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Microsoft Internet Explorer security flaw
Yup, Bill Gates strikes again with the most profitable yet unsafest operating system in the world:

Microsoft Scrambles To Fix Flaw

Microsoft will rush out an emergency fix for its Internet Explorer (IE) software after the discovery of a flaw which allows hackers to take over PCs. Skip related content

The company says a patch for the web browser will be released today - rather than wait for its regular security update next month.

The flaw was discovered last week and attacks were "spreading like wildfire", according to software security firm Trend Micro.

"When the patch is released people should run, not walk, to get it installed," said Trend Micro researcher Paul Ferguson.

"This vulnerability is being actively exploited by cyber-criminals and getting worse every day."

The security breach allows hackers to gain access to PCs by directing people to infected websites.

Internet security experts say the flaw is dangerous because nothing has to be downloaded for computers to be taken advantage of.

Teams of IT engineers have been working around the clock to deliver a fix for the defect.

Trend Micro believes as many as 10,000 sites have already been compromised to take advantage of the flaw.

John Curran, head of Microsoft's Windows commercial business group in the UK, said: "Obviously when you are talking about a customer base of over one billion people, any amount of vulnerability is too much and any type of infection is going to see a large number of people affected by it."

He added the flaw was primarily being exploited in China.
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