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Arizona Congresswoman Shot dead at point-blank range moments ago~!
The first reports of this shooting said that Giffords was dead. Enters from left stage is a 20 year old volunteer staffer who just happened to be gifted in triage from a simple high school course. He sat down and without fear of further injury lifted Giffords into a semi-sitting position and he stayed clued to her side all the way to the ER. He alone knew from a distance she was still alive. This gay Mexican was also honored at the memorial. See, gays and Mexicans are the good guys and will save lives. Do ask and do tell and no registering required. How many birds can these people kill with one stone? Gun control is next along with taking what the government dishes out and being considered a national security threat' if you speak out. 1984????

The next we hear she died in surgery but again even the doctors or reporters had it all wrong and she was alive but in serious condition. A serious condition she has made unbelievable progress in a very short time. First the doctors reported for a few days she was shot in the back of the head and then changed it later to the front?! Good god, this whole story is absurd and the keystone cops would love this script.

Why did she subscribe to only two other youtuber sites and one of them was Jared Loughner?

Why would a Federal Judge stop by to support any politician when that is forbidden. Federal Judges are to be un-biased and could never attend such an event appearing to show favoritism. It was first reported he was there because he had received a call just prior to the event inviting him to stop by. The whole thing stinks. As far as I can detect he was one of the few Constutional Judges in the nation that would stand up to the crooked Washington mafia. I believe he was killed elsewhere and in the mayhem of ambulances his arrived in the midst of the others. This reeks of Vince Foster all over again.

Was a child sacrificed to further enrage the public to damn the right to carry arms? Was the fact this child was born on 9/11 another ploy to invoke rage and fear! I am in no means making light of this horrific event but we have been deceived many times and many innocent lives were used in those deceptions.
Gabrielle Giffords Returns To Congress To Vote On Debt Ceiling Deal

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