a weakness in the financial structure of an Atlanta-based REIT. Manipulating a forgotten pool of outstanding warrants, they took control of a former affiliate of Citizens & Southern Bank, now known as Southmark. As time went on Phillips’s companies bought a company Lear Jet which was later replaced with a DC-9, and generally they flew about as high over Texas as a financier can.
“The next collapse was even more spectacular. Southmark bought San Jacinto Savings & Loan, which the regulators finally took over. Drexel Burnham ponied up with $915 million in two tranches of last-ditch financing. With that money, Phillips’s Southmark Corporation made investments that reportedly scared even Michael Milken. Finally, in 1987 Southmark wrote off over $1 billion in one month and the centerpiece to a $9 billion pile of assets headed into another bankruptcy court.
“Before that collapse, Southmark had taken over control of a number of partnerships originally syndicated by Robert McNeill, and in 1987 the principals of the wounded Southmark succeeded in rolling up four of those partnerships. They ultimately contributed most of the assets of the newly formed, AMEX-traded National Realty.
“The tale then leads to an eight-year court battle in Judge Jenkin’s court with allegations of huge fees and conflicts of interest being hurled by investors’ counsel, and rejected by those representing Phillips and his associated entities. The story involves three other publicly traded REITs controlled by Phillips’ associates, as well. The other REITs are CONTINENTAL MTG. & EQUITY TRUST (Nasdaq: CMETS), TRANSCONTINENTAL REALTY INVESTORS (NYSE: TCI), and INCOME OPPORTUNITY TRUST (AMEX: IOT). All these stocks have elements of common ownership and control with other Phillips entities. Interestingly, all have also been pretty hot performers in the first quarter of 1997, though none tied American Realty.
“NATIONAL REALTY LP UNITS ($100 MM in Market Cap) + 33%
AMERICAN REALTY TRUST (ARB) – ($196 MM) + $157%”
How to Loot a Bank – The Enron Strategy : [E]xaminer R. Neal Batson, acting under the authority of a Dallas federal bankruptcy judge, concluded that Southmark created ‘illusory’ sales and ‘phantom’ profits by buying massive real-estate portfolios and selling them to limited partnerships in deals Southmark financed. Many partnerships defaulted, helping drive Southmark into bankruptcy. The report said the chairman, Mr. Phillips, and the vice chairman, Mr. FRIEDMAN, were chiefly responsible for the collapse and reaped ’substantial benefits’ at Southmark’s expense. These included general-partnership fees from affiliates, Southmark advances to ‘insider partnerships’ and personal loans. … ”
—-> Follow the Money: ” … Messrs. Phillips and Friedman themselves eventually resigned from Southmark — but only after a three-day meeting in a Dallas hotel in which board members agreed to transfer the right to advise Transcontinental and six other companies from a Southmark unit to a closely held company controlled by Messrs. Phillips and Friedman … ”
The transfers of Southmark/San Jacinto holdings take us to Cotham Partners:
—-> Friedman in partnership with the Chicago Mob: National Realty and TRANSCONTINENTAL (“TRI”) were picked up by Gotham Partners:
UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT affidavit: ” … Gotham acquired a total of
approximately 1,835,000 shares of TRI (for which it paid about $10.5 million). Based upon such acquisitions, it is my understanding that Gotham presently owns approximately 21 percent of the issued and outstanding shares of TRI. …”
Gotham Partners made a sizable profit on TRI, according the the Wall Street Journal: ” … Recent Transcontinental/Income Opportunity board moves have, if anything, shored up Mr. Phillips’s control since the indictment. In June, the Transcontinental/Income Opportunity board, acting for Transcontinental, voted to lend $12 million to help Basic Capital and American Realty meet their margin calls. And in October, the same board, acting for Income Opportunity, agreed with American Realty to buy Gotham Partners’ stake in Transcontinental for $16.50 a share, roughly three times what Gotham paid for it. … ”
—-> After Southmark assets were looted and transferred away, misspent and otherwise evaporated into thin air: “Southmark’s 2 Top Officers Step Down,” New York Times, January 19, 1989: “The Southmark Corporation said today that its two top officers and major shareholders, Gene E. Phillips and WILLIAM S. FRIEDMAN, had resigned from the ailing real estate and financial services company and several affiliates. … ”
But the disgraced officers of Southmark were handsomely rewarded:
” … In return for stepping down, a move that industry experts said would appease Southmark’s creditors, the men will not only retain their 21.7 percent share of the company’s stock, but will also have five years to repay a $10 million personal loan from Southmark that was due last month. …
”’It looks like a substantial part of their empire will remain in their hands,’ said Jon A. Fosheim, the president of Green Street Advisers Inc., an investment research group based in Newport Beach, Calif. … Under the settlement, which Southmark said had been made to avoid potential litigation, Mr. Phillips and Mr. Friedman will continue to control hundreds of millions of dollars in assets held by realty trusts and partnerships.”
