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McCarville Report Online: Documents Show Govt Warned Of Murrah Building Event
McCarville Report Online: Documents Show Govt Warned Of Murrah Building Event

As for Jesse Trentadue, he will continue his battle with the FBI and the Department of Justice to learn more of the truth of the Oklahoma City bombing.

"My quest is to prove my brother was murdered because he was mistaken for one of the participants in the bombing," he vowed. "Once I'm able to prove there were others, including Richard Lee Guthrie who my brother was mistaken for, that gives me the motive for why my brother was murdered."

His brother was found dead in the summer of 1995 in a cell at the Oklahoma City Federal Corrections Institute. A controversial investigation led to a State Medical Examiner's conclusion that Kenneth Trentadue committed suicide but the M-E later said he had been coerced by federal agents into making that determination.

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