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Extra bullets and missed shots in dealey plaza
Michael T. Griffith
@All Rights Reserved
Revised on 3/4/98
With the discovery that the single-bullet theory (SBT) is very probably a physical impossibility, it is perhaps appropriate to review the evidence of extra bullets and misses in Dealey Plaza. Since it now seems clear that the SBT is impossible, we can be very confident that more than one gunman fired at President Kennedy. We can also be virtually certain that, contrary to the lone-gunman theory, more than three bullets were fired during the shooting. This being the case, researchers need to take another look at the accounts of extra bullets striking in Dealey Plaza during the shooting, and to reconsider the implications of the subsequent finding of additional bullets and weapons in the area.
Extra Bullets and Weapons

Gil Jesus has shown Lee never possessed the Mannlicher-Carcano.

Jim DiEugenio and Robert Harris have independently made CE 399 an obvious fraud.

A number of researchers have argued convincingly for shots from the Dal-Tex Building and the fenceline of the grassy knoll; other sources are discussed in the literature.

From the first hours Hoover, Johnson, the Dallas police limited the official line to Lee as the only shooter, the number of shots to three, the location, the sixth floor corner of the depository.

This has the credibility with ninety per cent of those polled of the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Phlogiston Theory of Combustion, and the miraculous sucking power of the Sham-Wow.


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