—-> Southmark owned San Jacinto Savings lead to Keating, Silverado and the Bush family:
“San Jacinto, a subsidiary of the Dallas-based real-estate investment firm Southmark Funding, is now on the verge of collapse. When San Jacinto topples, federal regulators say its bailout could cost taxpayers more than the estimated $2 billion that was paid to bail out Charles Keating’s Lincoln Savings of Irvine, Calif., which urrently holds the honor of being the most expensive S&L failure.
“Brewton reports that in September 1988 an S&L regulator in Dallas wrote to Darrel Dochow, a federal bank regulator, expressing concerns about the “significant number and volume” of loans between Silverado Savings of Denver (Neil Bush’s failed S&L) and M.D.C. Holdings of Denver (owned by Colorado GOP fundraiser Larry Miezel) and between San Jacinto Savings of Houston and Lincoln Savings of Irvine, Calif. The regulator also said he was concerned about “the apparent shifting of such loans among those institutions.”
—-> Another name to know – The Mafia’s JOSEPH GROSZ, who was employed by THOMAS GAUBERT: “Chicago mob associate; worked for Gouletas family; ran Southmark’s San Jacinto Savings; director of THOMAS GAUBERT’s Telecom.”
—-> SO THE MOB’S JOE GROSZ WORKED FOR THOMAS GAUBERT – A FORMER BOARD MEMBER OF THE CENTER FOR DEMOCRACY – A CIA FRONT modeled after the American Family Foundation, another CIA front: “FUNDING: The Center claims that its funding comes from private sector members of its board of directors, individual donations, foundations and corporations, and the Agency for International Development (AID).” (AID is a major CIA conduit and fronts for Agency covert operations, and the same can be said for NED, below, another major funder of the Center.) Specific financial information on the Center is not available, but it is believed that a major portion of the Center’s funding comes from AID. In 1988 the Center received $465,000 to support the “institutional and logistical development of the National Congress of Guatemala.” This AID funded project agreement with the Center ran through July 1990 and involved total funding from AID of $1,765,000. The AID agreement included $236,174 in matching funds from the Center, bringing the total for the 3-year project in Guatemala to more than $2 million. (6,9) The Center also received $250,000 from AID for election monitoring activities during the 1990 Nicaraguan elections. In 1989 the Center also received $75,000 from the NED for election monitoring and observation of the Nicaraguan elections.
—-> On the Mob’s Mr. Grosz and the genesis of the San Jacinto/Bush family connections:
” … In another Chicago suburb, Chicagoan Joe Grosz, alleged to be a mob associate, bought control of Home Savings of Waukegan with $1 million he was accused of fraudulently obtaining from a Kansas S&L that failed.
The lawsuit against Grosz alleges he and others persuaded the Home Savings board to spend S&L money on junk bonds of Las Vegas casinos, financed through Michael Milkin’s Drexel Burnham Lambert empire, investments which lost millions.
“The Chicago law firm that approved these transactions had a partner named Herbert L. Stern, Jr., husband of Democratic State Sen. Grace Mary Stern. He’s a defendant in the lawsuit against Grosz and others.
“Grosz is an Illinois link to the notorious national S&L scandal involving Charles Keating, Herman Beebee and other convicted criminals. He’s been convicted of bank fraud at San Jacinto S&L in Houston, which he ran for Beebee’s Southmark Co.
