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David Wood Chronologys to nov.21.63 and nov.22.63 separate...

David Wood 111 chronology to nov.21 .63

below David Wood chronology for NOV.22.63

David Wood 111 chronology to nov.21 .63

below David Wood chronology for NOV.22.63

The JFK Assassination Chronology

Compiled by Ira David Wood III

"You may never learn the truth in your lifetime, and I mean that seriously."
Chief Justice Earl Warren

4 BC

Sun-tzu authors what becomes a great Chinese classic work entitled: PING-FA (The Art of War) one of the earliest known compilations on the subject of war and strategy. His insistence on taking political considerations into account in waging war still greatly influences modern strategists. Sun-tzu argues that the highest form of art of war is winning without fighting a single armed battle.

Victory is achieved by exhausting an adversary's resources, dividing the loyalty of its people, demoralizing its leadership, and ultimately "breaking the enemy's resistance." To achieve this objective, Sun-tzu outlines a system so misleading a leader about his opponent's capabilities and intentions that he will be completely unprepared to deal with the reality of the situation. It is based on pure deception.

In this, it is also necessary to control the enemy's own intelligence system. This "divine manipulation of theats" as Sun-tzu terms reaching into and controlling the enemy's intelligence apparatus involves the close coordination of disinformation, which is sent to the enemy through "doomed spies" who are misleadingly briefed and then sent into the enemy intelligence by "inward spies," or moles.

The eventual result is that the enemy's false picture of reality is reinforced by its own intelligence service. The Art of War becomes a fundamental "blueprint" for the CIA and KGB.

1090 AD

A secret order of Muslims is founded in Persia by a man named Hsin-e Sabbah. Hasn founds a sect to fight his political enemies by means of murder. Hsan gains the nickname Old Man of the Mountains from his fortress hideaway, and is said to give his followers a vision-inducing drug called hashish, made from Indian Hemp. The visions of Islamic paradise brought on by the drug persuade his disciples they will have a glorious afterlife if they follow Hsan's order and kill his eemies. The killers are called Hashshashin, the plural of a word meaning "one who smokes hashish." The name is eventually corrupted into its present form Assassin.


This year, the Secret Service establishes its Protective Research Section to analyze and make available to those charged with protecting the President, information from White House mail and other sources concerning people potentially capable of violence to the President.

Also this year, Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, appointes John J. McCloy to "Expert Consultant in Espionage." Months later, McCloy will be appointed Assistant Secretary of War finally resigning this post in 1945.

This year, McGeorge Bundy graduates from Yale. He gravitates to Harvard as a member of the Society of Fellows, which has been endowed by his great-uncle, the Harvard President A. Lawrence Lowell.

J. Edgar Hover this year begins reports about a twenty-eight-year-old journalist and socialite named Inga Arvad who is currently living in Washington. Though Danish born, Arvd has had associates in Nazi Germany. She has interviewed Hermann Goring and Adolf Hitler, and by one report went to bed with the later. She describes Hitler in print as "very kind, very chrming…not evil as he is depicted….and an idealist."

January 26, 1940 Gilberton Policarpo Lopez is born. Twenty-three years from now, he will become a mysterious "suspect" in the assassination of JFK. The HSCA will eventually note: According to the account, Lopez obtained a tourist card in Tampa, Florida, on November 20, 1963, entered Mexico at Nuevo Laredo on November 23, and flew from Mexico City to Havana on November 27, 1963, and at a December meeting of the chapter, Lopez was reported to be in Cuba.

February 3, 1940 Roy Emory Hargraves is born today in St. Louis, Missouri.

June 21, 1940 Richard Nixon marries Theima "Pat" Ryan. He also visits Cuba this year to "explore the possibilities of establishing law or business connections in Havana."

August 20, 1940 Leon Trotsky is attacked and killed by Soviet agent Ramon Mercader wielding an icepick in Coyoacan, Mexico.

December 21, 1940 John Bowden Connally and Idanell "Nellie" Brill are married at Austin's First Methodist Church. Connally and his wife move to Washington since he now works as a congressional aide for Lyndon Johnson. Idanell "Nellie" Brill has grown up in Austin, where her father owned a leather-goods business. She enrolled at the University of Texas where she met her sweetheart, John Bowden Connally, whom she marries today. Less than 23 years from now, he will be lying in her lap in a speeding Lincoln, having been wounded in the same attack that will kill the president. Chronology 1.pdf
hi bill lots of very important information within woods chronology and much info not resdily available in a combined form...take care...b

March 19, 1891 Earl Warren is born in Los Angeles, California.
This year Adolf Tscheppe-Weidenbach of Heidelberg, Germany is born. Later in his life, upon arrival in the United States shortly before World War I, Tscheppe-Weidenbach will change his name, to Charles Willoughby. General Willoughby will go on to become Douglas MacArthur's intelligence chief during W. W. I I. Willoughby will form an ultra-rightist network whose most visible [size=12]spokesman will be fire-and-brimstone preacher Billy James Hargis and which will include Texas oil baron H. L. Hunt and CIA-agent-[/SIZE]turned-journalist Edward Hunter (credited with inventing the word "brainwashing.") Willoughby will stay close to Allen Dulles, even[size=12]tually director of the CIA and later fired by JFK -- also subsequently appointed to the Warren commission to investigate the slaying of the president who will fire him. In 1975, after Dick Russell writes an article about the JFK assassination for the Village Voice, he will [/SIZE]receive an anonymous letter identifying "a famous American general who was born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1892" as "having masterminded the (JFK) assassination." MacArthur will eventually describe Willoughby as a "little fascist."


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