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Bachmann Staffer Arrested for Terrorism in Uganda in 2006
Bachmann Staffer Arrested for Terrorism in Uganda in 2006

--Charges dropped in March 2006 after intervention by the Bush regime
--Man who knew Waldron in 2004 told The St. Petersburg Times in 2006 Waldron had told him he used to work for the CIA

17 Aug 2011

The evangelical organizer who helped Michele Bachmann win the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa Saturday was previously charged with terrorism in Uganda after being arrested for possession of assault rifles and ammunition in February 2006, just days before Uganda's first multi-party elections in 20 years. Peter E. Waldron spent 37 days in the Luriza Prison outside Kampala, after being arrested along with six Congolese and Ugandan nationals for the weapons, which were described variously in news reports as having been found in his bedroom or a closet in his home.
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The Real Michele Bachmann! Hitler

Great interview on Democracy Now yesterday.Watch or read the transcript at link below.
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