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Looking for Trouble In the Data Mine–Suspicious Spending (What Is a Threat Finance Analyst?)
Looking for Trouble In the Data MineSuspicious Spending
What Is a Threat Finance Analyst?

Since the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11, the Department of Defense has added many positions to their arsenal as a way to protect the United States from another disaster of its proportions. Analyzing and identifying these threats is one way to ensure the events of September 11th do not happen again. It is also a way of protecting our borders from other threats such as drugs and illegal immigration. One of the positions that has been added is the threat finance analyst.

Tasks of a Threat Finance Analyst

A threat finance analyst works with the Department of Defense and other government agencies to protect the borders of the United States. They do so by working closely with organizations such as ICE, DoC, NCTC, CBP, NDIC, NMIC, CGIS, and the DIA just to name a few.

Someone in this position has a great deal of responsibility and understanding these responsibilities is a big part of understanding the roll of a threat finance analyst.

Some of the common tasks of a threat finance analyst are listed below to help you to determine what a threat finance analyst does.

A threat finance analyst must work diligently with the organizations mentioned above and other state and local agencies as a part of Task Force Quiet Storm in order to identify any type of terrorism. This includes identifying any terroristic threats in the form of terrorism, counter-drug, narco-terrorism, counterintelligence, insurgency, or any type of other operation that threatens the integrity or the systems associated with the Department of Defense.

The threat finance analyst should posses a working knowledge of the agencies he or she is working both with and against. They will have to know the inner workings of all systems used by the agencies they are working with and for.
The threat finance analyst must be prepared to analyze and figure out the meaning of large amounts of communications traffic that can be garnished from raw sources such as text, transactions, and other forms of formal data exchange. They must also piece together things by working cooperatively with other finance analysts.

The threat finance analyst must be able to identify the financial rings surrounding and funding any and all terrorist networks of opposition. They must also be able to strategically gather this information and analyze it as a whole to develop a plan of attack against these networks of opposition by devising a plan to attempt to cut off funding for such terrorist attacks.

A threat finance analyst must be able to act as a guide or mentor to less experienced analysts so that they can learn the profession and perform well on the job. This requires the review of less experienced analysts work and providing recommendations on how these rookie analysts might improve their performance.
A threat finance analyst, therefore, is an individual with an important role in national security who helps to keep the United States safe from those terrorists who want to cause harm to the country and its infrastructure.

Threat Finance Analyst ~ Washington DC, Charlottesville, VA, Afghanistan and Iraq

NEK Advanced Securities Group, Inc.

Threat Finance Analyst

Work Location: Washington DC, Charlottesville, VA, Afghanistan and Iraq


Roles and Responsibilities: Serve as a team member with DOD and other inter-Agency analysts to provide targeting and analysis in support of coordinated inter-Agency operations against Intermittent Explosive Device (IED) proliferation networks and related threat finance and facilitation activities; build upon proven National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) methods as established and integrated with Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Defense Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and other inter-Agency partners under Task Force Quiet Storm to conduct structured, all-source analysis of global supply chain networks associated with terrorism, counterdrug, narco-terrorism, counterintelligence, insurgency, or operations which threaten the security of DOD personnel and systems; analyze specific target threat countries or events and non-state actors and insurgent/terrorist individuals or groups; knowledgeable of data and work products provided by Department of Commerce (DOC), Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC), National Maritime Intelligence Center (NMIC), National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Coast Guard Investigative Services (CGIS), and various federal, state, regional, and tribal enforcement and intelligence agencies; analyze, synthesize, and interpret large amounts of textual, transactional, and technical data (IIRs, FINTEL, filtered real-time data feeds, directed-searches results, and task-specific data sources); perform pattern, trend, and link analysis based on analysis of message traffic, other raw data sources, and collaboration with other analysts; employ advanced computer tools, applications, and techniques to fuse financial and other transactional data, understand relationships, interdependencies, and conceptual scenarios which yield draft and finished intelligence findings and task-specific products such as targeting packages, pattern-of-life assessments, and intelligence gaps; review all-source information and conduct research and analysis of insurgent networks and complex terrain especially as it relates to the financial support of insurgent groups; guide and provide technical expertise on comprehensive research regarding all aspects of insurgent financial networks, serve as a subject matter expert for insurgent financing; maintain data bases and compare and contrast information from different sources and of varying reliability using current analytical tools and sound judgment; modify and create necessary data files and manipulate data to develop responses to long term production requirements and ad hoc requests; coordinate with Collection Management, regional analytic teams, and Science and Technology analysts to identify information gaps and develop collection requirements; prepare, produce, present and disseminate scheduled and unscheduled intelligence products in all formats to include formal assessments, briefings, and papers; attend and participate in professional development workshops, seminars and courses that relate to financial analysis and specific financial intelligence topics, as they are offered / available; represent NGIC as required with other DOD or national intelligence agencies /organizations; plan work to be accomplished, set priorities and prepare schedules for completion of work, mentor and guide less experienced analysts; review other analyst's efforts and recommend improvements; serve as (primary) point of contact and targeting team lead; lead the team in identifying, distributing and balancing workload and tasks; articulate and communicate assignments and projects among employees and contractors; make adjustments to ensure timely accomplishment of tasks; develop new or modified work methods, and innovative approaches /alternative uses of new or available data sources.
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