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One Family in Gaza
A deeply affecting portrait of the experience of one family's experience of
the Israeli onslaught on Gaza just 2 years ago. I challenge any of those who
defend this onslaught as defense against the puny rocket attacks on south
Israel, as in any way comparable or in any way justifying the attack that
recalls the fascist attack on Guernica. And we can expect another attack any
time soon.

Plus a link to an article based on Wikileaks' revelations ISRAEL
DELIBERATELY CHOKED GAZA'S ECONOMY, as in case we didn't know!



January 4, 2011

Dear friends,

Six months after the three-week Israeli assault that killed 1,390
Palestinians, I visited Gaza.

I had been to Gaza and to many other war zones numerous times in the
past, but never had I left any place feeling as shattered as I did
leaving Gaza in August 2009. The feeling, I realized, came from having
absorbed the trauma that the people I met in Gaza were still living through.

Though I did not intend to make a film, I brought my video camera with
me. After all, so few internationals were getting into Gaza--it seemed
important to have a means to document what I would see and hear there.

Friends met me at the crossing and began to show me some of the places
most devastated in the assault. They brought me to an area where
families whose homes had been destroyed in Beit Lahiya (northern Gaza
Strip) were now living in a small tent city, in the shadow of a
destroyed clinic that had been shelled from the sea.

I heard many painful stories, but one story--one family--the Awajah
family--stood out to me. I spent three days with Kamal, Wafaa and their
children, sleeping with them in their tent, talking to the parents,
playing with the children and filming them and their story.

What compelled me to tell this family's story? Not only what they
endured, but their strength and courage. I was moved by their tragedy
but moved equally by the love for their children that came through Wafaa
and Kamal's every word and action.

It is now the two-year anniversary of the assault on Gaza, and today,
January 4th, is the two-year anniversary of what the Awajah family (and
so many other families in Gaza) lived through. The 23-minute film is
complete. Their story will now be told.

To watch One Family in Gaza online, please click HERE
(and--please pass the link to others.)

DVDs are available for $10. Please contact me
<> for more information about obtaining a DVD.

If you would like to organize a screening of One Family in Gaza, please
also contact me <> to work out the details.
I am asking for a (suggested) $50 to screen the film--if possible.
Proceeds will go to the Awajah family.

To make a (non tax-deductible) donation to support the distribution of
One Family in Gaza, please send a check made out to "donkeysaddle
projects" to:

Jen Marlowe
926 N. 72nd St
Seattle, WA 98103
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