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Anton Batey Pt. 2: Batey backs the Warren Commission Cover up
This is part 2 of the Brian Hunt essay that I helped on.

Note how fast Batey drops the structuralist approach he used in the first part to denigrate JFK. Why? Because if he uses that method with the Commission, he rips open people like Dulles, McCLoy, and Ford and Hoover. They really did establish the power structure of the USA in the 20th century. And it is not a pretty site: Red Scare I, Red Scare II (via Hoover), Incorporation of Gehlen (McLoy and Dulles) CAI coups in Iran, and Guatemala (Dulles), CIA assassinations (Dulles), the saving of Klaus Barbie (McCLoy), the Japanese internment (McCLoy), the illegal CIA activity cover up (Ford).

Quite a list to ignore right? But when you have an agenda, you can do it.

This guy is even worse than Chomsky. Read it and you will understand.
Here's the link for part 2:

Thanks ALbert, I went back and inserted the link.
Was it in Jim Morrison's The End in which The Doors' Ray Manzarek on keyboards has to follow him down the hall as the protagonist as "the killer" awoke before dawn, took a face from the ancient gallery, walked on down the hall to his sister's and mother's and father's rooms and performed the classic Greek sins.

So it is with the sophomoric serial killer of truth following in his idol's footsteps, a flawed idol who believed in conspiracy until the summer of '69.

I was seeing the Stones sing Street Fighting Man in the Electric Theater in Chicago, or Led Zeppelin cathart in the Kinetic Playground where later in October of that year Roger and I would race round with 16mm Beaulieu as Mark Rudd and Bill Ayers and the Moaists Who Ate Chicago tried vainly to outrun Daley's police army.

Enter Batey the Kennedy reputation killer, in the shadow and in the manner of his mentor the smearer, slanderer, and slimerfor, behold, they are both guilty of the sin beyond sins, moral equivalence.

For, dear friends, if there is no good and there is no bad, but all are swimming in the sewage of corruption, why, then the champion is dead, Camelot is closed in perpetuity, and the caricatures of Heironymous Bosch's canvas are thriving at the helm of Huffpo, nay, are kings of all media.

Brian Hunt and Jim DiEugenio pin Anton Batey to the board with order revisionus family chomskya genus pseudoleftura species mises.

A dozen points of light, or darkness.

But firstly, Hunt-DiEugenio nail Chomsky-Batey as withdrawal-deniers vis-a-vis the work of Prouty, Newman, Stone and ARRB. In denying this primary point of departure of the man the Eastern Establishment had to kill, the CB pair commits moral equivalence as the first crime of the revisionist.

Batey coos that Chomsky studied it, found no evidence of conspiracy and was rightget a room.

Okay, Batey stipulates the SBTDiEugenio has written on the CE 399 myth, that it was sharp-nosed, and round-nosed, initialled but with invisible initials, verified but its principles intimidated into silence.

Batey says no second shooterthat Bowers and Holland et al are chopped liver.

Batey says back of JFK head intactMssrs Fetzer and Groden and Horne might indicate the jet-black trapezoid with razor-sharp edges at Z317.

Batey says all evidence points to OswaldH-Die suggest magic ammo: never purchased, no additional found, Oswald was mediocre shot, not best in country as used by WC.

Batey says back and to the left proves nothingsure. But there's that big hole in the back, and the fact that Stringer disowned the extant photos.

Batey says no one saw grassy knoll shooterexcept that Bowers saw the man run from the fence and open a car trunk and throw in something that looked like a riflewas that why Bowers was drugged and run into a bridge abutment.

Batey says Z film shows back of head intactuh, no it doesn't. And Dr. Robert Canada told Michael Kurtz about the large avulsive wound at the rear of JFK's headsounds like the Parkland description, doesn't it, Mssrs. Batey and Blakey.

Batey says Oswald acted alonewhat about his call to military intelligence agent John Hurt in North Carolina. What about all the impersonations, the appearances at Guy Banister's, anti-Castro Cuban safehouses.

Batey says the FPCC was no big dealexcept Oswald was the only member, had no contact with Communists, and was active in a CIA and anti-Castro town.

Batey says Oswald wasn't CIAand the Russian proficiency and the expedited hardship discharge and the defection at a time of such defections by US intel was what just a whacky coinkydink.

Batey says Oswald missed Walker with the MCexcept that Walker held the lead that was fired at him and it wasn't from a MC as depictedwhich pissed Walker off. My take is, the Walker-Oswald link was post-assassination courtesy of Marina a certifiably not reliable witness.

Batey says Ruby was nutsno, not until Louis J. West the MK-ULTLRA witch doctor shot up Ruby and fed him pills.

Batey says Ruby passed a polygraph that he acted alonea test by Herndon that violated ten vital rules and was useless at proving anything except that the authorities were not interested in learning what Ruby had done.

Batey says Ruby was not hired by anyonewhat. . . .Ruby managed to be within walking distance of Oswald when Oswald was being brought downafter stalking him all weekendthen walked into the station with collusion and took a place where he could step into the void created by Fritz between honks and put a cap in the patsy to seal his lips forever.

We have Chomsky who wrote Rethinking Camelot.

We have Bugliosi who wrote Reclaiming History.

We have Batey who is taping Resisting Peace.

Wherein a president who earnestly sought peace and was murdered to clear the path for war is slandered with the same motives of bloody greed as the sharks who swam around him.

Batey writes from a unique perspective, that of the excrement of those sharks which has settled to the absolute bottom of the sea.
Good one, Phil Ferlinghetti.
Distortion is the Mother of Invention within the L/Nrs research frame of mind..b:fullofit:

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