“The law firm sued in civil court over losses at San Jacinto S&L is Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, where former chairman of the Democratic National Committee Robert Strauss is a partner. Strauss also was a business partner with James A. Baker III and friend of former President George Bush, who named him U.S. Ambassador to Moscow.
“Though such links could keep an army of investigators busy for decades, the Resolution Trust Corporation went out of business on December 31, turning its files over to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. That agency could drop the lawsuit against Hyde, and is said to be unlikely to investigate Illinois any further.
“The RTC records on the failed S&Ls, seized when they took over the institutions, were boxed up and sent to a Kansas City warehouse more than a year ago. A freedom of information request to the RTC asking about the fate of these records has never received a response. … ”
—-> Gotham Partners owns Crescent Investments, which oversees GW Bush’s blind trust. Richard Rainwater is at Crescent/Gotham, and is close to Bush:
” … Rainwater founded Columbia Healthcare, which merged with HCA and became the country’s biggest for-profit hospital company (Scott was later forced out as CEO amid a federal fraud investigation). Even George W. Bush kept an office, when he and Rainwater were putting together the Texas Rangers stadium deal. … ”
—-> BTW, who is Thomas Gaubert of Telecom, which employed the Mafia’s Joe Grosz: ” … big Democratic fundraiser from Dallas; former head of Independent American Savings, which purchased 20 branch offices from Hurwitz’ USAT; owned a piece of Sandia Federal Savings in Albuquerque; head of Telecom; A right-wing flag waver. … ”
Chairman Quits At Telecom
September 22, 1992
“The Telecom Corporation, a Dallas-based maker of equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, announced yesterday that Thomas M. Gaubert had resigned as chairman, chief executive and a director effective last Friday.”
Gaubert steps down fromTelecom: ” … The company said the resignation had been prompted by recent federal indictments involving Mr. Gaubert. Larry Marek, a company spokesman, would not provide details of the indictments yesterday … ”
—-> On Gotham founder William Ackman – “Bill to Laurel Touby”: “Bill Ackman is the managing member and portfolio manager of Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. …. Pershing Square has played an active role in creating value at companies including Wendy’s International, McDonalds, Ceridian Corporation, and Sears Canada.”
—-> BTW, Gotham-owned Ceridian is “Scandal-Plagued”: “Ceridian Fires Exec for Passing Secrets to Hedge Fund ” … between activist funds and the management and boards of their targets. Ceridian Corporation, the scandal-plagued payroll-services company, announced on Monday … ”
—-> “Affable” Richard Rainwater is the 335th wealthiest person in the world, according to Forbes:
#335 Richard Rainwater
Age: 61
Fortune: self made
Source: Investments
Country Of Citizenship: United States
Residence: Fort Worth, Texas, United States, North America
Industry: Finance
Marital Status: married, 3 children
University of Texas Austin, Bachelor of Arts / Science
Stanford University, Master of Business Administration
Affable investor got start managing BASS FAMILY’S $50 million portfolio in 1970; lost money first 2 years, better tidings buying large Disney stake in 1984. …
[Image: sidportrait.jpg]Sid Richardson was a financier of the Kennedy assassination, according to many researchers of the coup in Dallas
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
A mammoth read... I was in this tale a while back, mid-stream, and reported on early chunks of it in my blog, then lost track of Alex as he shifted web sites. I've now re-discovered the encyclopedia and in fact made a note to myself to mine the thing. He is prolific. Does he have a team? At any rate, quickly scanning this, I saw a name that I recognized... well, anther day.

I shall have to come back and read this thing.

Another one worthy of our attention is the story of the crash of the small ComAir aircraft in Lexington, Kentucky; the passenger's list reads like a directorate of deep politics.
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"
I've never met an anti-fascist I didn't love and I love Alex and his work. Never met him myself. I am sure there are some here who have. I suspect he is pretty much a loner like many other researchers. I believe he is one of the Brussell sprouts. You will find lots of Mae's work or references to her work there. He's picked up her torch and ran with it as have a few others. We need them all.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.

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