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220 year old arlington oak..jfk's grave; toppled by irene

below the sketch;

The architect of the Kennedy gravesite, John Warnecke, incorporated the tree, known as the "Arlington Oak" into the design. An elaborate aeration, drainage, and soil improvement plan was developed and constructed to protect the Arlington Oak from the shock of construction

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The History that goes along with the 220 year old ......
Arlington Oak tree, Which Shaded JFK's Grave..
i should say, a part of the history..
Well, I guess oak leaves are a symbol of the military. So the great oak falling and letting sunlight fall on JFK's grave might be symbolic...
hi Albert; yes, perhaps letting light in on the never knows...Worship..what a wonderful old tree, it is a shame when we loose them, we have lost too many over time deliberately,hopefully another will be replanted, but it will take another 220 years to get to the magnificance that was...thinking about it, i wonder if Dallas sent anyone, so that chips and pieces can be sold at the TSBD:angeldevil:well one never knows what is next.....take care..bDance

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