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John Lennon would be 70 today
Because the Education Forum practices a policy of allowing the opposition it has the flaw of creating undue credibility to that opposition...The current thread on Lennon's assassination is a good example...

Most of the commenters obviously haven't researched Lennon's murder deeply because otherwise there would be stronger content...The poster "Denny Zartman" comes in and does classic Albert Goldman smearing of Lennon saying he was a boring has-been who was no political threat and was making music no one was interested in...

None of the commenters in that Education Forum thread come close to voicing the real threat that the National Security State saw in Lennon...If there were better members on that board they would chime-in that Lennon made himself a real FBI threat in 1972 when he joined the Yippies in street marches in an anti-Nixon campaign...Because of the passage of time people are getting away with ignoring who John Lennon was and how he was a major symbol of peace...Any studied person would enter that Lennon himself voiced in interviews that he was being surveilled and followed by FBI during that anti-Nixon campaign and experienced things that made him say if he or Yoko ever died it would not be an accident...Phil Strongman showed Lennon's FBI file that trumped him up as being a subversive Trotsky-ite...One of the main reasons Lennon took that long hiatus between 1975 and 1980 was because he was trying to cool it on the politics in order to get the FBI heat off his back...

None of the commenters in the Education Forum thread are entering any of the main evidence collected by Fenton Bresler in his book 'Who Killed John Lennon?'...Mark David Chapman was a disaffected apartment house maintenance man in Honolulu when Lennon decided to break his retirement and get back in to music and politics...No doubt Lennon's Dakota apartment was still bugged so US intel knew a dangerous threat intended to get active again...At that exact time 5000 miles away in Hawaii Chapman got hold of two books:  One was Anthony Fawcett's 'One Day At A Time' and the other was 'Catcher In The Rye'...The former was highly critical of Lennon and his lifestyle raising moral issues about him etc...Catcher was diabolical in its intent because it contained a Mind Program trigger that told Chapman that he was going to prevent the children from running over the cliff by being the "catcher"...The catcher being the man who shot Lennon, the man who was inducing America's children to run over a cliff...It was more than just coincidence that Chapman, out of the blue, started studying the information that would help him decide to kill Lennon the same week Lennon decided to get active again...You need to read Bresler to see how Chapman was groomed to be an Intel Manchurian Candidate from his southern Christian background...

What isn't being intelligently covered on the Education Forum is the fact that Lennon was within months of getting his American citizenship...Intel could still kill Lennon legally as a foreign enemy threat by means of covert law before citizenship would gain him Constitutional protection...The US was planning a post-Viet Nam return to Neo Con control under Reagan...Lennon's assassination would fit the plans and purposes of Intel demoralization, decapitation ops perfectly...It was a Satanic "christening" to a new era that would set the tone while eliminating one of their most powerful adversaries...Any intelligent researcher who studies Chapman would see Mind Control hypnosis grooming from his southern christian background jumping out like Bresler detailed...Chapman's programing wasn't strong enough on his first visit to New York because the real Chapman liked Lennon and his music and couldn't bring himself to execute his unconscious programming...So on his second trip CIA sent Chapman to last minute refresher programming at a safe house on his lay-over in Chicago from Hawaii...This was the only airplane ticket missing from Chapman's shrine-like alter in his hotel room...Bresler said it was removed because it showed that two day programming refresher and the CIA credit cards that paid for it...United destroyed their copies of that ticket history...

John Lennon was without a doubt a CIA hypnotic programming kill...The only reason there isn't more evidence is because of Intel's Mockingbird take-over of the American media and public advocacy...Bresler laid it all out but the pot smoking mindless public isn't really interested because it takes some backbone and bravery...

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