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The CIA and Joanides
Tosh, You did tell me about a Mr. Howard, but then we [or at least] I didn't know who it really was!...and his central role then and later. Let me ask, you said you saw Oswald at Naggs Head when you were there - and you crossed paths outside of 'classes'. Do you know what 'Howard' did at Naggs Head? Also, about what year would that have been that you were there? Did you ever meet someone [would have been a older fellow] named John Hurt there; and was he connected to 'Howard'? The Naggs Head facility was technically a Navy one, I believe, but it seems they trained people from all intelligence services and agencies. Any idea of how many trainees were there at any time? Were classes 'mixed' or not? Thanks.
Tosh Plumlee Wrote:David;

Escobar, Ochoa, Gacha, Felix and the Baja bunch from southern Mexico ( both Cartels 1977-86) were the ones who we documented and were after during Operation Grasshopper, Watch Tower, and Whale Watch, as well as others. These operations were UC Classified and were sanctioned interdiction type operations. These were not "shut down operations ", but MI INTEL OPS to document Cartel fly ways and routings into US airspace and into the US overland routes. Most of these operations were a little before the Iran/Contra matter of 82-86, or there abouts.

Tosh: Did you ever bump into "John Cathey" a/k/a Oliver North?
Felix (Rodriguez) code name "Max Gomez" aslo ran operations in Mexico called "Operation Screw Worm". Terry Reed describes Max/Felix as a "man very close to George Bush."
Maybe we need a kind of road map on all the drug runners and terrorists who are close to/protected by the Bushies.

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