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Jimi Hendrix Murder - 40 years ago - The 'Experience'!
The Hendrix estate, that is run under Janie Hendrix, has finally given the green light to a major Hendrix biopic. The company will allow use of Jimi's music - an essential part of any Hendrix production that was previously denied to other productions up to now.

The movie will be directed by British director Paul Greengrass. Janie Hendrix is notorious for running Jimi Hendrix in a corporate manner. Of course, being the first major company-backed film, how it portrays Jimi's death will be an important influence on how that event is viewed. The choice of Greengrass is, unfortunately, not promising considering how he was the director for 2 pro-US propaganda films already, 'United 93' and 'Captain Phillips'. 'United 93' was a propaganda film designed to show how the passengers became heroes, crashing the plane before it could hit Washington. The real truth is Flight 93 was shot down and covered-up. 'Captain Phillips' is a gung-ho movie designed to condition the public to special ops forces killing enemies. You can almost be certain this new biopic will cover Jimi's death by showing the official lie of overdosing and choking on vomit.

When I posted this on the Rolling Stone website it was deleted. Rolling Stone, owned by Time Warner corporation, did an issue in November 2010 where it put Jimi's face on the cover and wrote about the last months of his life. Even though this was only 18 months after Tappy Wright admitted Jimi's manager Michael Jeffery confessed he had murdered Jimi this issue totally ignored it, mentioning Jimi did heroin and died of a barbiturate overdose. Warner Brothers was the company that Michael Jeffery used to produce Jimi Hendrix.

The screenplay will be written by Scott Silver. His credits include 'Godzilla'. God knows what kind of scrutiny or oversight will be applied to him.

The corporate murderers who killed Jimi and covered it up need to conveniently hide their murder so it doesn't get in the way of more profits from their victim. Jimi has become an obstacle to their interests.
The Death Of Jimi Hendrix Wikipedia page "Talk" section drew this response from an obvious political poster trying to discourage coverage of Jimi's murder:

{ There is a long article on Jimi Hendrix, which covers his death. There is really no need for a separate article. No matter how famous or "great" he was, Hendrix was just a musician with a short career, and then died. His death was not historically significant, like that of Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy. The world went on as before. If there are questions about the death itself, okay, put that in a section of the main article. This article is far too long and smacks of fan worship or controversy for its own sake. He took drugs. he died. That's the whole story, isn't it?Chagallophile (talk) 22:52, 21 April 2015 (UTC)Yes, there is a reason; the main article already exceeds WP:SIZE, and uses Summary style. SandyGeorgia (Talk) 21:46, 22 April 2015 (UTC)But is the death of Jimi Hendrix itself so important it is worthy of a separate article? If so, why?Chagallophile (talk) 22:56, 22 April 2015 (UTC)
Hopefully you are familiar with WP:N; if not, then perhaps it is best not to add tags to articles that have been vetted in a review process to define Wikipedia's finest work. SandyGeorgia (Talk) 23:01, 22 April 2015 (UTC)@Chagallophile: I was going to say "yes" it's worthy but, I just noticed Joplin has just a section, I think both deaths are equally notable, maybe Hendrix just has more information. Also, we should have this discussion in one place Mlpearc (open channel) 23:59, 22 April 2015 (UTC) }

The poster Chagallophile is an obvious neo-con op trying to dismiss the importance of Jimi's death and its true interpretation. He gives no recognition to the controversy and then adds the insultingly stupid comment that Jimi did drugs and died of them and it is really that simple. Never does the rules-strangled Wikipedia ever reflect that part of the reason why contemptuous posters like Chagallophile get away with their stupidly short-sighted opinions is because Wikipedia's deliberate information-denying coverage has created a deficient viewpoint on the matter. The article actually gets way too little attention and is not appreciated for its true significance. By the way, it isn't accurate that Jimi died of drugs. He was murdered. To add insult to injury I think the moderator Sandy refers to this crap article as "one of Wikipedia's finest works".

I remain banned from Wikipedia for daring utter "There's actually good evidence that Michael Jeffery murdered Jimi Hendrix" on the "Talk" page in front of the great Machiavellian rules authoritarians.

Further back in this thread I posted a long refutation of European Hendrix archivist Caesar Glebbeek's publication 'Until We Meet Again'. Glebbeek was spurred by Hendrix co-manager Tappy Wright's book and its claim that Tappy overheard Jimi's main manager Michael Jeffery confess to murdering Jimi. Glebbeek tried to use his noted Hendrix expertise to disprove Wright's claim.

My lengthy rebuttal thoroughly refuted Glebbeek and has drawn the attention of many persons who agree with its conclusions. However Glebbeek wrote his work in a way that culminated in another Hendrix co-manager being quoted saying "The murder theories were all bullshit".

