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Convicted RFK assassin says girl manipulated him
Bernice Moore Wrote:

From what I gather from the review, this is a work of fiction, and though the author was on her deathbed when she finished it, there appears to be no question of her being silenced or anything along those lines.
it is fiction, will be more careful next time thanks..b
Serrano was not the only one to describe the woman in the polka dot dress and associate her with Sirhan and/or the assassination. Amongst them was Kennedy campaign worker Darnell Johnson and the son of an Ambassador Hotel maître d', Thomas Vincent DiPierro. DiPierro said that the only reason he noticed Sirhan was that there was a very good looking girl next to him. According to DiPierro,
I would never forget what she looked like because she had a very good looking figure - and the dress was kind of looked like a white dress and it had either black or dark-purple polka dots on it.
Minutes after the shooting and well before any of the stories of the woman in the white dress had been made public or could have been shared, LAPD Sergeant Paul Sharaga heard news of the shooting on his police radio. Already in the vicinity, he arrived at the scene within a minute. An older couple approached Sharaga and, as he tells it:
They related that they were outside one of the doors of the Embassy Room when a young couple in their early twenties came rushing out. This couple seemed to be in a state of glee, shouting, "We shot him, we shot him, we killed him." The woman stated that she asked the lady, "Who did you shoot?" or "Who was shot?" and the young lady replied, "Kennedy, we shot him, we killed him."
The only defining characteristic of the young lady that the witnesses could give was that she was wearing a white dress with polka dots. Sharaga immediately put out an all point bulletin for police to be on the lookout for a woman in a polka dot dress in the company of a man.

And then something very strange happened that, as far as we know, has never happened before or since in the history of the LAPD. For about 15 to 20 minutes, all police radio communications were lost on all frequencies. This was ample time for the woman in the polka dot dress and her companion to get off the streets and out of reach of the police.

The elderly couple Sharaga had interviewed were lost and have never come forward. Serrano, being the sole witness to the woman in the polka dot dress claiming, "We shot Kennedy" was brought to the notorious Rampart Division of the LAPD for extensive questioning. I encourage you to follow the link on the Rampart Division. The story of the ongoing corruption in the LAPD and the Rampart Division in particular is very informative. The Bobby Kennedy assassination is not the only one in which the Rampart Division has taken part.

In this case, however, the witness was not so much questioned as she was browbeaten and verbally tortured into renouncing her testimony. The "questioning" was performed by Sergeant Enrique "Hank" Hernandez who, according to his resume, played a key role in "Unified Police Command" training for the CIA in Latin America. As is clear from the questioning, Hernandez had one goal in mind - to discredit Sandy Serrano and anything having to do with the story of the woman in the polka dot dress.
Enrique Hernandez seems like a piece of work. Sole polygraph operator for the investigating Special Unit Senator group, later a founder of Inter-Con Security Systems, which benefited from a lot of government contract largesse.

Quote:The firm now has wholly owned subsidiaries in 19 countries and employs more than 30,000 people. Although its earning are not public, some estimates put them at more than $1 billion annually.

At the website of shock jock Pete Santilli - under the headline MIND CONTROL TECH IS REAL AND THE PATENTS THAT PROVE IT - Santilli interviews one Amy Anderson about mind control, as she claims to be a victim of it.

(A religious paranoia site linked directly beneath the episode helpfully asks "What are Christians going to do about Gay and Lesbian marriage?")

In the notes for the show, Anderson's bio notes that she was "..a whistle blower as a security officer employed by Inter-Con Security Systems."

My head hurts.
Don't know if this was posted back in 2013, but here is a VERY long article by Andy Boehm from the L.A. Weekly
What ever became of Shirin Kahn? By all accounts she would be 67 years old now. Not an unreasonable age to still be alive. Are there any photographs or videos showing what she actually looked like at any age that can be viewed by the public?

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