I managed to catch up to that co-manager, 88 year old Bob Levine, in his Palm Coast, Florida nursing home this February. Most reading this probably aren't aware that Glebbeek had persuaded a large majority of Hendrix fans that Jimi wasn't murdered and that Bob Levine was on his side that the claim was nonsense. Levine had unfortunately been duped into making that comment by a Daily News reporter and by music journalist Joe Bosso, however it was right after he had been misinformed about the situation by out of context information. After several years of meeting with Bob and having lengthy discussions about the evidence Bob eventually came around and told me "I guess Jimi was murdered. You should bring your evidence to the FBI." If you go to Google you'll see the media has carefully kept the misquotes of Levine at the top and hasn't bothered to post his real feelings. The readers should know that Bob had gone to lengths to discuss Michael Jeffery's suspicious relationship to Jimi's death in the 1992 book 'Setting The Record Straight' by John McDermott. Somehow the Daily News, Joe Bosso, and Glebbeek all managed to overlook that in their attempts to make Levine look like he didn't believe in the murder claim.

Here is what Bob Levine really thinks:

Further back in this thread I pointed out how 60's Rolling Stone Magazine rock journalist Sheila Weller wrote an article in CIA and Ben Bradlee-associated Vanity Fair Magazine outlining Jimi Hendrix's alleged homosexual tendencies. That article came shortly after the explosive revelation that Jimi had been murdered by his MI-6 manager Michael Jeffery. Instead of doing an article on Jimi's murder Weller wrote a weird piece listing Jimi's specific feminine qualities. This kind of article is classic CIA psychological warfare against one of their COINTELPRO targets. Intel never forgets.

I confronted Shelia on this on her Facebook page and she ignored it but only after saying she looked in to the murder claim and it was bullshit.

With this in mind I think Deep Politics people might be interested in this posting on Sheila's Facebook page:

" Julian Assange is a traitor, a coward, an opportunist, a paid agent of Russia, and a cynical thug. We are not living in a real -- responsible, sobersided, ethical, risk-weighing,patriotic --- democracy -- and this turn of events is courtesy of ONE of the two parties, shockingly ends-justify-means and corrupt.. We are close to living in Medieval England where kings beheaded people for sport, revenge, and petty disloyalty and in North Korea, where the terrified, uninformed masses support the scary despot because they have been brainwashed.

I am not a purist in that regard. Maybe it is an unpopular opinion for a social liberal, but I want a strong, competent US intelligences agency. I have long kidded but meant it that if it meant preventing another 9.11, the govt could read my completely irrelevant emails. I think -- I iknow from talking to CIA officers, one major one -- that their jobs have been made much harder by all the cyber.

makes Snowden far more heroic than he deserves to be presented) he is spurred to activism by the knowedge that the CIA can monitor citizens through their TVs. I guess I have moral failings for not precisely believing this or not being bothered by it. I worry more that my banjk account, such as it is!, can be hacked. And that when I was identity-thefted 4 years ago for 2 straight years the IRS was completely helpless in doing anythng about it and I was in a state of anxiety with no recourse all that time.

Yes, this honestly all scares me more than the CIA being able to turn on my TV. ** What scared me was -- way back in 1994! -- the National Enquirer had me follwoed when I was reporting my OJ book. And they paid off a telephone opertor in the hotel I was staying at near the Browns; house in Laguna and had her listen in on my conversations with my secret source and later the case's star witness and with my book editor.

Silicon Valley is doing this, not the CIA. Am I right, Susan Hasler? Or am I wrong? (And sorry for dragging you in. Bow out if you want. But you are one of my two major CIA FB Friends.) "
This "Reelz" cable TV channel program is an obvious CIA hit piece designed to counter the evidence we've been gathering for Jimi's COINTELPRO assassination. They hired a Florida panhandle forensic pathologist to say Jimi died of Pulmonary Edema (pneumonia-like drowning of the lungs with Oedemic fluid). The Florida Panhandle is a CIA/military-infested location. There are literally too many mistruths, deliberate avoidance of evidence, and inaccuracies to list however Dr Hunter's CIA lie that Jimi died of Pulmonary Edema can be quickly shot down by looking at the Vesparax barbiturate's pharmacological description. If you read the literature on Vesparax like I have you'll see the manufacturer included an anti-histamine in the drug exactly to prevent such fluid build up. It's right there in both the autopsy and drug listing for Vesparax and Hunter never mentions it while pretending to do an examination of Jimi's death. Dr Hunter also failed to mention the attending doctor's name. The reason he never mentions Dr Bannister or bothered to call him is because he doesn't want anyone to look in to Dr Bannister's real statement where he more than makes clear that the fluid was definitely wine and not Oedemic fluid. Dr Hunter should have medical ethics violations charged against him because he knows there was way too much fluid to ever be from any Pulmonary Edema case. If you watch the program Hunter ignores the ambulance attendants' deposition where they said there was violent vomiting at the death scene. Such violent vomiting does not occur in Oedema cases. It does however occur as a violent counter-reaction to forced drowning. Hunter also ignored the criminal forensic evidence of Dr Bannister specifying sticky wine in Jimi's hair and on his clothing that definitely was not Oedemic fluid and was indeed criminal, situational forensic evidence of wine that was obviously spilled in the act of drowning Jimi. It is obvious to any intelligent person that the Reelz "Autopsy" program was a deliberately designed diversion into pseudo-professional concentration on just the autopsy in order to avoid how it connected to the rest of the criminal evidence. And they didn't even get the autopsy information right or show its most important facts. No legitimate forensic pathology examination of an autopsy ignores the criminal forensic evidence as Dr Hunter deliberately did. The Hendrix family should sue these people:

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